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God's Music Angels talent show auditions

God’s Music Angels talent show auditions

The 2017-18 God’s Music Angels Talent Show next monthly audition will be held on October 28 at CCM on the second floor of Crystal Mall, (4533 Kingborough, Burnaby) from 2 to 6 pm.

The organizers; SLH Grace Cafe Ministries and Ado- nai SLH Production Inc. are comprised of local Chris- tian organizations, businesses and churches such as Chinese Christian Mission Center, ECBC Church and Calvary Worship Centre. Media supporters include Hope TV, Voice Canada, Canada Today News and Fo- cus Media, who provide professional support, help and services.

Adjudicators are professionally trained musicians who have a strong belief in Jesus Christ, have graduated from well known music institutions and most of them are also educators or instructors in music organizations. They include violinist Calvin Dyck, Chinese Canadian pianist Una Lucas, Pastor Sergei and Sharon Makarenko from New Life Christian Center, Director of Music and Arts Theo Bessam and Drummer Ed- Wilson Liu, among others.

Music genres include; classical, instrumental, southern Gospel, Gospel blues, bluegrass gospel, Christian country music, country Gospel, progressive southern Gospel, urban contemporary gospel and contemporary Christian music.

The purpose of this talent show is to pursue excel- lence in Christian music. The monthly auditions will continue through to June 2018, and will also include weekly TV interviews, quarterly and annual TV talent shows and the annual awards festival. Talent categories are vocal and instrumental. To be eligible to audition you must be 19 years old or older, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, love Christian culture, be capable of singing worship songs or playing instruments. Eligible candidates can be individuals or groups (up to seven). The selection process is limited and the selection criteria is both theological and musical. Successful candidates will be selected for weekly TV interviews and quarterly talent shows and will participate in the annual annual talent show.

The overall winners in each category will record their music and become performers in the next Gospel Music Festival in June 2018.

  • Monique Kauling
    10 months ago

    When is the next Canada Christian to be used as talent not under a bushel but to Him shine through His vessel

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