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Options available for Gospel Music fans

Options available for Gospel Music fans

by Al Philips

At 55 I lead worship with both grey-haired baby boomers and Christian college millennials. I love and appreciate everyone on their journey, and also enjoy all the song options we have available. I do, however, often find myself returning to the Southern gospel section on my music app, Spotify, for a deeper spiritual connection.

For me, it is lovely and spiritually humble music and seeks not to entertain the flesh but to edify the spirit. I appreciate the faith promises, stories and the scriptural lyrics, which seek solely to glorify Jesus Christ and edify the saints.

The pendulum of progression is slowly swinging back again for those seeking a more familiar spiritual depth in worship from years past, and there are some of us now in the process of setting up accommodations to revisit those days again. Do you miss the days of belting out the melodies and harmonies of your favorite traditional and gospel hymns? Do you remember hearing the congregation at times singing louder than the choir against the piano and organ music backdrop? Do you long for a reunion with old friends and family for some old-time fellowship? You may want to consider digging up the plaid polyester suit from the attic for “The Great Gospel Revival Series Gospel Music Congregational Hymn Sing” coming this September.

Congregational pianist Christine Schaffrick, organist Linda Criss, and I will lead you through medleys of your favourite songs. In the coming months we will present a talented and diverse cross section of special guests, like Shylo Sharity, singing a beautiful acoustic traditional or Celtic hymn, the well-established Royal Heirs saxophone group, the Pilkey Sisters singing The Lord’s Prayer, the Fraser Valley Quartet and the amazing Steve “Elvis” Elliot singing Gospel Elvis songs.

The first event will be at White Rock Baptist Church on Saturday, September 24, then the Gospel Revival series will travel to different houses of worship across Greater Vancouver and into the Fraser Valley. If you enjoy the very popular Gerald Wolfe’s Gospel Music Hymn Sing tour DVD’s, then you will want to come out and experience this series, and participate in voice and praise, live in beautiful sanctuary settings. For all the details of the coming series events and tickets, go to

Author: Steve Almond

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