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Viewpoint - My journey with the LGBTQ against SOGI 123

Viewpoint – My journey with the LGBTQ against SOGI 123

by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson


About 7 months ago my life turned upside down.  All I wanted to do was hear about a new and, to me, a weird school curriculum that was going to tell kids they could switch their gender if they wanted to. “What?” I asked.  So, I decided to do an interview for my TV show, Laura-Lynn & Friends to expose this and invite the public to hear and perhaps have some good dialogue on the subject.

Basically, I kicked over a rock in my serene garden of life and found out there were vipers and scorpions I had not known were there. As soon as this taping was announced, radical LGBTQ members began the calls to our chosen venues to have us stifled. A church got scared and said they couldn’t afford to have their church on the news as a “bigoted and hateful” place.  A school refused us after booking us in when the calls came in that we were a hate group.  Finally, we booked the third venue three hours before the actual meeting; we didn’t announce it on FB until 45 minutes before the event and after we were already in the building. That night, Pastor Paul Dirks, Kari Simpson and I told the facts of what was going on.  I would never be the same.

I began an extraordinary attempt to sincerely connect with the LGBTQ community with love. At their request, I met with the VP of the NDP BC party who is transgender and has had full operations to turn from a guy into a feminized body. We talked about our concerns. We had a long heart-felt exchange of ideas. In the end, I had one request: “Just leave the kids out of it.” “Live your lives as you please.” “You can marry whom you choose, be gay, lesbian, trans or ++, but just leave children out of this.” The answer was, “No, we won’t leave your kids out of this.”

I had hours of written dialogue on social media with many members of the community. Some I found really sincere and logical. Most I found to be completely intolerant of my right to believe that God made us male and female, and that we should walk in the power of His intention for our destiny and not allow confusion to rule us. “If you promote sexual and gender confusion, you will create chaos in our society and our language.” That was not a popular statement, but it was not hateful.

I recently found myself unexpectedly at a protest against Chilliwack School Trustee Barry Neufeld, where I was accused publicly by members of the LGBTQ of inciting hate and saying awful things to stir up the crowd. An interesting, but completely false claim! It was captured by many opponent’s cell phones and not one clip of me being hateful could be produced. Yet they viciously attacked me on FB and attempted to smear my reputation in local papers.  I have never made a hateful statement to anybody in the LGBTQ community. Disagreement is not hate.

After another rally in Chilliwack for Barry Neufeld, with 500 supportive parents there, I spoke with love to the LGBTQ and Morgane Oger who showed up.  I did misgender Oger and then apologized, and for that the CKNW afternoon talk show hosts, publicly called me a “disgusting person.” Glen Hansman, the gay activist President of the BC Teacher’s Federation has publicly threatened teachers and School Trustees that they will lose their jobs and licenses if they do not comply with SOGI 123.  Social fascism has come to our nation.

This leads me to the most troubling aspect of this debate. There is no logic behind the LGBTQ’s accusations of hatred. No amount of reasoning with people seems to make any difference; you either agree with them or you are a “bigot” and a “hater”. I have tried to resolve this absurdity many times to no avail. I realize that most (not all) of the LGBTQ community do not share my faith in Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Unlike them, I have not accused them of hatred and bigotry, nor accused them of denying my existence as a human being with rights, just because they disagree with me. I have also not insisted that my religion be taught to all students in school.

The constant mantra I have heard from them is, “You don’t believe I exist.” That is not a rational comment. “Of course, you exist.” The next thing I have heard is, “You don’t think I have the right to live the way I want.” Actually, I fully believe you have the right to live any way you want; that is between you and God. I actually believe God gave us free will to choose between right and wrong; unlike many today, however, I believe there is an absolute right and wrong. I am not a moral relativist. It is interesting that Sikhs, for instance, do not believe the same things I believe and I do not believe what they believe, and yet we do not protest each other’s right to believe as we choose, nor do we try to force our beliefs on the children of the other.

You exist. I exist. Choose your path as you like, and I will choose mine. Live as you like, but leave our children out of your belief system. We do not share it. It is not your place to tell other people’s children what is right or wrong in terms of identity and sexuality. To force your values on others represents a kind of totalitarianism. We are in Canada, where we are supposed to have Freedom of Religion and Conscience.

Then there is the fascinating social dynamic to my friendship and alliance with Jenn Smith, a trans-identified male, who presents feminized (no operations) and takes great issue with the SOGI indoctrination of our kids. Here is a person that I have grown to dearly respect and find him to be one of the most sincere, logical, brilliant and articulate people I have ever met. He is not a Christian; we do not agree on many things, but we have had much dialogue and I now call him a friend. I certainly do not hate him. Do you know who hates him? Countless members of the LGBTQ community. They have called him every vicious name imaginable, threatened him, and told him to kill himself. They have not only denied his existence as a member of their community, they have told him that he shouldn’t exist at all.

In the most obvious form of hypocrisy on the planet, it is the LGBTQ who do not accept the right of others in this nation to live according to their beliefs. It is they who tar and feather anyone who does not subscribe to the ever growing and confusing list of 63+ gender choices now available.

I do not hate anyone, but I have lost respect for what I am now forced to call the intolerance, bigotry and non-inclusivity of many people in this group towards Christians and anybody who disagrees with them. It is the ultimate example of hypocrisy to see LGBTQ activists advocating an “anti-bullying” program, while at the same time viciously bullying everyone who simply doesn’t agree with their lifestyle or want that lifestyle taught to their children.

