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Higher Education / Retreats

Higher Education / Retreats

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Columbia Bible College

Imagine living your calling.

Imagine finding that sweet spot where everything important overlaps: what you care about, what you’re great at, what God most wants for your life.

You don’t find your best possible life by accident. And you don’t nd it on your own.

Helping you discover your calling is why Columbia Bible College exists. Everything you need to pursue a life full of joy and meaning, you’ll find here. You’ll experience a transformational approach to learning that will develop every part of who you are.

Our balanced approach puts equal weight on your mind, soul, character, and skills. Strong academics will teach how you how to think, communicate, and tackle big questions.

You’ll dive into God’s word and be coached in the 24/7 habits of following Jesus. Every class you take will challenge you to apply concepts in the real world. Hands-on training will round out your education, with built-in internships that give you the chance to gain valuable experience and skills.

Columbia’s Christ-centered community is down-to-earth, supportive, and really fun. Expect to eat lunch with caring faculty and meet people who will become your friends for life.

Everyone will cheer you on as you explore your calling and grow as a follower of Jesus. You can choose to invest one, two, or four years in exploring your calling at Columbia. Programs include QUEST, Applied Leadership, General Studies, Caregiving & Counselling, and Intercultural Studies.Whichever program you choose, know that real growth happens here. You in?

Canada Institute of Linguistics 

God is calling people to work and minister cross-culturally. He recently directed John and Iris to the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) to receive quality training by field experienced staff and instructors. While they were still single, they discovered a caring community of like-minded people. Along their journey, they met and got married the following year. They completed their training this summer, and just arrived in Nigeria to join a language survey team.

CanIL is experiencing a marked growth in student enrollment this year. We have seen a high percentage of our students, like John and Iris, go on to join mission sending agencies and leave for their chosen ministry assignment after completion of their studies. Approximately 500 CanIL alumni have served in over 40 countries since 1985. Integrating scholarship with linguistics in service to language communities worldwide, CanIL provides a wide range of training to prepare people for roles in Bible translation, scripture engagement, literacy and multi- lingual education, language survey, and language documentation.

CanIL offers numerous scholarships, bursaries, matching gifts, and paid work experience programs. As a result, many CanIL graduates are able to pursue their chosen career paths upon graduation free of debt. CanIL is located on the picturesque campus of Trinity Western University campus in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Many of our students and sta are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the year-round hiking, camping, and cycling that the Pacific Northwest provides.

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Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre

Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre on Thetis Island is located off the West Coast of British Columbia amongst the Southern Gulf Islands. Year round and along-side the live-in Bible school which runs September through to May, Capernwray Harbour hosts a variety of conferences and retreats.

Accommodations up to 140 guests, the Staff Team facilitates and hosts wholesome retreats and conferences including stimulating, educational programmes with a fresco of sights, sounds, and tastes to encourage reflection and discovery of Life! Plan your own programme or let us do all the work for you; it’s up to you! Personalized retreat packages are available for seniors’ excursions, Bible study groups, leadership teams, family reunions, artisans and youth groups – just to name a few.

Capernwray Harbour also hosts its own conferences. The Holiday Bible Weeks run during summer months providing a week of in-depth, practical Bible study combined with opportunities for lots of recreational fun and fellowship. The men’s and ladies’ conferences are Bible teaching weekends devoted to deeper spiritual learning and practice. The Mid- Summer Breakaway for Youth weekend is focused on ministering to youth and their leaders seeking Christ-centred Bible teaching and the real meaning of true worship.

Contact us to book your retreat or conference today!

Bethlehem Retreat Centre

A Peaceful Refuge Awaits You

Last winter the Bethlehem Centre hosted its annual Winter Solstice Labyrinth Walk, there was singing, a sharing of a meal, making of paper bag lanterns and then the labyrinth walk. While participants were waiting to enter the labyrinth, a doe emerged from the forest, walked into the centre of the labyrinth, looked over at the 70 people standing there waiting to enter, and then walked back into the forest. Kathleen Darby, Executive Director says she is not surprised that wildlife feel safe at the Centre. “It is meant to be a place where all can gather to explore our connection to the divine. The visit of the doe on that day was an example of the peaceful presence that the Centre offers.”

The Centre is situated on the beautiful Westwood Lake trail system and is a  five minute walk from a swim- ming beach. On the site there is an outdoor Chartres style labyrinth, a contained ecosystem pond, an organic vegetable garden, a finger labyrinth museum and a lovely fair trade gift shop operated in cooperation with Global Village. The Bethlehem Centre welcomes faith groups and leadership programs looking for a quiet, peaceful refuge for going deeper. With 37 comfy rooms, 5 meeting rooms and full meal service, your group will feel wrapped in kindness and compassion as you follow your journey.

Stillwood Camp & Conference Centre

Amidst breathtaking beauty, Stillwood’s setting is in the Columbia Valley, in the Lower Mainland of British Colum- bia. Our prime 100 acres border on Provincial Park Land near Chilliwack, overlooking Cultus Lake and enveloped in majestic trees.

With all the wilderness activities and fresh air, you are sure to work up a healthy appetite. Meals of a high stan- dard are served regularly, enhancing together time while the day’s lessons are digested. The buzz around the tables, as old and new friends break bread together, ampli ies the signature Stillwood atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Rest is welcome after a program of challenge and rec- reation, in Stillwood’s remarkable mountain setting. Day’s end is a good time to curl up in front of a ireplace with a friend and talk about your experiences, or just be alone with your thoughts. At night, we often light the big bon- ires scattered between the lodges.

