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Voices Together is unique!

Recently someone asked me the question – ‘Why would anyone go to a church service in the Coliseum?’ My answer was clear, “Voices Together is always on Canada Day, July 1st, and being a holiday, thousands are able to come to the arena to lift high the name of Jesus in a wonderful display of unity in Christ and pray for our nation and city.” And because it is an early evening meeting for all the family there is plenty of time to go downtown and enjoy the Canada Day fireworks. All these factors make Voices Together quite unique in the life of Metro Vancouver and in three months time Voices Together 2017 will be an amazing celebration for Canada’s 150th birthday!

Here is how it all happened: In the winter of 2007 Pastor Yani Lim, full of faith and inspiration, shared her vision to reach the lost of Vancouver through a large demonstration of celebration and proclamation – lifting high the name of Jesus in Rogers Arena. It was a great vision and Pastor Giulio Gabeli and myself readily agreed in principle though cautious of the logistics. “No problem,” Yani said firmly, “I can pay for it and trust the Lord for the money.” And so Voices Together was conceived and the rest is history with great celebrations on Canada Day in 2008, 2013 and then in 2015 at the Pacific Coliseum. Thousands have gathered in visible displays of unity, passionate worship and prayer for our great city and nation.

Back in 2007 I was reading through the book of Acts and was preaching about prayer from Chapter 4 when I was drawn to verse 24, “And when they heard it, they lifted their voices together to God and said, “Sovereign Lord, who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and everything in them”

I shared this with Yani and that was it – Voices Together would be the name!

Voices Together is organized and supported by local pastors, churches and ministries. In the promo video for 2013 a good number of pastors all repeated the same phrase – “This is my City.” We love our city, we pray for it and we believe that the church has a very important role to play in the life of the City because Jesus is Lord. In addition the goal is to be multi-generational, multi-denominational and multi-ethnic. In 2015 we combined traditional elements with a 100 voice Chinese Choir, young people’s dance groups, leading to a significant time of praying over emerging leaders followed by contemporary high energy worship from the ‘Chapel’ band. Frances Chan brought a powerful word on unity and our worship team  – ‘Worship Central’ brought together worship leaders from many different churches.

In 2017 you will see the red and white of our national flag, the Maple Leaf forever, as we remember Confederation going back to 1867 when we first became the ‘Dominion of Canada’. It is said while reading the Bible one morning, Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, one of the original 36 Fathers of Confederation, was particularly inspired by Psalm 72:8, which states, ‘He shall have Dominion also from sea to sea’. Our continued prayer is that the Son of God, Jesus, would be honoured in Canada from sea, to sea and especially in the Lower Mainland. Come on July 1 to the Coliseum at the PNE at 5 – 7 pm with all the family and join in the celebration. Please check out our website for more details:

Pastor David Carson

VT2017 Working Groups Coordinator.

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  • Jonathan Klassen
    1 year ago

    If using the Pacific Coliseum, please insure the fans or air conditioning is working especially in the summer. Willingdon Church had their 50th anaversery church service in the Pacific Coliseum and the upper bowl was extremely hot with no ventilation.

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