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Cultus Lake Adventure Park

by Lilianne Fuller


Take your family on an adventure this summer! For a day that’s guaranteed to be fun for the whole family, visit BC’s best theme park, Cultus Lake Adventure Park.

Cultus Lake Adventure Park has a wild West theme and some of the rides reflect this perfectly. The 40-foot high Ferris Wheel features 4-seater chuck wagons rather than the traditional benches and the Runaway Mine Train, a rollercoaster, has you board the ride from a classic railway station. In addition, there’s a Bucking Bronco ride and a shooting gallery to boot.    

The Western theme was designed by Yarrow’s Sawatzky’s Imagination Corporation and the attention to detail is amazing. Nothing has been missed. Located throughout the park are special areas with places to take souvenir photos. There’s a miniature hot air balloon, a railway car on authentic rails, and a display of a donkey pulling a wagon. Larger than life, the donkey’s wide-open mouth shows a complete set of teeth. Looking at him you can well imagine his braying as he refuses to pull the wagon.

A ‘must see’ is the Classic Carousel, a Merry-Go-Round! This ride is absolutely beautiful. It was purchased in Florida and each of the vintage figurines have been repainted. They look amazing against the backdrop of mirrors and art deco items that decorate this classic ride. Like other carousels, it has horses, but there’s more. Imagine riding a dragon, a gorilla, a leopard, a bear, or even a four-foot rooster. The carousel also has a sleigh for children who prefer to sit and it can also accommodate children with special needs, so no one is left out.

For the adrenaline junkie there’s a new ride this year. Visible from the drive into Cultus Lake, the Cloud Buster, at 150 feet tall looks pretty formidable. Located in the centre of the park, the ride sits 20 feet above the mini golf course. A free-fall ride with a heart-stopping 120-foot drop, it’s not for the faint of heart. “It definitely has the ‘scream factor’, says Park Owner Chris Steunenberg.

But the younger kids and those a little less daring haven’t been forgotten either. There are rides that are less scary but still as much fun. The Honey Pots, another new ride, is the park’s unique spin on the classic ‘teacup’ ride. Added as a compliment to the family rides, riders get inside a honey pot and spin and buzz around. Also, there is the Ribbet which is great for first-timers with lively bull frog carriages that bounce and hop around in the tree-top habitat.

A visit to the park has become a yearly tradition for many families. A new boardwalk has been added and is popular with many of the grandparents who visit with their grandchildren. Located above the park, the existing trees have been incorporated into the design, making the pathway cool and pleasant. “We’ve been told that when grandparents come with their grandkids, they start the day with a few rides and a game of mini-golf. Then, later in the afternoon, the grandparents stroll the boardwalk, watching the kids continuing to have fun,” says Steunenberg.

One of the attractions visible from the boardwalk is the 4,000-foot Wilderness Trail. Complete with 90 feet of caves and tunnels, throughout the trail are numerous suspension bridges and hiding spots.

Another fun activity for the whole family is panning for gems. For only $5 you get a bag of mining dirt and free admission to the Wilderness Trail. Head down to the miner’s sluice box to discover the hidden gems that you can take home with you. Every bag is guaranteed to have some type of gem in it. You may find calcite, citrine, emerald, moonstone, rough amethyst, sapphire or even topaz to name just a few.

For families on a budget or those looking for a more economical way to have fun, the $18 Night Rider is a great deal.  Available for the last three hours the park is open (7 pm – 10 pm) an unlimited ride wristband is a great way to save money and still have a blast. As an added bonus, the park really comes alive at night with the rides beautifully lit up. Also if you visit Cultus Lake Waterpark across the street, keep your ticket stub because it’s worth up to $11 off the price of an all-day ride wristband for the Adventure Park.

Cultus Lake Waterslides have always been a destination for fun seekers throughout the Lower Mainland and now with the Cultus Lake Adventure Park, Cultus Lake has become the destination for awesome family fun. Initiate a new family tradition this summer; plan a visit to Cultus Lake Adventure Park.

The park is open from noon until 10 p.m. seven days a week. For more information visit


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