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Healthy, healing juice

by Selina Williams

Juicing fruits and veggies is becoming increasingly popular. With no nutrients in fibre alone, it is liquid nutrients that enter the blood system. According to the author of Live Food Juices, Dr. H. E. Kirshner, we lose over 65 per cent of food nutrients in the digestive process. And our bodies use a tremendous amount of energy to separate the pulp and fibre from the juice. If digestion is not functioning well, we may only get one per cent. By juicing, you get more than 92 per cent of the benefit (eat your allotted fibre later). Juicing raw fruits and vegetables, along with an alkaline diet, are at the root of cellular detoxification, moving the lymph (the third kidney), which disposes of cellular waste, and revitalizing the body’s ability to heal. Juicing is not just a modern trend; it goes back more than a century. Dr. Norman Walker opened the Norwalk Laboratory to research the benefits of raw vegetable and fruit juices in 1910. This prompted him to produce a hydraulic press juicer today known as the “Norwalk Juicer”, the Rolls Royce of juicers because it retains all the enzymes and phytonutrients. One of the earliest proponents of juicing in North America was a Christian, Paul Bragg. He popularized the “hand crank” juicer in the early 1900’s. Bragg is famous for his Apple Cider Vinegar you can find in the health sections of most grocery stores. And in the 1930’s Dr. Max Gerson said he cured his own migraines with organic juicing. The “Gerson Therapy,” which includes juicing, coffee enemas, supplements and a specific half-raw diet, has reportedly worked to help heal patients with MS and cancer.

So, how do raw juices provide so much benefit? Fresh juice has lots of phytochemicals and enzymes that restore minerals and nutrients to the body while enabling it to detoxify cells. Enzymes affect many hormonal functions. They help restore the body’s ability to heal itself. With combined juicing and Dr. Gerson’s enema therapy, Carmella was able to relieve a lot of ill health concerns. Working from home she can regularly access her juice station. “I felt clarity and less bloating… less pain in my joints, as well as headaches almost gone completely,” she shares.

Movie set catering truck chef, Domonique Regenard says he worries sometimes the film crews drink too much juice. He has good reasons to be concerned about over-juicing. Due to the powerful medicinal qualities from drinking juices, it is essential that the bad stuff in your body get moved out simultaneously. Ensure this happens with digestive enzymes, cleanses, and digestive and anti-parassitic herbs, colon hydrotherapy or enemas and sufficient fibre. Three bowel movements a day maintain a good balance with regular juicing.

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