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No matter the cost

by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson


I have bid a fond farewell to The 700 Club Canada.  It’s been almost a year now since I found out that all children will be taught that they are gender-fluid by SOGI 123. From the moment I heard this, there was something unstoppable that took place in my heart. I couldn’t believe they would confuse the children of our nation by telling little boys they could be a girl and telling little girls they could be a boy. I had to fight for them. 

I remember, many years ago, dropping my youngest son off at kindergarten. He didn’t want to go. He clung to my leg and cried. I tussled his hair, bent down to talk to him and told him that he would be safe in that schoolroom and that he could trust his teacher. Never for a moment would I believe that those words would become a complete and utter lie if spoken today. They will pervert the truth of God’s Word which tells us that He made us male and female and He said, “It is good.”

We can’t blame the teachers though, this has been implemented strategically by activists who know if you reach the minds of the children, you will shape the future. There has been a global initiative to make the ideology of the LGBTQ well accepted and taught even in pre-school now. The state has decided how we must think. In this last month, people have lost their jobs in Canada for standing up to the idol. They won’t bow to it and it is costly. Men have been put in jail for ‘hate speech’, who speak what the Bible says is true. Who is next?

It is no secret that activists in the LGBTQ targeted me mercilessly by calling The 700 Club Canada. They called Vision TV, Joytv, the CRTC and the advertisers of the stations to have me removed. 

The strange thing is, I’m not that radical. I have had a live-and-let-live attitude about the strange and ever progressively evil sexualization of our culture. I don’t watch porn, I am careful about the movies I watch, I listen to Christian music and I just roll my eyes when a commercial comes on that is embarrassing to have your kids in the room watching with you. I just turned my head. 

I thought to myself that we live in a great nation, you can be free to be you. I don’t like what people do and how they live, but that’s on them. I lived my life and did my thing. But then gender fluidity showed up and I stopped in my tracks. Now it has come to the doorstep, no, actually the bedrooms of every home in Canada, to our children’s minds. Enough. That is the line in the sand. I found my hill that I am prepared to live or die on.

The 700 Club Canada stopped getting calls about me.  Donors I would meet routinely thanked me “and The 700 Club Canada for standing up for our children.”

“You’re welcome,” I would say.

I’ve been told by 700 that I am loved, and supported and they can see the mantle of God on my life to fight this attack against the families of our nation. However, it is not their calling. They want to spread the gospel and bring people to Jesus through the inspiration they bring every day. This is a noble and worthy calling. I honour it. 

For me…I will stand against the greatest and most insidious assault against our children that this nation has ever seen. I will not bow no matter the cost. In light of this door closing, I will now turn my head towards politics and run for MP.  I will take the message to the highest courts in the land, Lord willing.

There is a cause…stand with me.

  • Arnold Tracey
    1 year ago

    MP go for it,, where do you hope to run, I’ll cast my vote for you at the ballot box

  • Cathy
    1 year ago

    Laura; go where he leads you, because it is in Him you are empowered. See you at Canada Summit.

  • Florli Nemeth
    1 year ago

    Thank you for hearing the voice of God and taking a stand to do something that many of us would like to do, but it is not what God is asking us to do. We will pray for you and support you in every way possible. God bless you Girl! You are big on God’s heart!

    • Gordon
      10 months ago

      God says in HIs word to contest earnestly for the gospel, not just those He specifically speaks to on topics such as this one but to contest for the gospel always. We are His mouth, feet and hands here on Earth.

  • Susan Pereira
    11 months ago

    I stand with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson…show me to the ballot box. I’m in. May Gods Blessings shine upon you Laura-Lynn for this Brave decision and Mission. You have my vote!

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