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Ice Dragon

A new, faith-based film project will be coming to Cineplex theatres across Canada, March 17 and 18, 2018, titled Ice Dragon – Legend of the Blue Daisies. It’s an animated family film targeting kids 5-12 years old.

In this action packed, musical adventure Melody and her new friend Leif live in a peaceful mountain village. When Melody’s eccentric grandfather Nicholai discovers a hidden mural warning of an Ice Dragon, he tries to warn the village, but no one believes him. Magical blue daisies, a long forgotten song and a sword with special power hold the key to defeating the sinister dragon… but only if hope can arrive in time!

Ice Dragon began as a short story written in 1992 by Canadian director and producer, Bruce Stacey. (God Rocks!™ Kingdom Adventure, Walk Off the Earth Christmas, Daughters of Eve). Commenting on the film, Stacey said, “The original story sat in my drawer for more than 20 years until I was encouraged by friends at Cartoon Conrad Productions (Kulipari-Netflix Original Series) to dust it off and adapt it for the screen.”

Starring the voice talents of Rheal Rees (Melody), Justin Debé (Leif) and Bill Bray (Nicholai), “Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies” features original songs and engaging characters that highlight this inspiring animated adventure for the whole family.

Lorna Dueck, CEO at Crossroads Global Media Group says, “CGMG is thrilled to be a ministry partner for the Canada-wide release of this exciting new, family movie. It’s an amazing tale, with great original songs full of faith, hope and love.”

Karl Bastian, noted USA based Children’s Pastor and Leader has this to say:

“Imagine Frozen, Lord of the Rings and Narnia blended into a wonderful children’s story that is a beautiful parable of the Biblical importance of not forgetting ancient truth. It has adventure, catchy music and a powerful message for all ages.”

A fallen angel is trapped in the form of a dragon, known as the Ice Dragon, banished as long as the people remember the song their Creator gave them. But as time goes by, truth fades into legend with only a few believers left – and the dragon breaks free! How will the villagers defeat the mighty dragon? You’ll have to find out for yourself!

From the creator of God Rocks comes this delightful story that was written by the creator, Bruce Stacey, decades ago for his own children and has now been brought to life in a spectacular animated film.

Stacey says, “children’s ministry leaders need to both celebrate and support creative efforts like this to engage our culture and share the Good News. Instead of just lamenting the drivel and morally deprived content that is being pushed on our kids constantly, let’s show support for this incredible film. Not only will it appeal to both boys and girls, but the message will engage adults and provide a launch pad for some spiritual conversation.”

The film is the first of a planned trilogy of films that will follow the adventures of lead characters, Melody and Leif as they unlock the secrets and power of the Song.

A Christian study-guide will also be made available free online for families before the launch date.

Visit to view the official trailer and receive more information.

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  • Judi Vankevich
    7 months ago

    Dear Friends at the Light!
    Love your magazine this month.. esp. honouring Dr. Billy Graham.

    Also, as a mom and a Christian educator and entertainer, I’m so grateful for this Movie (… as a gift to us… “for such a time as this.”

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