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A quirky story of love at Pacific Theatre

A quirky story of love at Pacific Theatre

Outside Mullingar


Pacific Theatre closes its 2016-2017 season with a story of love and some kind of happiness, in  John Patrick Shanley’s latest work, Outside Mullingar. It’s a charming story of Ireland and the prickly, brooding people who have lived off its land for generations. People like Rosemary and Anthony, a pair of introverted misfits whose families have lived next to each other for as far back as anyone can remember. They pass the years squabbling over property lines and why Anthony pushed Rosemary when they were seven years old, while their ageing parents wonder about what will happen to their land when they die.

Pacific Theatre has a long history of producing John Patrick Shanley’s work, with his knack for writing stories that dig into the depths of the experience of humanity. “Like a great character actor, John Patrick Shanley re-invents himself with each story he tells,” says Artistic Director Ron Reed on the script. “From Doubt to Danny and the Deep Blue Sea to Joe vs. the Volcano. If this new one is like anything, maybe it’s Moonstruck – an impossible love story with the most hilarious, exhilarating language you’ll ever hear on a stage.”

Director Angela Konrad echoes this sentiment: “Shanley’s work is diverse and varied, but whether it’s the darkness and pain of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea or the intellectual rigour of Doubt, his characters are always rich, multi-faceted, and undeniably human.”

In a time where it can be hard to believe in the possibility of love, Konrad suggests that this play might make you into a believer: “Someone said to me once that one of the things theatre can do for us is make us believe that love is possible. This play does that.”

Outside Mullingar plays May 19-June 10 8 pm Wednesdays-Saturdays with 2pm matinees all Saturdays and Sunday, May 28 and June 4 at Pacific Theatre, 1440 W 12th Ave. Pay-what-you-can preview May 18 at 8 pm. For tickets ($23.95-34.95, taxes and fees not incl.) call 604.731.5518 or visit

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