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Theatre: Thoroughly Modern Millie at Xtreme Theatre

Theatre: Thoroughly Modern Millie at Xtreme Theatre

by Brianna Deutsch


Millie Dillmount, a 22 year old woman, sets off to New York from Kansas with a plan — to find fortune and a man with money and prestige to marry.  However, her mission is soon thwarted by a series of events. It’s a ‘boy meets girl’ plot, but with a twist.

Throughly Modern Millie is a musical set in the 1920’s, a time in history when the role of women in society was changing, – the modernization of women.  It was during this time when the era of the ‘new woman’ began, due to the passing of the nineteenth amendment, which allowed women the right to vote. 

From May 16 until May 19, Xtreme  Theatre’s senior cast will perform the six-time Tony Award winning Throughly Modern Millie.  

“With a setting that plans to recreate the beauty and grandeur of the New York skyline, to over 100 costumes and authentic design-period pieces from the 20’s, this year’s play will be captivating to audiences of all ages.”  says the show’s director, Lalainia Lindbjerg Strelau. Xtreme Theatre also plans to integrate tap dancing for the first time. “Learning how to tap dance was required of all our cast members; a majority of them have never tap danced in their lives”, says Lindbjerg Strelau. 

Sophie Heinrichs plays secretary Flannery and Quentin Foster plays an affluent businessman, Trevor Graydon. “Getting into character is not that easy,” explains Heinrichs. Foster elaborates, “When creating a character for any show, every actor has to find the humanity behind their role.” 

And that is no easy task. It takes time, patience and open-mindness. The work for Throughly Modern Millie may seem tedious and intricate, yet Xtreme Theatre’s dedication to excellence will be displayed on stage, once again.  For more information visit

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