The facilities and staff at Stillwood strike a good balance between excellence and humility, and provide a space for encouragement and growth of the whole person. Come and see what makes the Stillwood experience so unique and why, year after year, our facilities are fully booked.

Picture a place that epitomizes the magni icence of Canada’s West Coast… Mountains. Stillness. Woods. Lake. Picture a place that combines a retreat experience with all the comforts of home. Welcome to Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre, the largest of its kind in British Colum- bia. Stillwood is a place where the whole person is invigo- rated. Stillwood offers a variety of customizable facilities for conferences and outdoor education, as well as our popular summer camps and retreats. We look forward to welcoming you to Stillwood.

Well known for its outstanding facilities, beautiful mountain setting, excellent programs and amazing culi- nary delights, Stillwood is available for conferences, cor- porate retreats, leadership retreats, team building, train- ing sessions, outdoor education, church retreats, family reunions, weddings and much more.

Stillwood also offers; Men’s Retreat, Women’s Weekend, Single Parent Family Retreats, events for seniors as well as programs for children and youth.We offer such facilities as a regulation gymnasium, a 46 foot  indoor rock climbing wall and outdoor activities including amazing hiking trails, so go ahead and be challenged.

Info: or call 604-858-6845


Camp Squeah Retreat Centre

Ministry is, as with most aspects of life in the western world, considered most often only on the individual level – what can I do for Christ? What ought I to be for God? Where should I go? What am I called to? Increasingly I am convicted that we are meant to be, or should certainly reclaim, the notion that min- istry and calling are, or are also, a community calling. That within the community (a portion of the body of Christ) we are called to live for Christ. That to minister in community is vital to health and to demonstrate the great work and effect of the life of Jesus through friendship, marriage, family, etc.

In camp ministry we are naturally building Christ centered community. We cannot effectively take care of over 100 children all at once and meet all their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs if we are only serving as individuals. The community becomes paramount in the fulfillment of this unique ministry. It’s, dare I say, more important than the individual! It follows the axiom that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. It truly does, though to be truer the mark, I’d rephrase it to say ‘it takes a loving village community to raise a child to health and maturity’.

Given that young adult summer staff are so effectively changed in their perspective on the importance of community and that their maturity into adulthood increases dramatically over a few summer weeks, I’m led to believe God does some pretty miraculous work when he’s got a community of people working together and loving each other daily in every aspect of life. Let’s take it from the work of God’s Spirit in committed and loving communities – it’s the way we are meant to live and it’s how we become mature and complete, not lacking anything!


Stillwood Camp & Conference Centre – Women’s Weekend Oct 13-15

Give yourself permission to accept the gift of sabbath. Relax in creation, let the music wash over you, learn, enjoy good food, spend time with your Maker. What could be a better investment in yourself – and, as a result, those dear to you – than spending a week- end with other women who want more of God?

Crystal Hicks and Shallum’s Wall will lead you in worship; dynamic speaker, Barbara Vernoski will challenge and encourage you. Barbara has been through the storms of life. Her willing- ness to share her heartache through humour and tears opens many peo- ple’s ears to truly hear about Jesus. You will be touched with Barbara’s honesy and her feelings of the, “Why me Lord,” a place that we have all been. She has found the answers to these questions in the presence of God and His truths. Her sessions will make you laugh, cry and will touch your heart. Her purpose and desire is to show people that we can be restored in all circumstances through Jesus.

Digest it all during melt-in-your- mouth meals, full of fellowship. Linger in Stillbucks over co ee, with friends old and new. Browse in our General Store or in Ten Thousand Villages. Go for a stroll.

For the very adventurous, there’s the high ropes course, or even our zipline. Special activities like massage, zumba tness, boot camp, hiking, earring making, and Christmas crafts, are some of the treats ladies have enjoyed in the past.

Leave invigorated and prepared to take on the challenges of life, with a new message of hope and songs of inspiration in your heart. We look for- ward to sending you home from the next Stillwood Women’s Weekend a rejuvenated woman.

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The Firs – distinctives

“I am looking for a place for our church to hold a retreat next year. How much does your retreat centre cost?” I attend several ministry conferences each year, representing The Firs Retreat Center in the exhibitor area. Often people are cruising up and down the aisles, checking out all the great camps and retreat centers, in order to find a place for their retreat. Asking the price first is certainly practical, but it would be like buying clothing based on a low price without any consideration for how the clothing will be used (dress up or working in the garden), size (does this economy pair of pants even reach the door) and style (unless you are like me and style no longer appears to be a consideration).

Before choosing a retreat site, you need to fully understand the needs and expec- tations of your attendees and the nature of the ministry that will be undertaken. Will there be families, children, or seniors attending? What are their housing, bath, and privacy expectations? What are your meeting room and recreation expectations? What are your expectations for service while you are on site, and how far are you willing to travel? These expectations and many more are all balanced by the cost.

There are so many great camps and re- treat centers out there, but they all have their own distinctives. When looking for a camp or retreat center, be sure to ex- plore what the facilities have to o er in order to determine if this facility and its style of operation will meet the needs of your group, because it is a poor bargain if those attending come away unhappy.

The camp experience sharing bunks and bathrooms with multiple families, eating corn dogs cooked by volunteers, and sitting on the oor in the meeting room, may be just as great a bonding experience as the beautiful family style accommodations, adult-oriented meals in a full service dining room, and a beautiful meeting room overlooking a rustic lake. Just make sure you know what your group wants and needs for your retreat to be considered a success.

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