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Joy TV, customized Christian programming

Joy TV, customized Christian programming

In November, 2017 Joytv launched a new slate of programming that caters to the Canadian Christian Community. For General Manager of Christian Programming, Tore Stautland, it was about providing local Canadians with programming that hadn’t yet been available to them. “We really had to take a look at what would make our programming unique. For so long it was a balancing act trying to find the perfect combination between mainstream programming and faith-based programming.” The channel decided it was time to make a change. Why not focus on what makes Joytv unique? This was one of the biggest driving factors behind the new Joytv.

Joytv has a new array of programming that focuses on bringing joy, light, positivity and engagement in an effort to embrace the community. Rather than duplicating what other stations are offering, Joytv is offering programs that you can’t find anywhere else. This exciting new lineup consists of CBN Newswatch, Catholic Mass, 100 Huntley Street, Fraser Focus, and many others. As the first-ever conservative news block, CBN Newswatch is already winning audiences over. Viewers are saying that CBN Newswatch provides an inclusive angle on mainstream news stories.

Also featured in this news block is a program Stautland was eager to include: Israel Daily. This news broadcast is the only program available to Canadians that broadcasts live from Tel Aviv. The significance of this news offering is important as it provides an opportunity to receive information on news items that are happening around the globe from an alternative angle and perspective. “The goal is to allow the community to be better informed and empowered to make up their own minds when it comes to issues and worldview approaches in our society,” says Stautland.

A station that encourages positive engagement in society, Joytv is focused on collaborating with the community. This year’s Joy Giver Campaign was just the beginning of an ongoing initiative to foster community engagement that encourages passing on joy and love. In addition to this campaign, Joytv is collaborating with local Christian crusaders who will be able to use the station’s platform to enhance their voice in the community and spread a message of peace, love, joy and redemption.

The new Joytv is here to be the voice in the community providing an alternative angle for audiences to engage with in a positive way. Through its diverse selection of new and exciting shows, Joytv is offering a perfect blend of Christian programming.

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