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African Enterprise

During a Billy Graham crusade in New York in 1957, Michael Cassidy a South African theology student sensed God’s call to start a similar ministry to reach key cities and leaders in Africa. In 1961 African Enterprise (AE) was launched by Michael and four student buddies from Canada and the USA. After Michael visited 38 capital cities in Africa, a South African group of Pastors invited these five young rookies to lead an outreach in the provincial capital of Pietermaritzburg. AE soon became indigenous, led by Africans of all races and denominations who shared Cassidy’s passion to reach Africa’s cities and leaders. This has remained true for more than 50 years as AE established 10 strategic African teams in Kinshasa Congo, Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Accra Ghana, Nairobi Kenya, Lilongwe Malawi, Kigali Rwanda, Pietermaritzburg South Africa, Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Kampala Uganda and Harare Zimbabwe

All AE teams work in close partnership with local city Churches and ministries to reach, through Word and Deed, all the sectors and strata of the city population. We also work in an international partnership with AE offices in Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Ireland and USA.

AE offers city-wide outreaches that encourage and refresh Pastors and ministry leaders plus training as campaign counsellors & teachers. AE specialises in initiatives to reach national leaders, and city youth plus joint ventures to address poverty reduction and social action that are of concern to city leaders.

Become a partner with us in this front-line ministry. Contact us at Booth C12 at Vancouver Missions Fest, or call 604 228 0930


Christian Service Brigade

Action and adventure, all wrapped in Biblical truth – few words describe Christian Service Brigade any better. CSB is a boys’ club directed by faithful men of the local church. It builds the church by training men who are discipling boys while witnessing to the families of their community.

For 73 years, CSB has been winning and training boys for Christ in Canada. It began six years earlier in Chicago, and it’s been expanding ever since. In 2015, CSB’s Zambia EAGLES planted their first units in Kenya.

CSB’s premier ministry is the Stockade program for boys ages eight to 11. Its western frontier theme speaks of expanding God’s Kingdom into the wilderness. Boys learn about airplanes, hiking, cars and trucks, camping, team sports and dozens of other real world adventures. The men train them in essential Biblical truth that is related to the meeting’s theme: faith, responsibility, friendship, the Church, etc. Certified leaders guide them through games, projects, Bible stories, memory verses and Achievement.

Battalion adds leadership training, service and outdoor skill development for young men 12 to 18. Tree Climbers rounds out CSB’s programs for the youngest boys and their dads.


Global Aid Network

Invest Your LIFE In 2016

Global Aid Network (GAiN) believes that people matter and that each individual is important and loved. This is the core motivation and driving force behind everything they do.

Yet, the needs around the world are overwhelming. It can be hard to know where to start and how to help; especially when you see Syrian refugees who are desperate and in need of basic necessities, fatherless children and destitute women in India who are in need of support and care, or Beninese villagers who are in need of clean water.

One way to have impact is to invest your LIFE (Labor, Influence, Finance and Expertise) in a short-term project. The combination of our individual uniqueness comes into play beautifully when individuals join together as a team. The goal of a LIFE team is to provide a place where you come alongside GAiN’s national staff and/or partners to help lift the current local activity as well as use your skills and passions; thereby making a difference in the lives of those in need.

“My heart has grown for those experiencing poverty and this trip has given me a broader understanding of the best way to respond,” shares a LIFE Team participant.

GAiN is looking for people who are flexible and excited about journeying together, answering the tangible and spiritual needs of the hurting and desperate.

“We desire that our teams love well and invest wholeheartedly in the local people. Whether it’s your company, family, sport team, small group, men/women’s group or your church, we can customize an international trip for you,” states Lindsey Schacter, GAiN’s LIFE Teams Manager.

Join GAiN and meet like-minded people, use your skills, and be challenged to live differently!

Global Aid Network will be at Missions Fest in Vancouver during January 29-31 at booth K07 and K08. Stop by, meet the staff and ask your question(s)!

For more information about GAiN and their projects, go to


People International

People International is a missions agency working with people who are mainly Turkic speak Muslims.  These people groups are most commonly found in greater Central Asia. This is the area stretching across Central Asia from Turkey to the Xinjiang Province of North-West China. This area includes more than fourteen different countries and regions and more than twenty people groups. The mission has been around since the ‘70s. Originating in the UK , we first ministered through producing educational material about the unreached people groups in the former Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union collapsed we were one of the first organizations into the region to share the gospel. Today we are active in church  planting, humanitarian work, Bible translation and media.


Bridges to New Life

Why Prison Aftercare

Prisoners are the most neglected people group on this planet.  While prison is a safe place for Christians to interact with criminals, it bears little resemblance to life in the free world and provides little opportunity for discipleship, which is in fact the mandate of the Church.  So if the church wants to do more than evangelize offenders, prison aftercare is a must.  Bridges to New Life Society is the only prison related ministry whose founding purpose was and is prison aftercare.  Because prison aftercare involves working with criminals during the time when they are most likely to reoffend; to be done safely and effectively (on any kind of scale), it requires a good understanding of the people group (who are unique) and having the right training, policies, procedures and tools in place. Bridges to New Life has spent 17 years developing expertise in all of the above.

To learn more please visit our booth ‘R11’ at Missions Fest or our website


International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was established in 1980 in recognition of the biblical significance of all of Jerusalem and its unique connection to the Jewish people. Today it represents millions of Christians, churches and denominations to the nation and people. It is YOUR Embassy in Israel.

Our main objectives are:

• To stand with Israel in support and friendship

• To equip and teach the worldwide church regarding God’s purposes with Israel and the nations of the Middle East.

• To be an active voice of reconciliation between Jews, Christians and Arabs supporting the churches and congregations in the Holy Land

ICEJ Canada seeks to accomplish these objectives through our Israel Aid projects, Aliyah support, weekly TV program Inside Israel with ICEJ Canada on the Daystar and Vision networks, advocacy, educational projects, Israel tours, Feast of Tabernacles Celebration, Canada-Israel Scholarships for Young Adult Christian Leaders awarded annually for an exceptional Israel experience.


Samaritan’s Purse: Pack Shoeboxes – save lives

For Barb Gustafson, personally delivering a gift-filled shoebox was a dream of a lifetime! Gustafson, the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) Coordinator in Maple Ridge, realized this dream when she flew to Nicaragua in January 2003 to deliver her own shoebox. Each day on the bus, she carried her box, carefully packed with a pair of pink running shoes, and prayed: “Is this the day I am going to give my box?” As a studious looking little girl in a pink dress came to the front of the line, Gustafson offered her shoebox. “It was such an emotional moment. I was crying buckets inside as I hugged Jasmina.” Though the family’s circumstances were heart-breaking, the joy on their faces helped turn the moment to happiness and hope.

