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Being clear about the Gospel

by Danielle Martell


In a culture where my truth is my truth and your truth is your truth, are we willing to speak the gospel clearly? When the prevailing philosophy is that the only absolute truth is that there is no absolute truth, dare we be clear about the gospel? In a religiously pluralistic society where conflicting and contradicting ideologies co-exist, dare we be clear about the gospel? In a time when we tip toe around issues and placate each other with smiles while we completely disagree, dare we be clear about the gospel? When concern for Godly moral standards seems outdated, when kids are unsure of their gender, when taking life at the beginning and end of life is legal and deemed humane, when schools no longer pray, dare we be clear about the gospel? If there was ever a time to be clear about the gospel, surely this is it. 

In a recent conference entitled Being Clear About the Gospel, the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) responded to the need to equip Christians with the resources necessary to be clear about the gospel. 

“We long to be clear with the gospel.” Those were the words of Rt. Rev. Charlie Master, ANiC’s Diocesan Bishop, in an address he made at the conference. In addition to being hosted by ANiC, the conference was also put on in cooperation with the C2C Network and The Gospel Coalition. When asked about the relationship between the three organizations, the conference’s chief organizer, Rev. Canon George Sinclair, explained, “We are co-belligerent allies.”

The conference was held on March 13-14, 2018 and arose out of one of ANiC’s five priorities: to be biblically grounded. As such, it was an inspiration to preachers, Bible teachers, and all who desire to clearly communicate the gospel. Speakers included: Dr. Steve Griffin (Professor at Ryle Seminary), Dr. Rick Reed (President at Heritage College & Seminary), Rev. Norm Funk (Sr. Pastor of Westside Church, Vancouver, BC), and others. The heart of the conference was to equip God’s people to boldly speak the gospel with clarity.

During a session entitled ‘I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel (Romans 1:1-17)’, Dr. Rick Reed expounded upon one of several key passages in Romans and helped us articulate the gospel plainly and simply. He reminded us of the gospel basics that never get old. The gospel is

• from God

• good news 

• in keeping with the Old Testament 

• about Jesus: human and divine 

• has the power to save all who believe 

• is God’s rescue operation

• entails a gift of righteousness from God to believers

• is a gift by grace through faith

At one point, Dr. Reed summarized the gospel this way, “The gospel is God’s good news about who Jesus is, (human and divine) and what Jesus did (died and rose) that powerfully brings saving righteousness to the life of all who receive it by faith.” 

The intention of the ANiC conference was to root the clarity of the gospel in the word of God. In doing so, we can speak the gospel boldly with confidence to a generation who desperately need to hear about God’s saving grace in Christ. We have good news in Jesus and the Spirit of God to help us. It’s time to be clear about the gospel, leaving any ambiguity behind. 

Author: Heidi Dosch

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