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Miss Teen Canada going God’s way

Miss Teen Canada going God’s way

by Brianna Deutsch

Some say the millennial generations have it easy – everything and anything is at their fingertips. Yet, if we look closer at society, there may be contrary evidence to support that claim. We live in a world that is bombarded with photoshopped images, with underlying symbolism to look better, do more (without showing like we’re doing more) and to follow dreams that equate with status and success. These pressures do not aid in the growth of our youth but adds unnecessary pressure and anxiety.

What a relief then, to find young emerging leaders who go against the status quo, and shine their authentic light in a world where darkness is desperately trying to take centre stage. Shalom Reimer is a young woman who is standing firm in her identity. This past March, at the age of 17, Reimer won Miss Teen Canada at the national competition in Laval, Quebec.

Before the crowning of Miss Teen Canada, Reimer, who lives in Fort Langley, made a silent prayer to God saying, “…If this is what you want for me, I will give this platform all to you.” And beautifully, a moment later officials called the name Shalom Reimer as winner of Miss Teen Canada 2016. “I knew that this is where God was placing me, and I had to place (my gifts) totally for Him. The other pageant (contestants) see my faith. That’s what’s amazing about Christianity; we don’t need to flaunt it. People can see it in our faces, they can see something different about us,” shares Reimer. While talking with her, one can can hear in her voice the assurance and steadiness she has in knowing that her identity is not found in her own purposes, or the demands of popular culture, but in her relationship with God, and a desire to use her influential position to His purposes.

One of the missions Reimer has been called too is mentoring the younger generations. Her heart to pour into youth is inspiring, and it’s from this desire that she, and one other friend, founded a local mentorship program, called “The Hub”, at Reimer’s high school. The program is about building the skills of leadership, and service within the school. In addition, it helps students develop their Christian faith.

Reimer vibrantly embraces life ahead and is joyfully ready to take on new adventures and challenges. In addition to the honourable titles of Miss Teen BC and Miss Teen Canada, it’s reassuring to see a young woman be authentically herself, walking in her calling given by Christ, despite living in a world begging for young people to succumb to its stereotypes.


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