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A little tongue in cheek message…

Dear everyone:

A little tongue in cheek message from the ladies on the front cover of  The Light Magazine last month, across whose stomachs reads, Overcoming loneliness. I would like to shed a little light on this nameless photo. I am Catholyntje Winkel, the person on the left, and beside me is Lainie Dijkstra. We are two well adjusted singles, both widowed.

We live at Elim Village in Surrey, and I write poetry.

Lainie’s place is covered in her late husband’s lovely art, we share a lot of laughter and we have been friends since our teens. Our mothers were the best of friends as well. God is good from generation to generation.

We are not nameless at Elim, it is a great place to live. We never grow old and many of us are still a little vain – our hearts do not surpass middle age and our spirits are uplifted by one another. We are not randomly put together but share in the laughter and sorrows of one another.

This poem is more a sample who we are.

Aging gratefully

When I grow old I’ll not wear purple
Polka-dotted, striped or plain;
I will not wear large hats, large and cumbersome
That will flatten in the rain.
Look for me in vintage apparel – slightly faded,
A flee-market’s favourite find…
Soft pastels, hand embroidered
Crushed-rose velvet, one of a kind.

Dreamy shadows of bygone days
I’ll be reading more of Milton,
The minor prophets and the Psalms
And maybe dine in obscure places
A glass of vintage wine, I’ll toast the future,
there will be no dirge, a song of mourning
To lament this body of mine
I will have earned every wrinkle, every laughing line.

One day I will no longer dye my hair
The silver will be all mine…
More often now my hands
remind me of my mother’s hands,
Fists opened and clasped in prayer
There will be no uncertain future
For my Father will be there.

No I’ll not wear purple:
I might laugh where others see no laughter,
Maybe take a walk in the rain…
Look for me in faded vintage – reading Milton.
the minor prophets and the Psalms;
Dining in obscure places, a glass of vintage wine,
I’ll toast the future.

Author: Steve Almond

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