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Sex Ed sit out in BC

by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson


Two BC  locations were lit up on April 23, with hundreds of protesters showing up to say they weren’t going to take their kids being brainwashed and indoctrinated with gender fluid ideology in our government sponsored schools. Several hundred gathered at the BCTF building in Vancouver and also the Legislature Buildings in Victoria to protest against the SOGI 123 curriculum being implemented across our Province. Counter protests ensued with members of the LGBTQ community bringing their loud music to hold a dance party and drown us out from speaking. 

My good friend and ally in the battle, Jenn Smith and I showed up to lead the speeches in Victoria. Due to other activities at the Parliament Buildings, we were not able to have a powered microphone, at the request of the parliment office. Apparently, the LGBTQ had no regard for that as they blasted their music and one person gyrated his body against one of our group. A couple of young guys stole our signs and were arrested. Some of the LGBTQ walked over to infiltrate our group and make noise when we were speaking to the media. 

Caring and patient

However, there was one beautiful moment when one member of our group of protesters named Rob, told an LGBTQ kid that God loved them and he did too. Rob asked, “Can I have a hug?” and the young person gave him a hug and didn’t let go. It was an incredible exchange showing the heart of those who oppose this gender bending curriculum.  We care about kids.

Not just Christians

People of Sikh and Muslim faiths showed up to support us. Our team, consisting of Dr. Darrell Ferguson of Summit Ministries, Jenn Smith, trans-identified male and myself, were there to let Glen Hansman, President of the BCTF know we are done with his agenda to tell every kid in our BC schools that they are gender fluid. 

There is a rise coming like he has never seen as pastors and families are saying enough is enough!

Not staying silent

We then took our message to five underground meetings across Vancouver Island as families showed up to find out what they can do to make a difference. 

Canadians are learning to speak up. When we see our children’s minds being assaulted by gender fluid nonsense, it is the final straw and it has broken the camel’s back of silence. We are a polite people.  We love peace and we are non-confrontational. However, when we are now being trampled by the cultural fascists who have no regard for our belief that God made us male and female, but rather are hell-bent on telling our little boys they can wear a dress and our little girls that it is perfectly normal to have your breasts cut off so you can embrace your male gender “inside self” then we are going to say…”Not on our watch!” 

Canadians are talking back and telling schools to get that insanity out, or they will see a social backlash like they have never witnessed in the history of Canada!  #TheRise

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