“Knowing we’re making a difference in kids’ lives and providing an opportunity for them to hear the Gospel,” motivates Gustafson to keep giving. While watching an OCC follow-up video, she has been surprised and blessed to see a child opening a shoebox she packed.

Since 2001, Gustafson has been connecting annually with over 20 churches and community organizations, sharing her passion for children around the world. She starts with a kick-off event each September, inspiring volunteers with kids’ stories, sharing new ideas, and distributing empty shoeboxes. “A shoebox starts with you,” she tells them. “If you don’t pack a shoebox, a child will miss out.” In 2014, Gustafson’s area packed 3,700 Shoeboxes of over 94,000 in BC.

Gustafson’s home church, Maple Ridge Baptist, became a collection centre in 2000, stimulating her initial interest in the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox program. Boxes are dropped off at 55 collection centres throughout B.C. in November where they are packed into large cartons and trucked to the Calgary warehouse for inspection and shipping. Some shipments are coordinated with ministry teams and others with national holidays in destination countries.

Lausanne received a box as a teenager in Iraq during the Gulf War. “It was awesome to receive a gift so simple yet so inspiring, powerful and life changing for me at the time until this day,” she says. Now living in Maple Ridge, Lausanne hosts a shoebox block party each year.

Twice, Gustafson delivered shoeboxes to Nicaragua. She also accompanied a team to Bolivia in 2007. She loves interacting with children and meeting families. In the morning volunteers play with the kids. After lunch, shoeboxes are distributed and a Gospel message is shared.

Gustafson’s four grandsons have been packing shoeboxes from before they can remember. She takes photos and talks about the best way to start the Christmas season, making a difference in the life of another child. They all help in the collection centre. “It’s neat to see their passion,” shares Gustafson. She wants to cultivate generosity at a young age so her grandchildren mature into compassionate adults. Nathan, age 11, is restlessly waiting three more years to help in the Calgary warehouse, and seven years to deliver his own shoebox internationally.

In response to Canadian shoeboxes, over 77,000 children came to Christ last year,” states Rick Cochrane, BC Manager. Globally, three million graduated from the 12-week discipleship course, The Greatest Journey, receiving a certificate and Bible. Two million promised to pray for nine people with whom they would share this story. Gustafson says: “Families are being changed – from the box to the Bible.”

For more information about Operation Christmas Child, contact Rick Cochrane, BC Regional Manager at 604-308-2515 or Or go to

(by Charlene de Haan)


Creation Science Association of BC: 

Fossils and the Flood

Fossils. The very word brings to mind images of untold ages past, of dinosaurs roaming ancient swamps and simple sea life evolving into today’s complex variety.  Is this an accurate reconstruction of the past or is a worldwide flood the correct explanation of the fossil record?

Most people have been led to believe that the existence of fossils proves that millions of years have passed.  In reality, fossils can form quite rapidly.  Heat and pressure from rapid burial can accelerate the fossilization process.  Geologic conditions following a worldwide flood exceeded anything imaginable today and led to the rapid fossilization of the plants and animals on a massive scale.

Creation geologists believe that most of the fossil record is a result of geologic activity during and subsequent to the year-long, cataclysmic, worldwide flood.  It must have involved rapidly moving continental plates, changing climatic conditions and massive volcanism for decades.  Geologists and paleontologists operating from an evolutionary world view acknowledge local catastrophes, but do not allow the consideration of a worldwide flood.

The biblical account of a worldwide flood is consistent with our knowledge of fossils and the process of fossilization.

The Importance of Believing God

What does the Word of God say about Creation and the age of the earth, and does it matter? If we were to read the first chapter of Genesis for the first time without a preconceived bias, what would we think God intended for us to understand froam it? If it is intended to mean six literal days, could it be written more clearly?

The answer is clearly NO! The use of the words “evening and morning” are recorded on each day of Creation, making it clear that these were ordinary days of one earth rotation. God Created the heavens and the earth in darkness, then Created light, so the first day began with night, followed by day, (as observed by Jews even today).

In addition to the use of the words “evening and morning”, the number of the days, (first day, second day, etc), make it abundantly clear from Scripture that God Created everything in six literal days. “For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them,”  Exodus 20:11.

Why does it matter? Believing God is fundamental to our Christian faith, “Abraham ‘believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness’”. Galatians 3:6. “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God.” Hebrews 11:3.


Dalit Freedom Network: Freedom Begins with a School

Indian Dalits comprise nearly a quarter of the total population of India: 250 million men, women and children. They are considered the outcasts of Indian society  and are known as “untouchables”. The Hindu scriptures call them “the unborn” – implying it would be better if they had never been born.

Their lives are a constant struggle against discrimination and poverty. But an education can change that. Being able to go to school does more than give a child the chance to learn and grow – it unlocks the door to freedom. Dalit Freedom Network Canada is committed to giving the Dalits hope, equality, and dignity, by providing English education, health care and economic support.

Suraya was seven years old when she started studying at our Good Shepherd School , but already working to help support her family. Her mother worked in a match factory and every night she would bring matchboxes home for her daughter to assemble. After her father deserted them, Suraya and her mother struggled to make ends meet.

Thankfully, Suraya was invited to receive a sponsorship to attend the Good Shepherd School for Dalit children. She studied English, Math, Science, and spiritual values, and loved them all so much, that she decided to become a teacher herself.  Last year, she completed her Teacher’s training and is now a teacher in the same school she herself attended.

Please consider sponsoring a child today, helping free them from caste discrimination and giving them a voice in their own life!


Missions Fest: From Mission Field to Mission Force 

by James Hudson Taylor IV, Consulting Director for OMF’s Chinese Ministries

In 1910, some 1,215 mission agencies, denominations and church leaders gathered together in Edinburgh Scotland for the World Missionary Conference. Discussions over the 10-day conference included such important missional issues as: carrying the Gospel to all the non-Christian World; Education in Relation to the Christianization of National Life; and Co-Operation and Promotion of Unity. One interesting side note about the participants of this strategic conference was that out of the 1,200-plus attendees, only 18 were from non-Western countries. Representatives from the “younger church” included eight from India, four from Japan, three from China, one Burmese and one, Johannes Awetaranian, a convert from Islam connected with the Armenian Evangelical Church. As could be expected, the watchword adopted at the conference was the slogan, “The West to the Rest” as global missions very much was still mono-directional. The result of this world conference was an increased awareness of key missional challenges of the day and the fact that the task of world evangelization was yet unfinished.

