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Photos, memories and Mom

by Ed Hird


This summer you may consider visiting one of our numerous Greater Vancouver historical societies and regional museums, like the Deep Cove Historical Society.  They usually offer hundreds of fascinating photos available to help one reminisce and explore.  A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  Over the 37 years that I have served in Greater Vancouver, I have taken many photos of the remarkable beauty of our trees, mountains, and water.  Since the invention of the cellphone, my photo collection, probably like yours, has increased astronomically.  Only a small percentage of my photos ever get printed off.

When I take time to view photos stored on my computer or photo albums, memories flood back with a vengeance.  Sometimes these photos fill me with joy and laughter.  Sometimes I feel sad because a person in a photo is no longer around.  Life is so incredibly short.

When my mother recently passed away, I felt drawn to photos that I have of her life.  When I posted some photos of my mom on social media, I received hundreds of condolences.  One friend wrote: “Condolences and the comfort of Jesus as you mourn her transition into a better place. May his peace be with you and your family in these days and weeks.” Another person wrote: “You and your family continue to be very much in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord surround you and your family with his love.”  Yet another said on Facebook: “I’m sorry for your loss. Lorna was a wonderful woman with a beautiful soul and a gentle spirit. She will be missed. My prayers and sympathy are with you and your family.”

I miss my mother deeply.  She was and still is an amazing lady.  Over the past decades, I wrote many Mother’s Day articles about my dear mom.  I am grateful that Mom has gone to heaven to be with Jesus.  As the Apostle Paul said, to live in Christ and to die is gain.  My mother had a deep faith and was ready to go at almost 90 years old.  We all have different ways of grieving.  Some people shed many tears.  I tend to be more private in that area.  I grieve through song, photos, and words.  How do you grieve best?  Many people have given me hugs in the past few weeks, letting me know that they care.  People who have already lost loved ones often tend to be the most in touch with the reality of grieving.  Jesus wisely said: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

Sadly so many people nowadays don’t have any service for their deceased loved ones.  At Mom’s funeral/celebration of life, like with many families, we had a slideshow of my mom’s life.  It is often one of the most touching times of these services.  A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  Jesus said: “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.” Jesus our resurrection and life gives us a way to grieve with hope.  To be absent from the body is indeed to be present with the Lord. Perhaps you might take time this summer to review photos on your computer and albums, giving thanks for loved ones who have gone before you.

Rev. Dr. Ed Hird, Rector

St. Simon’s Church North Vancouver.

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