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by Jack Taylor

Kari Simpson, a well-known family rights advocate responsible for legislative changes to better protect families from unwarranted government intrusion, surfaced into media attention again recently with her foray into the Sex at Lunch program for grade ten to twelve students at Lord Byng School in Vancouver. She also worked to highlight the implications of the recently passed Bill C-16.

Simpson is the founder and executive director for Culture Guard. She says the national non-profit “strives to protect and promote the natural family, parental rights, the sanctity of life, liberty, respect, and ensure judicial accountability and the proper rule of law as stated in the Preamble to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

The Culture Guard founder joined local parental rights activist Cecilia von Dehn at the teacher/student Reach for the Top event and recorded the experience. The 50 questions were sexually explicit and she dealt with harsh confrontation and legal notice after she made her encounter public. She believes that the program, and others like it, severely undermine parental trust in the educational agenda of our schools.

Exposing rights violations

Through video blogs, news media articles, brochure distribution and direct personal intervention, Simpson works alongside Ron Gray “to expose programs and initiatives that violate the rights of parents and endanger children.” Despite numerous death threats and riots organized against her public speaking she persists in existing as a lightning rod in a quickly shifting moral environment. Simpson is not known for her tolerance of political correctness.

Once called “the most dangerous woman in BC,” Simpson is also the founder of the Citizens Research Institute where she supported parents whose children had been wrongfully seized by government social workers. In the 90’s she was drawing up to 800 people to her rallies. Despite the efforts of minor parties to recruit her into the political arena, Culture Guard’s founder believes she is more effective as a voice from the outside. She is not afraid to state her mind against political positions which undermine family values.

Silence is the voice of submission

When asked what role churches and Christians had to play in the effort of guarding traditional family values Simpson advised that we “get informed, get courageous, get involved and exercise your right and duty to participate in your democracy. Silence is the voice of submission.” She notes that teachers in public schools are now being instructed to no longer refer to ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ but to the more generic ‘students’ and parents are now to be referred to as ‘guardians’ or ‘adults’.

Simpson feels that “the Christian church has retreated. Most pastors don’t want division within their church so they fail to inform themselves and thus their congregations about issues that directly affect them – issues that need to be addressed like the homosexual/sex activist agenda – fearing that they might ‘offend someone’.”

In response to the legal notice against her, Simpson responded with a quote from a decision by Supreme Court Justice La Forrest: “The common law has long recognized that parents are in the best position to take care of their children and make all the decisions necessary to ensure their well-being. While parents bear responsibilities toward their children, they must enjoy correlative rights to exercise them, given the fundamental importance of choice and personal autonomy in our society. Although this liberty interest is not a parental right tantamount to a right of property in children, our society is far from having repudiated the privileged role parents exercise in the upbringing of their children. This role translates into a protected sphere of parental decision-making which is rooted in the presumption that parents should make important decisions affecting their children, both because parents are more likely to appreciate the best interests of their children, and because the state is ill-equipped to make such decisions itself.”

The SOGI agenda

Simpson believes the public education system is being used as a threat to our children. “The SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity) Agenda is designed to rob children of their identity and has been embraced by the civil De-Cons. It is a rebranding of LGBTQ2++. This pervasive ‘education’ is being mandated into every school, in every grade level. The lesson plans integrate into various subject matters like Physical and Health Education, Socials, or Language Arts. There is no ability to withdraw any student.”

She continues, “SOGI is designed to confuse children by programming them to disassociate themselves from being male or female, boys and girls, and re-programming them to “embrace” gender fluidity and to be free from a hetero-normative society and instead, according to the SOGI agenda, “develop authentically, free of societal bias.”

Culture Guard values the opportunity to be of service to individuals, political groups, community organizations, corporations and government agencies. “We have a vast library of information and resources, and our advocacy division works tirelessly on behalf of those, both individuals and groups, who require assistance.”

Simpson concludes regarding what is at stake, “If civil Canadians, including Christians, fail to be informed and active in the governing of Canada they will be silenced. Currently there is an active agenda to limit our freedom and liberties, and the right to instill faith, values and moral standards and teachings within our children is in jeopardy. Their right to raise healthy children who can grow-up to live in a country where they have the ability to speak freely, to assemble and to impact their democratic future is being eradicated, not just eroded.”

New Westminster Community Church pastor, Paul Dirks led a campaign opposed to Bill C-16. He comments, “I’m concerned for the psychological well-being and identity of our children and families. Over 99 percent of children will never seriously question their sex or gender unless they are trained to. Being a boy or girl, and knowing what others are, is an early and important lens through which children understand their world and relationships. It provides a limit and security in which to grow and flourish. Recently, a mainstream media article reported on a kindergarten class which had been taught that children can choose whether to be a boy or girl, and that during class a trangender Kindergartner had changed clothes and revealed their “true gender”. One parent was quoted as saying, “My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy”. All of this happened without notification or consent from parents. This is precisely what is coming to the classrooms of our public schools if we do not organize and stand up against it.”

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