Fast-forward 100-plus years and the global Christian landscape looks entirely different. As western missionaries took the gospel faithfully to the then-called “non-western world,” the seed of the gospel was sown, watered, and bore fruit; the indigenous church came into being and matured, often in the face of tremendous hardship and difficulty. With that growth and maturation, the 20th Century ended with Christianity in the Majority World exploding exponentially. In China, when there was a “reluctant exodus” of missionaries and denominations in the early 1950s (leaving behind some 1 million Chinese believers), few missiologists were optimistic with the slamming shut of the “bamboo curtain”. Yet, despite severe opposition and persecution, over the subsequent 30 years, the church mushroomed to the tune of 70- 80 million, growth unprecedented in church history. In fact, a recent survey of global Christianity revealed that the top twenty countries where Christianity is growing the fastest are in Asia and Africa (all former mission fields), including 11 in Muslim-majority countries!

With the growth and maturation of the majority world church has also come a paradigm shift of “Field” to “Force” – from a mission field to a mission force. Where once the African World, the Latin World, the Asian World served as receiving missionaries, today churches in the majority world have shifted to also recruiting and sending missionaries. Missiologists tell us that, since the turn of the 21st Century, the number of non-western missionaries has already surpassed the number of western missionaries.

With this paradigm shift has also come challenges for both the traditional western missionary enterprise and the emerging majority world missional movement. First, the majority world church needs a clear sense of responsibility and commitment to actively participate in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. The task of world evangelization is no longer just the responsibility of the ‘white man’; rather, it is the task entrusted by the resurrected Lord to the global church. Second, there needs to be a shift from paternalism to partnership. The “younger church” has matured and should be seen as a true and equal partner toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. It goes without saying: this shift in perspective needs to be equally owned by the western church as well as the majority world church. In addition to avoiding paternalism, we also need to avoid partisanship which damages our witness as well as deters the completion of task of world evangelization.

Third, deeper reflection and affirmation is needed on the unique contributions and indispensable roles different parts of the global church must play toward seeing the gospel spread to every creature. I do not believe that the seismic shift in both the Christian population as well as the majority church as a sending base does not mean the non-majority church now is obsolete and side-lined in world missions. Rather, each part of the global church is uniquely molded and shaped to bring a distinct contribution to 21st Century missions. Fourth, corporately we need to be students/learners of missional history. It would be tragic if lessons from missional history are left unlearned, thus dooming the 21st Century global missions movement in repeating the same mistakes of the past, including cultural superiority and lack of the empowerment of the indigenous church. Lastly, the global church needs to explore growing spheres of synergy and mutual empowerment toward seeing the global church: Make disciples of all nations, marked in baptism, and matured through teaching obedience to everything Christ as commended.

If the watchword of the great conference of 1910 was “the West to the Rest,” then surely the watchword today is “Field to Force”. This paradigm shift is equally important for the global church as it is for individual Christians. The task of global evangelism is not an assignment confined to the few zealous ones; rather, each of us has been saved so that we might stand firm in the gospel, shine forth for the gospel, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. As we gather for this year’s Mission Fest, it is my prayer that each participant will make that paradigm shift from a “field” to a “force.”


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: Getting Perspectives from an alumnus

“…Perhaps the biggest heart change came for me when my pinhole view of Christianity that was limited by a Canadian viewpoint was opened up to what God is doing around the world. My stereotypes, myths, and jaded cynical views were replaced with technicolour realities of good news from around the world in the name of Jesus. I’m so glad that I somehow got roped in to taking the Perspectives course. It really changed my heart. I hope you sign up for some heart change too.”

Join an upcoming course:

Tuesdays, February 9 – May 17, 2016 7 – 10 pm.

Cedar Valley Mennonite Church, 328 Cherry St, Mission.

Thursdays, February 11 – May 19, 2016 6:45 – 9:45 pm.

Tenth Church, 11 10th Avenue West, Vancouver.

For more information: Sharon Walraven BC Regional Coordinator 


MCC In Our Community: Mennonite Central Committee British Columbia operates the following local programs

Migration, Resettlement and Newcomer Assistance Program 

MCC’s Migration, Resettlement and Newcomers Assistance Program seeks to share God’s love with displaced people overseas and those who seek refuge in Canada by offering hope and practical support.

MCC has been involved with refugee resettlement since 1979. Today, displacement because of conflicts and socio-political upheavals in various parts of
the world is at its highest level since World War II. Presently, MCC BC seeks to provide protection for the most vulnerable refugees by resettling refugees who have fled places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria, and other places around the world where refugees lack a durable solution. Working with churches, MCC facilitates sponsorship as a durable solution for such refugees to come to Canada. For refugees able to find their own way to Canada, our Refugee Office in Vancouver offers assistance to navigate the complex legal refugee claim process, and provide material and moral support.

End Abuse 

The MCC BC End Abuse Program supports families impacted by abuse in relationship in the following ways:

• individual and group support for women experiencing abuse in their intimate relationship

• support and accountability groups for men who want to learn healthier ways of being in relationship

• training for professionals and support group facilitators

• education and raising awareness of issues of abuse in churches

• pastoral training on dynamics of abuse in the home and the church.

Circles of Support and Accountability for sex offenders 

• CoSA (Circles of Support and Accountability), through
the support of MCC BC and Catholic Charities, provides support and accountability to sexual offenders. This work demonstrates that high risk offenders in Vancouver / Fraser Valley can change their lives with the goal of “no more victims.” In a society that demands accountability and harsh consequences for crime, CoSA’s restorative response is exceptional.

New Foundations—Child Poverty Alleviation Project 

MCC BC’s New Foundations program responds to high child poverty rates in immigrant families by helping recent immigrants access services and support. New Foundations aims to empower its clients – single refugee claimants and immigrants in Vancouver and Surrey – to improve their economic self-reliance, build community, and find hope. The program includes:

• basic financial management skills training

• individual asset development through matched savings

• support for employment readiness

• a volunteer-run community kitchen and garden.

Homelessness Prevention and Outreach Program

In response to the growing issue of homelessness in our community, MCC BC:

• has partnered with Raven’s Moon Resource Society in sponsoring two low barrier houses for men and women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

• has partnered with Lifeline Resource Society to provide meals at the MCC Centre for homeless people and people at risk of becoming homeless

• has partnered with Canada Come Up Higher Ministries (Bill and Diana Ferguson) in distributing clothing and toiletries to homeless people and people at risk of becoming homeless

• is liaising with churches to provide dinner on alternate days of the week

• has initiated the Fraser Valley Rent Assistance Project, which provides one-time emergency loans and grants to families and individuals who are
at risk of homelessness and existing homeless persons. Loans are provided to pay for rent arrears, utility re-connections, and replacement cost of lost ID documents.
The objectives of the Fraser Valley Rent Assistance Project are to:

–  secure stable housing or prevent eviction

–  avoid utility disconnection or re-connect utilities

– build knowledge and skills in effective money management

– advocate between landlord/utility company and tenant

– connect applicants to other community resources.


MEA Worldwide

More than 200, 000 Sunday School teachers have been taught the “Dove Series” curriculum now available in 10 languages.  The founders/directors of this unique literature ministry will be speaking at MissionFest Vancouver, January 29 to 31 2016.

