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Grace Cafe - God’s Music Angels Christmas Special

Grace Cafe – God’s Music Angels Christmas Special

The 2017 Vancouver Singing Christmas Tree at Broadway Church in East Vancouver witnessed an overwhelming response from the community in November. Forty thousand free tickets for 10 shows were scooped up online in a few hours. This year marks the 50th anniversary of this family favourite. Lead Pastor Darin Latham mentioned in our Grace Cafe Radio programs last year that Vancouver Singing Christmas Tree was always one of the best projects of Broadway Church.

Recently Grace Cafe TV interviewed Phil Spoelstra, the associate and worship ministries pastor of Broadway Church, who expressed joy and satisfaction for his team. “ We started this project 50 years ago. The choir on the tree grew from 30 people in the first year to over 100 people this year.” Sitting in front of a beautifully decorated giant Christmas Tree, he tells the stories behind the production of this 90-minute well-known Christmas show.

“Preparation takes eight months. We began the project in May, wrote the scripts, selected the performers. And the auditions started in October. This year there are over 250 volunteers working for 10 shows.” He smiles with confidence, “ We want to express the love of Christ every year through our Singing Christmas Tree – to bring families together and lead people who do not know Christ to Him.” This musical project is not just a simple Christmas celebration but a creative and fun family event in one of the most important holy seasons.

One of the team members, set decoration manager Audrey, created a dreamlike environment of Christmas. Surrounded by golden stars, candles, a carriage and flowery lights, she says, “ I have been a member of Broadway Church for over 40 years.  I was a choir member, an actress and now I am in charge of the set decoration for Singing Christmas Tree. I am hopeful our musical will attract more people to Christ.”

Still busy with the details, she, like many of the performers and volunteers, has devoted herself to the Singing Christmas Tree for decades.

Another rehearsal is five minutes away and the leadership team is busy preparing, making sure the shows are well presented. Christmas is approaching and everyone in this team will expect another outstanding Christmas season with the an audience in excess of 40,000 people.

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