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Family FUN

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Cultus Lake Adventure Park


by Lilianne Fuller


Take your family on an adventure this summer! For a day that’s guaranteed to be fun for the whole family, visit BC’s best theme park, Cultus Lake Adventure Park. 

Cultus Lake Adventure Park has a wild West theme and some of the rides reflect this perfectly. The 40-foot high Ferris Wheel features 4-seater chuck wagons rather than the traditional benches and the Runaway Mine Train, a rollercoaster, has you board the ride from a classic railway station. In addition, there’s a Bucking Bronco ride and a shooting gallery to boot.    

The Western theme was designed by Yarrow’s Sawatzky’s Imagination Corporation and the attention to detail is amazing. Nothing has been missed. Located throughout the park are special areas with places to take souvenir photos. There’s a miniature hot air balloon, a railway car on authentic rails, and a display of a donkey pulling a wagon. Larger than life, the donkey’s wide-open mouth shows a complete set of teeth. Looking at him you can well imagine his braying as he refuses to pull the wagon.

A ‘must see’ is the Classic Carousel, a Merry-Go-Round! This ride is absolutely beautiful. It was purchased in Florida and each of the vintage figurines have been repainted. They look amazing against the backdrop of mirrors and art deco items that decorate this classic ride. Like other carousels, it has horses, but there’s more. Imagine riding a dragon, a gorilla, a leopard, a bear, or even a four-foot rooster. The carousel also has a sleigh for children who prefer to sit and it can also accommodate children with special needs, so no one is left out.

For the adrenaline junkie there’s a new ride this year. Visible from the drive into Cultus Lake, the Cloud Buster, at 150 feet tall looks pretty formidable. Located in the centre of the park, the ride sits 20 feet above the mini golf course. A free-fall ride with a heart-stopping 120-foot drop, it’s not for the faint of heart. “It definitely has the ‘scream factor’, says Park Owner Chris Steunenberg. 

But the younger kids and those a little less daring haven’t been forgotten either. There are rides that are less scary but still as much fun. The Honey Pots, another new ride, is the park’s unique spin on the classic ‘teacup’ ride. Added as a compliment to the family rides, riders get inside a honey pot and spin and buzz around. Also, there is the Ribbet which is great for first-timers with lively bull frog carriages that bounce and hop around in the tree-top habitat. 

A visit to the park has become a yearly tradition for many families. A new boardwalk has been added and is popular with many of the grandparents who visit with their grandchildren. Located above the park, the existing trees have been incorporated into the design, making the pathway cool and pleasant. “We’ve been told that when grandparents come with their grandkids, they start the day with a few rides and a game of mini-golf. Then, later in the afternoon, the grandparents stroll the boardwalk, watching the kids continuing to have fun,” says Steunenberg.

One of the attractions visible from the boardwalk is the 4,000-foot Wilderness Trail. Complete with 90 feet of caves and tunnels, throughout the trail are numerous suspension bridges and hiding spots. 

Another fun activity for the whole family is panning for gems. For only $5 you get a bag of mining dirt and free admission to the Wilderness Trail. Head down to the miner’s sluice box to discover the hidden gems that you can take home with you. Every bag is guaranteed to have some type of gem in it. You may find calcite, citrine, emerald, moonstone, rough amethyst, sapphire or even topaz to name just a few.

For families on a budget or those looking for a more economical way to have fun, the $18 Night Rider is a great deal.  Available for the last three hours the park is open (7 pm – 10 pm) an unlimited ride wristband is a great way to save money and still have a blast. As an added bonus, the park really comes alive at night with the rides beautifully lit up. Also if you visit Cultus Lake Waterpark across the street, keep your ticket stub because it’s worth up to $11 off the price of an all-day ride wristband for the Adventure Park.

Cultus Lake Waterslides have always been a destination for fun seekers throughout the Lower Mainland and now with the Cultus Lake Adventure Park, Cultus Lake has become the destination for awesome family fun. Initiate a new family tradition this summer; plan a visit to Cultus Lake Adventure Park.

The park is open from noon until 10 p.m. seven days a week. For more information visit


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Mennonite Heritage Museum


The Mennonite story is one of an enduring Christian faith throughout an often tumultuous history. The Mennonite sojourn from the Netherlands to Poland/Prussia, and then to Russia is one of joy, sorrow, and turmoil. Persecution, exile, and martyrdom failed to extinguish the hope and perseverance that Mennonites have shown throughout their history. Settlement in Canada and, in particular, the Fraser Valley, has allowed the Mennonite story to take root and flourish. Today British Columbia is home to approximately 175 Mennonite congregations.

The museum’s permanent exhibit hall illustrates the story of the Mennonites spanning 500 years, beginning with the Anabaptists of the 16th century. Relive the often tumultuous story from Zurich in Switzerland to the Netherlands, across northern Europe to Poland/Prussia, then Russia, and finally, to Canada.

Display panels, digital slide shows, and video interviews draw you into the lives of ordinary men and women whose faith in Jesus Christ and desire to live out His life and teachings often put them at odds with both state and church officials.