Founded in 1968, The Maranatha Evangelistic Association of Calgary, Alberta (commonly referred to as “MEA Worldwide”) has been involved in humanitarian, medical, orphanages and short-term volunteer mission efforts in more than 12 countries. With the fast pace of change in the world today, global missions looks different every year. Most Christians want to make a difference to those in need locally and globally.

Be prepared to move with the trends in order to see God’s commission accomplished in this generation.


Hindi  Punjabi Fraserview Gospel

Hindi Punjabi Fraserview Gospel chapel began in 1972 and continue to serve the Hindi Punjabi community from India and Fiji islands. it is open to all people who want to attend and find about Hindi Punjabi folks in their touch to share the Gospel. You will find the Church friendly and welcoming. The Church came in to existance with generous help and vision of the BC Conference  of the Mennonite Brethren Churches.We invite you to fellowship with us. The service time is every Sunday 10.30 am to noon.  Church also has a prayer group that meets on Fridays evenings from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm


Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe – Where will your journey take you?

Years of preparation led to this moment. After two planes, four days of driving, a ferry, then a 14-hour train ride, Matt and Caitlan have arrived. What remote place were they travelling to?  Naskapi First Nation town of Kawawachikamach, on the Québec-Labrador border.

They travelled here to meet the Naskapi community, one more step in their journey to join the Naskapi Bible translation team next summer. You see, the Naskapi community has invited Wycliffe to work with them as they translate God’s Word into their own heart language, keeping their language alive and vibrant for several more generations.

To prepare themselves, Matt and Caitlan studied at the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL). They are two of nearly 400 CanIL alumni serving in Bible translation ministries here in Canada and around the globe.

Today, about 1,800 language groups – 180 million people – don’t have access to the Bible. CanIL offers the specialized training you need to work alongside minority language groups worldwide. In cooperation with several universities and Bible Colleges, CanIL offers two Bachelor degrees, two Masters degrees, and eight specialized training tracks.

For Matt and Caitlan, their journey led to a remote Canadian community. Where will your journey take you?

Check out CanIL online at, call Anita at 1-800-513-2129 ext. 3945, or visit us at our plane –shaped CanIL/Wycliffe Canada booth AA1 at Missions Fest Vancouver.


At Wycliffe Canada’s Calgary headquarters, Eric Lai oversees a small team of IT specialists. But unlike most other Wycliffe’s staff members, Eric also serves on the pastoral staff of a large city church.  Even though pastoral ministry can be demanding, Eric accepted Wycliffe’s invitation in 2011 to use his technical and managerial skills to help further Bible translation around the world.

“I totally believe in the work . . . of Bible translation worldwide,” explains the 59-year old. “I had the training, the software development experience, and experience with clients. I just thought I might be able to help, as an overseer . . . .”

Without Eric and his co-workers, Wycliffe Canada wouldn’t be able to provide financial and administrative support to overseas staff, and the Bible translation task would be hamstrung. Whether it’s finances, email, video production, management, databases for recruiting and human resources, or smartphones—everything in Wycliffe Canada’s day-to-day operations is dependent on computers and information technology.

Wycliffe needs more people like Eric staff and volunteers across the country, willing to use their professional skills to further Bible translation. Call us at 1-800-463-1183, email us at , explore or visit us at Missionsfest Vancouver, booth AA1.


Imagine opening a Bible in search of comfort and hope, only to find it’s written in words you don’t understand. That’s the challenge facing 180 million people, in about 1,800 language groups.

For them, the Bible’s stories, teachings, poems and proverbs are just a jumble of confusing symbols. They are cut off from understanding more fully God’s character and His unfathomable gift of salvation. That’s why Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada partners with minority language communities around the globe, to help provide God’s life-giving Word, literacy skills and mother-tongue education.

Did you know that nearly half of Wycliffe Canada’s 400+ staff serve the Bible translation movement right here in Canada? Their ranks include accountants, administrators, trainers, IT specialists and more.

Photographer Natasha Schmale helps further Bible translation from our Calgary headquarters. Her photos for Word Alive magazine inform and involve Canadian Christians in this important work. Natasha also visits churches and campuses around Alberta, to share vision and challenge believers to get involved.

Wycliffe needs more people like Natasha—people who long to share the blessings of God’s Word with those who don’t have it.  To learn more, call us today at 1-800-463-1183, email, visit us online at or visit us at Missionsfest Vancouver, booth AA1.


Discipleship International

Jesus said that after Him another would come. In John 14:16, 17 “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.” Here God promises that His Spirit will be in us. You may ask yourself the question, “If God’s Spirit lives in me, why do I not see more fruit of His Spirit in my life?” In John 15:5 Jesus said “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” 

Our job is to remain in the vine, God will bear the fruit. So, do you spend time each day reading the word? Do you hide God’s word in your heart? Do you have intimate times of prayer? Do you feel you respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit? If you would like someone to walk with, in your pursuit of a deeper relationship with Christ consider getting involved with Discipleship international.


The “Equip to Serve” discipleship series has grown me as a believer and changed me into a true follower of Jesus. The Bible study and memory verses that are learned affirm truths about God in a way that I can share with others. I realized God wanted me to know His Word. Although memorization was not my strength I was able, with God’s help, to hide His words in my heart. A year into the series I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt such peace through that journey. During nerve racking CT scans I would review my memory verses and felt strengthened. His timing for this series in my life was perfect. Through preparing a personal testimony and learning the “Bridge Illustration” I feel equipped to share the gospel when there is an opportunity. Our discipleship group was a place to share and ask questions which allowed me to grow and expand my thinking. Through the journey of learning and memorizing God’s Word I was enabled to obey Jesus’ command found in Matthew 28:18-20 more fully. Now I look forward to equipping others and being used by the Lord to reach people for His glory.

– Christine

We don’t often discuss the cost of following Christ. We love to know of God’s blessings and His free gift of life in Christ but to be a true disciple of Christ comes with a cost.

Luke 9:23-25 (NIV) says,” Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it. What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit their very self?”

When one carries a cross he no longer thinks of his life plans. He knows that his life is over. We are called to this attitude as followers of Christ. This is not our home. We must not get comfortable here. There is a saying – “You can’t take it with you, but you can send it on ahead.” Our priority is to share the gospel and build into the lives of fellow believers so that they may be able to say, “ This is not my home, I am a disciple of Christ”.


Joy Fellowship

Joy Fellowship is an interdenominational church in Vancouver with a special concern for the spiritual needs of adults with disabilities, who are sometimes neglected and perhaps rejected by society and even by churches.  Our precious friends have responded  joyfully and lovingly to Christ  who calls them by name and values and cares for them with an everlasting love.