​I have come to the place of surrender to God’s purposes, that though this costs me everything I have, we must stand for truth or live with lies. ​It is why I am looking into every possible legal and societal action that can be taken to protect children from SOGI indoctrination that has underhandedly been placed in our schools. I would ask you to join with me as I put everything I have into successfully removing SOGI from our schools, while all of us continue to teach our children to be loving and kind to those in our community.

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  • Jeannette
    2 years ago

    Would I be able to share the article from Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, My journey with the LGBTQ against SOGI 123 on Facebook?

  • Cecilia A Von Dehn
    2 years ago

    Your relating and assessment of.your LGBT and SOGI journey is excellent. You have always.demonstrated,full,compassion and tolerance in your interviews and talks and have clearly stated your views and values. The intent of the LGBT plus and SOGI pushers is blatantly underhanded and intolerant and will remain uncivil and intolerant unless affirmed. We will never affirm .Our,children need protection from this adult advocacy and indoctrination! We need to continue pushing back and thank you for all you did and will continue to do for the children!

  • rhonda adam
    2 years ago

    I am sooooo glad you posted this. Just last week I said something to my sister on fb regarding the fact that Disney is now deciding to make Elsa from Frozen a lesbian, well like you i was torn to shreds on fb, i was a bigot, a hater and so much more that I felt as though i should be concerned for my life. But….God, I am too a believer of Jesus Christ and stand strongly against this disgusting curriculum. Thank God for you and for your efforts to bring this to the fore front.. You have explained it well and those who would not come along side you for fear of being called haters, shame on them.

  • Jocelyn Hamm
    2 years ago

    Hi Laura-Lynn!!! I am so glad to see you standing up in this to defend our children! God bless you and strengthen you. There are many people that believe as you do, although you may feel like a minority. The opponent may be loud, but they aren’t the majority. Let me know how we can support you!

  • Leah
    2 years ago

    This article is very well said and I support you fully.

  • Chris Rozycki
    2 years ago

    Thank you for standing against the SOGI. It’s a sexualizing of our children and forcing them to think about things they don’t even know exist. Let kids be kids. The child abuse that takes place in our schools by teaching SOGI is disgusting. My wife and I are currently searching for a cheap (possibly home-school) option for our kids. My eldest is 5, so just started kindergarten last fall. Sucks that we have to worry about what they are teaching him. All I wanted was Math/English/Social Studies (not SOGI) and History. Our kids don’t need to be an “experiment” for the government and the progressive agenda. And I as well am so sick of the bullying the LGBT crowd does when one doesn’t agree with their beliefs. Satan is truly at work in our education system and culture. Anyways, I could keep going on and on, but I do thank you for addressing SOGI. We need to get the word out and need to infiltrate the school boards and education system.

  • Stephen Johnson
    2 years ago

    Thank you. Well done. Articulate, truthful and gracious. Press On! … to HIS glory and our Joy.

  • Caroline LaFrance
    2 years ago

    Our Lord and Heavenly Father, have mercy on our children. Come quickly to our rescue Lord ! We need your intervention! Show your favour in this matter and help your servant as she fights for the truth and for justice for our children. We are counting on you. Thank you Father God in Jesus name, AMEN

  • Mee Chan
    2 years ago

    Thank God for your courage to speak up and speak up so clearly.

  • Maria
    2 years ago

    Thanks Laura-Lynn for standing up against the evil of SOGI 123. Love and compassion is what we are called to show to those who hate us, but at some stage we need to call evil by its name. We see our governments stripping away the rights of parents,, we see children deliberately led into confusion, depression and even suicide, All children need our love, support and protection. it’s time to expose the evil in our midst and hold educators responsible for using children as “agents of change”.
    All of this is being spearheaded by the United Nations and corrupt governments.

    Kudos to Kari Simpson and yourself for your stellar efforts to protect our children.

  • Camil Otsu
    2 years ago

    May God continually grant you wisdom and strength to stand up for our defenseless children. God has a purpose for everyone and any satanic plan to derail God’s children shall fail. God bless you LLTT!

  • Julie Fischer
    2 years ago

    Thank you Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson for being such a bold, strong voice expressing what so many of us believe. Sadly the LGBT community is spiritually blind and has no moral compass. Without love, we can accomplish nothing! We must keep making our voices heard but as you say, it must be done in love.

  • Rosie
    2 years ago

    Thanks so much for being willing to take a stand, in a loving way. I so agree with everything you said, and so appreciate you putting yourself out there. it is so scary to speak up these days, even in love and be called a bully, or narrow minded, what happened to freedom of religion? We as believers in Christ, are often too quiet and stand back watching, even though we agree completely with what others like you are saying and willing to say! thanks again so much for this article and sharing your voice, which happens to be the voice of so many others. Keep on keeping on!

  • JP Merzetti
    2 years ago

    I applaud your restraint, and your common sense.
    (which has become most uncommon in these troubled times)

    I am astonished every time I ponder this. Many peaceful people in this world can forgive many things –
    until you come for their kids. Then, all bets are off.
    I believe no long-term good will come of all this.
    I also believe in learning from history, and the 20th Century offered us endless lessons in dystopias gone bad. We would do well to learn from those lessons.
    That sleeping tiger hasn’t woken yet…
    But it will.

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