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Voices Together 2017 - July 1st – 5 pm ‘Free Admission’

Voices Together 2017 – July 1st – 5 pm ‘Free Admission’

Worship and Prayer at Pacific Coliseum


On Canada Day this year, Christians citywide will have the opportunity to celebrating the nation’s 150th birthday through the effort of Voices Together.  As the last time two years ago, it will be a joyful time of public witnessing of the children of God’s Kingdom in metro Vancouver. It will be a good occasion for all Christians to also invite their friends and relatives, so that even non-believers have the chance to see how Christians love and care about their country. Have a look at the advert on Page 2 opposite and see the good news that this year there will be no charge for admission!

Christians know how to be thankful for what they  enjoy in this wonderful land. For the past 150years, Canada has been blessed with the peace for all peoples of this nation that honour the triune God as revealed in the Bible. However, gradually as secularism has increased its force and impact on many residents and citizens here in Metro Vancouver, we believers of Jesus Christ should be awakened to the need to celebrate unity in the Lord despite our differences in ethnic origin, in social upbringing, and theological details. ( Gal. 3: 27-28; Jn. 17: 20-23)

More importantly, this year in the Coliseum as before, we shall publicly pray that the love and righteousness of God be manifested in this land.  If we care about the downward spiral of morality in Canada as well as in the rest of the world, this coming July 1st will be a day for all Christians, who yearn for God’s rule to be manifested in the world,  to show their unity of  heart and of action through guidance of  the Holy Spirit.

This year’s celebration as organized by Voices Together is meant to show that Christians care about the role of faith in the public arena, a notion that is increasingly eroded away if followers of Christ do not stand up for what the Lord intends His peoples to witness as the Salt & Light in this world.

Rev Wayne Lo, Executive Director, Christian Social Concern Fellowship.

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