In addition to our Sunday service (attended by 130 or so) we have five mid-week Bible studies.  We seek to introduce our friends to Jesus, draw them into the family of God, help them grow in understanding and ministry, and to become lights in their homes and day programs and activities.

One of our lovely young women with Down’s Syndrome began attending with her mother about four years ago, and almost immediately began to participate enthusiastically.  She is a good reader, and is one of the stars in our Sign Language Choir.  She soaks in the stories of Jesus, and imaginatively responds to them in her own unique way.  She makes marvelous, mischievous cards for people for ‘special days’ that we treasure.   In November last year she and her amazing mother were baptized together at our 40th Anniversary service.   What Joy!

We are praying for a larger sanctuary in which we could meet on Sundays, and would love to see you at Church some Sunday for an unforgettable experience, or onNovember 28th , between 10 am and 2 pm at Trinity Baptist Church (49th and Granville) for our Christmas Tea and World Market.

Volunteers are welcome for driving, friendship, music and teaching.


Celtic Place

Celtic Place is a refuge for healing. A place to retreat and process end of life and grief issues or just those difficult times in life when all seems overwhelming. Celtic Place is a space where people can come to learn how to live fully – even in the face of the most difficult times in life – and to learn to live fully as a part of the grieving and letting go process.

God is so present. God is in every detail of life at Celtic Place. His blessing is evidenced in the people who contact us and say such things as, “We’ve been looking for months for a place like this;” “I wasn’t a believer before, but being here makes me know that there is something that is bigger than me,” and “This is a wonderful place of refuge.”

“I lift my eyes to the hills, from where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord who made Heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2

“Coming out of a seemingly God-less city, we most thoroughly thank you for your vision of faith to establish a beautiful house in such a wonderful setting of Gods’ creation – one that can scarcely be matched for its opportunity for our relaxed quite and renewal of body, nerves and soul through thankful appreciation of created wonders that strengthen us to tackle our duties of service again with joy, greatly aided by your ready assistance, delicious breakfasts, Rachel’s friendliness and the restful be.

May our faithful Lord continue to inspire you in providing a place of peace for many guests.”

When we look back and see what has been created at Celtic Place – well, only God could make it happen! We give Him all the glory and honour for creating a quiet place where people can experience His emotional and spiritual healing. I’m reminded of a song by Phil Driscoll: “Every time I say ‘yes’ to You, seems there’s something wonderful You’re waiting to do.” All we did, Lord, was say ‘yes,’ and it has been amazing to watch You move! Thank you, God.

 Contact: 877-931-8880


ABBA Canada Foundation

ABBA Canada Foundation began in 2011 in response to James 1:27 and the global crisis that millions of children are waiting to be adopted into a forever family. One of our main purposes is to raise money to provide grants to Canadian Christian families who are adopting. We feel that finances should never be a barrier to a child finding a permanent family. Domestic and International adoption costs range from $20,000-$50,000+. We guarantee that 100 per cent of all donations go towards adoption grants, without anything being deducted for administration costs. To date, we have given over $200,000 (69 grants). We also want to develop awareness, compassion and conviction in every believer, to engage and minister to vulnerable children through a variety of different means. We are involved in hosting a yearly adoption/foster conference, as well as assisting churches across Canada to start ministries to support adoptive/foster families in their communities. Our ministry is looking for anyone who has a heart to see children without parents find permanent, loving families through donating towards adoption grants, starting a support ministry or helping us fundraise. Please contact us if you want to be a part of what God is doing in Canada to care for the orphan.


Squeah Retreat Centre

Camp Squeah’s Retreat Centre Mission statement is “in response to God who loves and calls us, Camp Squeah provides a place of refuge in a natural setting, where people of all ages can build relationships, grow and be nurtured.” At Camp Squeah, we believe that we are called, that is, it is our vocation, to minister (serve) people in such a way that they are nurtured in an environment of care and hospitality; that it becomes for them a refuge from all that weighs them down. We are compelled by God’s great love to welcome people to this place of peace. We are motivated by our own journeys of faith to provide space in a loving environment where others can also continue on their own sojourn of faith.

Our heart’s desire is to welcome people to this refuge, this sanctuary, that they might grow in their own understanding of who they are, that they are loved by God, that there is deep and rich meaning to life to be shared together, meaning and purpose flows from God’s love for us all in community.

When at Squeah, stroll through God’s wilderness and enjoy the quiet of the forest. Sit and commune with friends and family as you partake of our delicious and nutritious food. Be challenged and experience some great and enjoyable activities that we have to offer. Whatever your goals or needs we hope that you will be changed by God’s everlasting and all-encompassing care and peace and joy.


Missions Fest Vancouver: Letting Go

by Danielle Strickland

Everyone should know how to catch monkeys. It’s important. It’s simple too. You take some coconuts (easy right?) and drill a hole in them that’s just big enough for a monkey to put his flat hand into. You put some sweet rice (apparently monkeys LOVE sweet rice) inside the coconut then you tie a rope from the coconut around the tree. Then you wait. When a monkey comes along he will smell the sugar and come running to the coconut, reach inside and close his fist around his desired sweetness. The trouble, of course is that the hole you drilled is not large enough for a monkey to get his fist out. Only an open hand will leave the coconut. But the monkey will not let go. He will keep his little fingers tightly coiled around that sweet prize until the trap owners come and take him away. This is the cost of being a greedy little, close-handed monkey.

You gotta let go. You gotta say ‘no’ to temptation. You gotta resist the shiny, sweet stuff and keep walking so you don’t get trapped. Yep. Obvious. But what if the sweet rice isn’t bad??

What if the sweet rice isn’t as easy of an application as we think? Like, what if the sweet rice is religion? What happens if what God wants us to let go of isn’t sin and temptation and desire but the things that limit Him in our lives? What if God is calling us to a greater understanding of just how big the Kingdom of God is and we are content to sit around our churches with our hands in our coconut worship meetings enjoying the sweet rice of the latest contemporary worship songs? What if open-handed meant something bigger than we could imagine?

Peter had an experience just like this. He was upstairs (over lunch and was hungry) and he had an open vision. In the vision a sheet was lowered from heaven with every kind of animal on it. Even the dirty ones that Jewish people wouldn’t even imagine touching – let alone eating. Even the Egyptian food that was detestable to a Jew. All of it. Lobsters, crabs and PIGS. And then He heard God say, ‘kill and eat’. And then he did something incredible. In the vision, Peter’s immediate response to God was ‘no’.

Peter’s immediate response to God was no. Wow. This is the man God was going to use as a foundation stone in the new community He was making on the earth. His first response was to tell God no. Because obviously to a good Jew and a follower of Jesus ‘no’ was the right answer. Peter not only said ‘no’ but he also said ‘never’. I would never do that. It’s against my ‘religious code’. God tried again. And then again. Three times.

