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The Springman Family: Happy Beach

The Springman Family: Happy Beach

by Peter Fleck

When it was announced that Happy Beach had won the Covenant Award for Children’s Album of the Year in Edmonton on January 26, the Springman kids enthusiastically ran to the stage to accept their award.

“This is the best band I’ve ever had,” Perry Springman gushes about his four children aged six to12. Make no mistake. Springman has worked with plenty of musicians. For almost two decades, he toured the world and recorded 10 albums under the Perry and the Poor Boys moniker. But he says working with family “is like a dream come true.” And he points out, “The kids improve at an unbelievable rate.”

Based out of Aldergrove, home schooling permits the Springman Family Band to put on about 120 concerts a year. In addition to performing locally, the family tours primarily into the United States, with California, Hawaii and Florida among their favourite destinations. The eldest, Emma, sings and plays ukulele. Ryan, 10, sings and plays a variety of percussion instruments. Then Sarah, seven, and Jacob, six, sing, clap and dance their way into people’s hearts.

Christian school chaplain from Florida, Alberto Hernandez, says, “This band is not only completely engaging, but the kids are great musicians too! They can really play!”

By partnering with World Vision, the Springmans see about 1,000 children sponsored at their events each year.

“It’s fun meeting so many people and being able to give them an opportunity to help a child in a poor country,” says Emma. “It makes it all worthwhile.”

Released in 2016, Happy Beach is Perry Springman’s first children’s CD. Producing and co-writing the project was industry veteran, Mark Heimermann. Having worked extensively with artists including dc Talk, Michael W. Smith and Jaci Velasquez, he has three Grammies and 16 Dove Awards to his credit. Also co-producer of the successful Prism children’s series in the 1980s, Heimermann says, “I’ve always had a heart for children’s music.” Even though Springman calls himself just “a little fish in the sea,” he was impressed that Heimermann “wasn’t holding anything back.”

“I learned so much stuff writing with him,” he says. Embracing a variety of styles, Happy Beach is an upbeat recording that’s highly geared towards youngsters but designed to be enjoyed by the entire family.

“Imagine a musical trip filled with Latin rhythms, Hawaiian ukulele, bouncy ’60s pop beats, California-style harmonies — all without leaving home,” is how Springman describes it.

The album offers a mixture of practical life lessons (Unh-Uh, No Way) and just plain fun (Bouncy Bouncy). Life’s great questions like why God made mosquitos are posed in “Why Does The World Have Slivers?” Parents will love The 3 Minute “Clean-up”. And “Sleepyhead” brings the 10-song adventure to a close. CDs are available at and through a variety of online retailers including Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.

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