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“Prayer, prayer, prayer”

by Frank King

Billy Graham was once asked about the most important steps in preparing for an evangelistic mission. His answer was as simple as it is powerful: “Prayer, prayer, prayer.” Most Christians would agree with this, but do we put it into action—especially when it comes to a significant outreach like the Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham?

“Prayer meetings are probably the most poorly attended church gatherings,” says David Carson, one of the Festival’s prayer team leaders. “I’m longing for the day when 80 or 90 per cent of congregations attend a prayer event,” Carson continued. “The prayer of one righteous man or woman is effective, but it’s wonderful when there’s a level of agreement in a church or a community. We’ll see more powerful answers to prayer then.”

Carson, who is also leader of Intercessors for Canada (which communicates across North America to help Christians pray with insight and wisdom), and fellow Festival prayer team leader Bayo Adediran, are part of a weekly Festival teleconference call. The prayer leaders of all participating Festival churches (more than 200 so far) are invited to participate in those calls, which lift up to God all aspects of the Festival, which culminates March 3-5 at Rogers Arena.

“Some are responding (an average of 10 churches represented in each call), but given the number of churches in the Lower Mainland, the response has not been good enough,” says Adediran, who is regional pastor for 10 Redeemed Christian Church of God congregations. He adds: “For those who do take part, their hearts are really into it and really faithful. But we want more.”

How can believers in the Lower Mainland pray for the Festival? Here are some suggestions:

• That the Festival would leave a legacy among Christians – of true faith, strong relationships, greater trust and unity, and greater prayer.

• That God would answer prayers in powerful, even surprising ways. Explains Carson: “We can tick the boxes for prayer, but I’m saying ‘God, would you do something with Franklin Graham that’s beyond our ability to organize or administrate?’”

• That believers in Greater Vancouver would begin praying for non-Christian friends and loved ones. And that believers would gain the courage to invite these non-Christians to attend at least one of the three Festival outreach evenings.

• That the Lord would provide Franklin Graham strength and health to “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Timothy 4:1-5).

• That sufficient financial resources would be raised to pay for all aspects of the Festival, including rental of Rogers Arena for three nights.

• That more Christians would become involved in the Festival, from becoming prayer partners to providing financial support to volunteering during the outreach evenings.

You can be more active in your prayers by participating in Festival prayer walks around Rogers Arena. These take place Feb. 4, 11, and 18 from 9:30 am to 11 am More information will be available soon at

You can also join the Festival prayer team. Contact us at to receive updates.

Please visit for more information on all aspects of the Festival, including how you can get involved as a volunteer or a financial partner.


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