In July and August the museum will repeat its summer matinee film program, featuring a number of films for your viewing pleasure. For a detailed schedule of films, please see our website. Several temporary exhibits throughout the summer include an exhibit by painter Christopher R. Friesen and quilts by Lois Klassen. Again, consult the museum website for exhibit details.

The Mennonite Heritage Museum is located on Clearbrook Road just south of the Trans-Canada Highway. Take Exit 87 and proceed south on Clearbrook Road past the large raspberry sculpture in the Clearbrook Interchange roundabout. The museum is located on the east side of Clearbrook Road.

Open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday; closed on holiday weekends.


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Bridal Falls Waterpark


Welcome to the Bridal Falls Waterpark! We offer the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland’s most accessible waterslides, with no stairs for you to worry about! Our family oriented facilities make for the perfect day of fun in the sun (and the water) for you, your family and your friends. Enjoy hours of entertainment and fun!


  • Bridal Falls Water Park is designed for Families. It is a perfect place to bring the young water lovers.
  • Life jacket & locker rentals are available.
  • Showers, restrooms & change rooms available.
  • Gift shop – for towels and the often forgotten items.
  • Ice cream & coffee shop
  • Bring your own picnic lunch or grab it from our full concession & snack bar which serves burgers, hot dogs, french fries, ice cold Pepsi, etc
  • Acres of lawn and picnic areas
  • Sorry NO PETS permitted in water park.

The Slides

  • 4 advanced slides
  • 2 intermediate slides
  • 1 tube slide
  • 5 kiddie slides and water play areas
  • HEATED water on all slides (heated up to 80ºF) making it comfortable for very young children coming with their parents


Gigantic hot tub (heated up to 102ºF)

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm

Open all Summer to September 4, 2018. Open seven days a week (weather permitting)

Free parking.

Ph: 888-883-8852

53790 Popkum Road South Rosedale BC


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Chilliwack River Rafting


Chilliwack River Rafting hosts family-friendly adventures only 15 minutes from Cultus Lake! We have trips for both timid first-time rafters and fearless teenagers. Every summer, we host hundreds of families who want to bond through shared adventure.  Holidays, visiting relatives, birthdays and graduations are all great reasons to go rafting. Our five-acre riverside property is the perfect place for your family reunion, church or youth group, Dry Grad or teambuilding rafting event.

With 23 years of whitewater rafting experience, Chilliwack River Rafting ensures a fun trip for everyone. All rafters must weigh a minimum of 22 kg. Call us at 1-800-410-7238 to find out which trip is best for your family and friends this summer.

The youth rate (under 18 years) cost is $99 per person.  Group rates are available. Day trips include a buffet lunch, professional guides and safety kayaker and day use of private riverside property.  Enjoy a sauna, hot showers, beach volleyball, riverside camping and awesome views of the Cascade Mountains at the rustic Raft Ranch.  Overnight trips, including dinner and breakfast are available.

Visit for more information and to book your trip online or call us at 1-800-410-7238.

See you on the river.


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Bees and Blueberries Festival


Dr. Bee is a local producer of high-quality beehive products and has been serving the lower mainland for over 20 years. Dr.Bee was founded in 1996 by Ron Lin, PhD in bee science from SFU, with humble beginnings of only 16 beehives. The beekeeping operation has now grown to over 1000 hives across the Lower Mainland. They also feature a vast all-natural product line encompassing goods such as pure unpasteurized honey, handmade honey soap, 100% pure beeswax candles, and much more.

This year, Dr.Bee’s Honeyland Canada in Pitt Meadows is hosting their seventh annual Bees and Blueberries Festival with a focus on promoting the importance of honey bees and taking care of our environment. The festival will feature a blueberry pie-eating contest, free guided tours with hive openings, and a live bee beard performance. Admission by choice of donation to the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation.

More info:


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Zealous Art


Families that paint together stay together

I have been doing painting pARTies for more than seven years and the interactions, the growth and the observation of each person’s own experience still is as amazing today as it was at the first group painting session I ever led.  There is a lot that happens when families paint (play) together.

The bonding happens when everyone focuses on something common, with one goal – experiencing fun together. Not an end result, but an experience. No winner or loser. Just the experience. Communication improves when people put away all distractions and just be with each other, communicate and interact with each other. It elevates levels of trust. Families who play together also adapt better to new challenges. When a sports-oriented family books a night dedicated to painting, it is guaranteed to be a fun learning experience, as is a house of musicians who go for a hike. Step out of your comfort zone and play! Be focused on learning, having fun and bonding. They say  that you can learn more from a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. What can you learn about your friends or family? Make play a priority.

To learn more about painting with your family/friends/coworkers visit


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Daedalos Academy


Robotics Camps with LEGO Education & VEX IQ

Kids build LEGO robots with functioning motors, sensors and lights using Mindstorms and WeDo kits from LEGO Education, as well as VEX IQ sets with RobotC for more advanced students. They have opportunity to practice 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity teamwork, problem solving and computational thinking. Kids program and run robots through mazes, competition games and adventure scenarios. Lots of STEM fun all around!

University Chapel at Broadway/Main. Contact: | (604) 345-8603 | Website:


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