Anyway, three times the Lord gives him the same instruction and then tells him to kill and eat because nothing God has made is unclean. This is supposed to remind us of Jesus and the Pharisees I’m sure. You remember when they were having a discussion about what makes a person unclean and Jesus just finally said it out-loud. “It’s not what goes in you that makes you unclean” said Jesus – “it’s what comes out of you!”

There was no external thing that made people unclean – it was the internal thing where the roots of all uncleanness happen. It’s in the heart. You can tell what a heart is like by what comes out of it. There is a knock at his door and two servants from a Roman officer’s house ask for Peter by name. What?

Peter is a Jew. Jews do not associate with Gentiles. In order for Peter to share the gospel story with any authenticity at all he’s going to have to let go of some sweet rice.

I’m not a fan of the sex industry. In truth I think they are a devious group of exploiters who take advantage of the worst of human nature and the results are devastating to women around the globe. If I could I’d lock them all up immediately. But one weekend in Melbourne, Australia changed me. The largest sex-show (sexpo) in Austral-asia was in town at the same conference centre as The Salvation Army ordination celebrations (we call it ‘commissioning’). What were we to do? We didn’t know and actually most of us didn’t even want to know. The manager of the facility told us that all would be fine because he assigned separate entrances to each of us so we never would have to meet! Wow. That’s probably the best way to handle it. Unless you follow Jesus. When the church refuses to engage with the world it is useless. It is simply a small group of like-minded people who will eventually die. To make a long story short I simply called up the general manager of the sexpo and asked if The Salvation Army could have a booth at his show. He was shocked and then honoured and invited us to all of his shows with a free booth anywhere we’d like. He even extended free entry to the sexpo for any Salvation Army person in Uniform!

It was terrible and wonderful at the same time. I hated this man. He was a monster. But he was there to meet us and greet us and helped us set up our booth. Then he genuinely was interested in all our literature – including a Bible and a book denouncing the sex industry. He was a seeker for truth and looking for God in his everyday life!! What?! It was an outrage. It really was. Internally I had a huge debate and externally my friends in the larger church were publicly questioning the strategy and my friends in the justice community were denouncing me as a sell out. It was an external nightmare and an internal challenge. How was I to live? What was I to do?

Jesus invites us to let go of prejudice, exclusion, fear of infection, rejection and future realities and to go with him to the places we are least ready for and most surprised about… the places that might kill our reputations but leave us alive to the reality of God in the world. Presenting the gospel with authenticity. What are the barriers to living this way? Well, fear for one thing. And a natural aversion to change – which in reality is just another form of fear. Which might lead to the key ingredient in letting go. Afraid to let go lest we lose out, afraid to try something new, to meet new people, to establish new strategies, to change our mind, to challenge our systems. The answer is to let go. To open our hands and free ourselves from the things that enslave us. What are you hanging on to? What are you grasping that you can’t trust God with? What are you enslaved to that keeps you stuck waiting for the inevitable reality of normal life? Didn’t Jesus suggest that to follow Him was going to mean the letting go of other things (like what your family thinks? And your church leader wants? And your denomination expects? And your future economic security?). Isn’t that what it means to live out the gospel? To go where we have never gone before. To leave our exclusive, prejudicial concern for our well-being and reputations and create a new future reality? Two little words that contain an invitation to a radical life. Let’s live it. Go on. Let go.

Danielle Strickland, an officer in the Salvation Army will be speaking at Missions Fest Vancouver. For more information visit


Canadian LifeLight Ministries

Canadian LifeLight Ministries is releasing the First Nations Edition of The LifeLight New Testament, set to go to every Native community in Canada!

After four years of planning, Canadian LifeLight Ministries is printing 30,000 Scriptures to be distributed to over 600 First Nations communities across Canada. This is no small undertaking, but with God anything is possible! This New Testament features a First Nations theme cover and testimonies from First Nations’ leaders, such as rapper Fresh I.E., and tells of how God has set them free from hurts and restored their lives.

Appropriate for all ages, The LifeLight New Testament is in the easy-to-read New International Reader’s Version translation in single-column format. The LifeLight is filled with help sections such as the “Beginning Your Journey with God” gospel presentation, highlighted memory verses and a dictionary. It is especially appropriate for ministries geared to the un-churched, and people for whom English is not their first language.

Raymond Dueck, Founding President of Canadian LifeLight Ministries said, “People have a hunger to read God’s Word, but many don’t have access to it. Your support helps LifeLight to meet a spiritual need in a big way!” To contact him for media interviews please call 204-782-2112.

LifeLight is still looking for partners to sponsor 250 cases of Bibles and looking for more distribution partners. If you would like to sponsor a case or help deliver Bibles, please let them know via email at or call 204-339-3770. You can also mail them at: P.O. Box 28040, Winnipeg, MB, R5G 1R5.

For more Information go to


Capernwray Quebec

Expect a Dynamic Year That You Won’t Soon Forget!

Young people are seeking what it means to walk with Jesus. Capernwray Quebec is designed to be the next step in the journey.

Our One Year and Short Term Bible School Programmes offer valuable opportunities for Christ-centered Biblical study and discipleship.

This intensive Bible training course is designed to provide a practical understanding of the centrality of Christ in the Christian life through: -Christ-centered Biblical Teaching -Discipleship and Outreach Opportunities -Community Living

It is our purpose to train men and women in a working knowledge of Jesus Christ the Living Word; to know Him more deeply and personally as their risen and indwelling Lord, through personal disciplines of studying, meditating on and communicating the message of God’s Written Word; to discover and prove in everyday experience the reality of the Christian life: Christ’s life in and through them; for equipment for full-time Christian service, regardless of their occupation!


More Than A Roof

More Than A Roof Foundation is a catalyst organization with a mandate to build awareness and support for the larger work of More Than A Roof Housing in B.C. This is a growing urban mission initiative to create affordable tenant communities by providing housing, care and more for those in greatest need.  The MTR Foundation tackles issues of poverty, homelessness, mental health and addictions in by fostering literacy and asset building programs, culinary training, pre –employment programs, and sustainable mental health and addictions housing plus much more.

More Than A Roof Foundation welcomes sponsorship and donations from private individuals, corporations and organizations who want to support effective Christian faith based urban mission. The funded programs give low wealth individuals, families and seniors in the eleven MTR communities an opportunity for turnaround and genuine hope for the future.

With strong partnerships, a dedicated team and a mindset for growth, More Than A Roof offers viable, long-term housing based solutions.


Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre  – BC

Capernwray Harbour: Bible School & Conference centre is nestled among the Gulf Islands of British Columbia’s west coast, Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre on Thetis Island offers students and guests a unique learning experience!

