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Over 18

Over 18

The Effects of Pornography on Children and Youth  

Due to the heavy snowfall and bad road conditions last week this event which was planned for Wednesday, February 8th has been rescheduled for Wednesday February 15th at 7pm at New Life CRC on Delair Rd in Abbotsford. The Christian Reformed Church Safe Church Ministry is airing “Over 18” a feature length documentary that provides a clear-eyed examination of pornography, its effects on kids, teens, parents and porn stars. The goal is to educate youth on the realities of pornography, help their parents to understand the growing epidemic of hardcore porn usage, and propose solutions for preventing exposure and addiction in the first place. The information provided in this documentary is critical to each parent, spouse, grandparent, church leader, pastor, educator and more.

The documentary tackles an issue many within the church community would rather ignore; the effects of pornography on children and youth. The documentary follows the true story of a boy who became addicted to pornography at the age of 9 while playing on the computer in his family’s living room. The film interviews experts from around the world as well as people who are still active in the porn industry today.

Statistics surrounding the viewing of porn are staggering. They point to a sobering picture that includes our faith communities. 60% of girls and 90% of boys have seen pornography before the age of 18. The content includes both body punishing and group sex. All of this is accessible by just a “click” to a link on every computer, laptop, Ipad, handheld device or phone that has internet access.

British Columbia Safe Church ministry has conducted a Ministry Needs Assessment with 26 BC Christian Reformed churches. Across the board, leaders expressed concern for education & response to this growing epidemic of porn usage. Our hope in hosting this screening is to open up a broad conversation about pornography and addiction in our churches and community. We also want to equip churches & people with tools and resources to both protect their kids from harmful sexual content on line as well as help those struggling pornography addiction themselves. The plan is to work with the churches throughout BC to continue the airing of this educational documentary.

The documentary trailer can be viewed at For more information on the BC Safe Church visit A Facebook event page for the OVER 18 documentary can be found at:

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