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by Jenny Schweyer

You know those tiny clown cars? After the 12th clown climbs out, you think the car couldn’t possibly hold one more and then five more clowns jump out…. that’s Cultus Lake Adventure Park. Except there, the car is the park and the clowns are the rides. In spite of the fact that the park is a mere one and a half acres, barely enough space to hold a small hobby farm, they’ve managed to outfit it with with 12 amusement park rides, including a full-size roller coaster and the biggest 360 degree pendulum swing in all of Canada. Considering that the average amusement park devotes one to two acres to a single ride, Cultus Lake Adventure Park is a pretty impressive feat of engineering and design.

Unless you’ve been inside its gates, you can’t truly appreciate just how much fun the park packs into such a tiny property line. Without a doubt, Cultus Lake Adventure Park offers more excitement per cubic foot than any other amusement park in North America. All of this is made possible through collaborative envisioning by staff and savvy design by some of Canada’s most skilled and talented engineers and amusement ride designers.

As if any more proof was needed, the park has yet again demonstrated that you CAN expand without increasing square footage. Its newest addition, The Boardwalk, opened just this summer, makes use of virtually unlimited vertical space. Built overhead of some of the park’s existing attractions, the elevated wooden platform is a place for guests to stroll, rest on a shady bench, look out over the park and ride the park’s newest ride, The Ribbit, with their little ones. There is already a spot on The Boardwalk designated for next year’s new ride, a 150-foot extreme drop-tower thriller.

The park’s compact size is appealing to parents of small children because kids are never more than a few hundred feet away from Mom or Dad at any given moment, even if they accidentally become separated. The entire perimeter of the park is enclosed by a fence, and the only way in and out is through the front gate. There are staff at every turn to help out, answer questions, or reunite lost children with their parents.

Cultus Lake Adventure Park, its management and its staff have made a conscientious effort to make the park family-friendly, from the safety of rides and cleanliness of the park right down to the pricing system. There is no admission charge to the park. Paying and non-paying guests alike are free to come and go from the park as often as they like during the day, a real benefit if you’re a parent with little ones who need to leave for that all-important midday nap.
Guests who choose to go on the rides can pay individually for tickets and take just a few rides, or purchase a wristband, giving them unlimited ride access for the entire day. With this customizable, pay-per-use style system, families on a budget can still experience, participate and engage in the fun.

All rides are classified by height, and even preschoolers can access many of the rides if accompanied by an adult. Parents who don’t wish to ride need not pay, and can even sit back, relax and enjoy a coffee, hot dog or ice cream while they watch their children have fun. Guests of all ages can play a round of miniature golf on the 18-hole course for just $10, regardless of whether they purchase ride tickets or not. Those with a wristband can play at a discounted rate of $5. You might even win a free game on the last hole if you’re skilled, or just plain lucky enough to get a hole-in-one.
Cultus Lake Adventure Park is open daily from noon until 10:00 pm until August 27 and on September 2 and 3, from noon until 8:00 pm August 28 to September 1, and noon to 6:00 pm September 4, 9, 10, 16 and 17. For more information, including ticket and wristband rates, please visit

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