From September through to May, Capernwray Harbour runs a One Year Bible School programme where sound, practical Bible teaching focusing on both the Old and New Testament scriptures in which God reveals the indwelling, resurrected Christ as the Christian Life is given.  Students gain an experiential knowledge of Christ and how His presence practically applies to daily living.

Through classroom studies, tutorial, dialogue based small group studies, and summary journals, students have opportunity to share from the written Word what God is teaching them & how He is working in their lives.  Many outreach opportunities located in surrounding communities and cities are available for students to participate in as well as international, short-term missions trips.

Capernwray Harbour welcomes people of all denominational backgrounds and nationalities.  The student body of approximately 100 students joins the full-time staff to create a community intent on knowing Jesus Christ as LIFE.  The desire of every staff at Capernwray Harbour is to prepare each student for “full time Christian service, regardless of occupation”.

During the summer months, Capernwray Harbour makes its facilities available for various groups as a full-service venue to hold their conference or retreat.  In addition, Capernwray Harbour hosts Ladies & Men’s Conference Weekends, Family Holiday Bible Weeks as well as youth weekends where men, women, youth & children can be encouraged in their walk with the Lord Jesus amidst an island, holiday setting.

Capernwray Harbour proclaiming Jesus Christ as Life!


Inner Hope

Drug and alcohol addiction, violence, sexual abuse and neglect are a daily reality in the homes of dozens of East Vancouver youth and children who Inner Hope Youth Ministries walks alongside. Inner Hope meets these young people where they are at, sharing the transformational love of Christ. A continuum of support has developed under the umbrella of four main program areas: housing, support, life skills and discipleship.

Inner Hope is based out of two houses providing individualized, wrap around services. “The Home” provides family style housing for up to four East Vancouver young people desiring to break generational cycles. A House Parent couple lives in the home modeling covenant marriage and healthy living skills and providing ongoing mentoring and support.

“The House” functions as a home base for our life skills, support and discipleship programs. Boundless, our teen mentoring program, helps youth set and achieve personal goals while supporting them to complete high school. This past spring we launched a post-secondary program in partnership with World Vision Canada to assist young adults to successfully transition into college or stable employment. Currently we have young adults enrolled at Briercrest College and Seminary, UBC, Langara, VCC and Native Education College.

One of our greatest blessings has been a growing partnership with Reality Church. Over the last few years, dozens of our youth and children have attended services and been welcomed into the Reality community.  We provide transportation to church as well as Sunday lunch and afternoon activities for children. Summer camp, retreats and discipleship events provide additional opportunities to share the gospel and teach Biblical truths.

Since 2007, Inner Hope has grown to serve approximately 250 individuals annually. We are seeking volunteer and financial partners to help us sustain our growing ministry. We would love to have you visit us at booth F05 during Missions Fest. For more information refer to our website at or contact Jenny at 604-767-1357.


Friends of Israel

In 1938, 10 years before Israel became a state, God raised up The Friends of Israel to help Jewish people escape the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust. Today, we are a voice opposing anti-Semitism; explaining the unique, biblical role of Israel in God’s plan; and encouraging Christians to pray for Israel and support its biblical, historical, and moral rights to live within secure borders. We are a worldwide Christian ministry communicating biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while fostering solidarity with the Jewish people. The way that mission looks depends on where we are:

In Argentina, we operate a medical clinic, providing free care to anyone in need.  In Poland, we hold one-week summer camps for children from Belarus and Ukraine.In Australia, we host Israeli backpackers, connecting them to believers who love Israel and its people. In Germany, whose past is stained with Nazi hatred, we host conferences promoting Israel’s biblical right to the land. In Las Vegas, Nevada, our interns connect with the local Jewish community and demonstrate Christ-like, unconditional love to them.

Our Israel Relief Fund provides food, clothing distribution, household needs, and bomb shelters for protection against the thousands of missiles fired into Israel.

In Canada, our FOI Gospel Ministry workers speak in churches and host Bible and prophecy conferences. The Canadian Communiqué is published as an informative newsletter focusing on topics relevant to Canadians.

FOI has the goal to communicate biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah. One of our representatives was flying from Toronto to Newark. For seemingly no reason, his seat assignment was changed by the airline. His new seatmate? A rabbinical student. Then the flight was delayed an hour. Both had their Bibles. For two hours, they looked at the Scriptures together. They talked about FOI’s support of Israel. They exchanged emails and remain in contact. It was a divine appointment.

When Jewish people interface with our staff and programs and see that we are genuine, they are amazed such people and such an organization exist. Increasingly, Jews sense that Israel and the Jewish people are more isolated in the world. They think they must stand alone. When they experience “our kind of Christian,” they desire to learn more. They want to understand why we do what we do. When that happens, when they trust us and feel comfortable discussing serious issues of life, we can respond with real answers.


Avant Ministries

Reagan is an Avant missionary in Thailand. While in her first months of language school, she met a woman at a bakery. The woman barely spoke English, but was excited that Reagan was learning her native language. She offered to help Reagan practice. Over time, the woman kept asking Reagan why she wanted to talk to Thai people about God. Reagan tried to explain the gospel in Thai, but struggled with her limited vocabulary. One day, another language student told Reagan of a website that explains the gospel in Thai. When Reagan shared this with the woman she said, repeatedly, “Oh, thank you! I want to learn about all the good things.”

Over 2 billion people, like the Thai woman, live in places where there is little or no Christian presence. Avant Ministries is committed to planting churches in unreached places. We believe the church is God’s instrument for proclaiming the gospel, uniting believers, and transforming communities. Avant needs missionaries to serve through church planting, media, education, business, and more. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” Is the Lord calling you? Check out missions opportunities at or call Mike at 866-812-8268.


NightShift Street Ministries

NightShift Street Ministries was founded in 2004 in the middle of a snowstorm and has grown over the years from a makeshift emergency shelter and soup kitchen to so much ‘more than soup’!

“A Shift is taking place. I feel privileged and blessed to be a part of it. I get as much as, or more than I give.”

Our mission is to love unconditionally and help each other find hope and purpose, 365 days a year, by building relationships and restoring lives through outreach, counselling, education and transitional housing.

“I tell others that NightShift is my church for I know ’wherever two or more of you gather in his name…’ I feel His presence in our parking lot where we serve in North Surrey. I believe that presence, for several hours a night – every night – is having an effect, a very positive effect, on our street friends, our volunteers and our community at large.”

NightShift endeavours to reflect and demonstrate Christian values and principles of integrity, humility, perseverance and unity as we serve people from all walks of life struggling with pain, grief, loss and loneliness.

“My belief in the Lord became more intense and life became more pure being around my Christian friends at NightShift. It feels good to cry within and cry out loud. My heart cries many nights over my wife who died. Christian people have helped turn me around. As I got to know these Christian people better, I realized it was because of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

NightShift does not accept government funding but relies solely on the generosity of churches, businesses and volunteers. Will you Give More Than Soup this year and help us to meet our Matching Pledge Challenge by December 31st so we can all do ’more than soup’?


