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Xtreme Theatre Presents Aladdin

Xtreme Theatre Presents Aladdin

by Brianna Deutsch

Not everything that glitters is gold. A cliche, yes, but an applicable saying when we look at today’s society –  society warped by the chase after monetary gains and accolades. “You can never have enough, you can never be enough and your image dictates your identity,” whispers society. Yet, there is always a glimmer of hope that underlines the illusion of success. This is the theme throughout the Disney classic, Aladdin.

The story of Aladdin is an exuberant tale about an orphan living on the streets with his monkey Abu, a villain named Jafar, a princess named Jasmine and the most sought after genie who lives in a lamp. When the street urchin, Aladdin, vies for the attention of the beautiful princess, Jasmine, he uses the genie’s magic power to become a prince in order to marry her. It is a musical adventure filled with magic, mayhem and the power of love.

The plot is carefully crafted and Aladdin allows the viewer a first-hand experience of the pitfalls of deception, the benefits of always being yourself and to never judge a book by it’s cover.

From April 12 to 14, Xtreme theatre’s junior cast will present Disney’s musical Aladdin at the Act Arts Centre in Maple Ridge. Director Lalainia Lindbjerg Strelau says about the musical. “From the very bright and colourful outfits, which are actually based on a combination of the Disney cartoon and the latest Broadway musical, in the setting of a giant palace, this year’s musical is expected to be captivating to all. Preparation for the musical began last September. Everyone is involved, from the students to parents who volunteer their time and their unbelievable gifts  preparing the costumes, props, and sets.”

Most of the cast have been in Xtreme Theatre productions before, except for Aurielle Strela who plays Jasmine. Aladdin is played by Caleb Mentos and the genie is played by Keenan Mentos.

X-treme theatre’s Aladdin will invite audiences of all ages to enter into a story  – with a message about not judging a book by its cover – that includes a talented cast and vibrant sets and costumes. Tickets can be purchased at

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