Christian Friends of Israel

A Christian outreach headquartered in Jerusalem with representatives from around the world.

CFI working teams travel across Israel from the Galilee to the Negev, to personally knock on the door of Jewish homes to meet and spend time learning from and ministering to Jewish people from all walks of life. CFI’s ministers to new arrivals who have left oppressed lands to find refuge; CFI also assists new immigrant brides and grooms in our Bridal Salon. Outreach  teams, trained to visit terror attack victims in communities in Israel under attack, Ethiopian Jewry who need opportunities to receive higher educational, Messianic Jews with encouragement in their new found belief in Yeshua, and elderly survivors of the holocaust and WWII war veterans who fought in the Red Army against the Nazis CFI also visits the elderly, widows and widowers, street people,low income neighbourhoods, the handicapped and orphans. Our call is to the Jewish people but we also help Palestinian Christians and Arab Pastors with a proper understanding of the Jewish people.

Our Message is to build relationships and be a “healing balm” to the Jewish people. Our vision is twofold: To be a Christian witness bearing fruit through blessing Israel according to Genesis 12:3: To teach Christians about their Jewish roots and Jewish-Christian history.

Our Mission:  “We believe Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and the Savior of the world; however, our stand alongside Israel is not conditional upon that belief”.

God is making the crooked ways straighter and the rocky places flatter through the mercy ministry of CFI. We are helping to raise awareness of Israel, prayer support as well as financial support and Biblical understanding.


OMF International

OMF International is celebrating 150 years of ministry to East Asia’s Peoples

OMF International was founded as the China Inland Mission on June 25, 1865. It was then that James Hudson Taylor knelt upon the beach at Brighton, England and “prayed for twenty-four willing, skillful laborers” to reach the inland provinces of China. Today OMF International is a diverse evangelical mission agency of more than 1,600 workers from 30 different countries. We continue to press on to know the Lord and make Him known among the peoples of East Asia. Growing out of the same passion God placed in the heart of our founder, J. Hudson Taylor, we serve the people of East Asia. Christ’s love compels us to touch lives by giving our lives to Him first, and then to others. Through serving, building relationships, evangelism and discipleship, we work to see whole communities worshipping the Lord.

For 150 years we have seen God raise up men and women through whom He has touched millions of lives for eternity. Today there is a role for you in Praying, Sending or even Going (short-term or long-term)

Come to Missions Fest Vancouver in January and hear Hudson Taylor’s great-great grandson, Dr. Jamie Taylor, who is one of the keynote speakers then drop in to say “Hello” at our OMF booth.

“God has given us a heart for Asia and the desire to bring His hope to billions.”



Introducing Hidden Treasures, Chilliwack

Hidden Treasures, Chilliwack Thrift Store is conveniently located and promises great finds for all who enter. You are guaranteed an enjoyable shopping experience as you wander through the aisles of our clean, well-lit, and abundantly stocked shop. You will find items for everyday life, special occasions, fancy designer labels, toys, books, Christmas theme decors, collectible gems, etc. at the lowest prices. Admittedly it is a small thrift store but it comes with a larger than life local vision for keeping our communities happy and safe.

Since October 2015 the store is under new ownership. It is owned by M2/W2 Association – Restorative Christian Ministries and operated by volunteers. You see Hidden Treasures thrift store is not a business for personal gain! It is a social enterprise that funds the man-to-man (M2) and woman-to-woman (W2) programs in BC prisons.

Hidden Treasures provides new job seekers and special needs individuals experience and training in customer service. It also provides a safe place for our friends from the institutions to gain valuable work experience alongside their mentors prior to being released. We believe an inmate who has a Christian mentor, work experience on his resume and a caring support system in place will succeed once released.

Our dream is for Hidden Treasures to be your store of choice for donations and purchases so that we can invest in helping local BC people get their lives back on track. Contact us about volunteering in this store or in prison. We love making new friends!!!


Link Charity

Link Charity is different than most. We are not providing clean water, or saving children, or providing food, or relief in disaster. We do not evangelize, or church plant, build schools or send out missionaries. But, because of what we do, all of the above and more can be done with a greater impact and sustainability.

Most have heard the phrase, “I’ve never seen a Hearst pulling a U-Haul.” We know in principle that we cannot take it with us, but in practice few take the time to plan out how to leave it behind.

At Link Charity that is precisely what we do – we ask the right questions, we provide the right tools, and we prepare the right plan so that we can be good stewards of our estate and our budget. We call this Gift Planning.

You can turn a GIC into a Gift Annuity and triple your income while impacting God’s Kingdom.

You can gift “in-kind” securities, saving capital gain taxes, and providing immediate funds to your favourite mission.

Link Charity provides more than $7 million a year to Canadian charities through efforts of people just like you, call us we will be glad to help.


Mission Without Borders

Operation Christmas Love extended

Millions of desperate refugees from Syria are on the move in one of the biggest mass movements of humans in history. Mission Without Borders has a very active program in Bulgaria which has become a major transit corridor for the refugees on their way to Western Europe.

MWB has operated Operation Christmas Love for years helping the poorest of the poor throughout Eastern Europe. Last year we distributed more than 30,000 parcels filled with basic necessities and food. This year we will extend our Operation Christmas Love program by working with local churches in the transit zone in Bulgaria to reach thousands of refugee families in need.

Your contribution of $65.00 for each family parcel will go to where it is most needed.

According to our Field Manager in Bulgaria they are now seeing more refugees in a day than they normally get in a year. Being the poorest country in the European Union (Source: Eurostat) Bulgaria has few resources to handle this huge inflow.

We are asking for your personal contribution and that you ask your church to put out a special appeal to your congregation to reach out to everyone they know and ask them to contribute. Already thousands of men, women and children have died. The world is facing a disaster of immense size. We must act now.

With grateful thanks…

For more information or to make a donation please call 604 855 9126 or toll free 1 800 494 4454 or go online at


A Rocha

Shows God’s Love for All Creation

A Rocha is changing the way people treat the earth. Through engagement in scientific research, environmental education, and community-based conservation and sustainable agriculture projects, A Rocha is showing God’s love for all creation. The work in BC is based out A Rocha’s flagship project in Canada – the Brooksdale Environmental Centre in Surrey. Brooksdale is a place of transformation. A living lab composed of 17 acres of forests, a threatened river system, Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) gardens, and heritage houses, the Brooksdale Centre is more than a showpiece: it is a place where critical environmental issues are researched, addressed, and solved. Here visitors, interns, and volunteers from around the world are immersed in compassionate environmental engagement; and from here they leave inspired and equipped to become agents of change in their own communities. Visit us at Brooksdale or find out more at

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