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We have it good here

by Angelika Dawson


Ron is an active fellow. Most mornings he can be found at the local Tim Horton’s where he knows everyone by name and they all know him. He enjoys visiting with his friends. He’ll come home and make sure the kittens have been fed and if Mama Cat lets him, he’ll play with them for a bit. Ron loves animals. If the weather is nice, he might go for a bike ride. If it’s raining, he and his friend Lucian sometimes go bowling or swimming. On Sundays, they attend City Life Church together – Ron knows everyone there too. 

“Ron is a very social person,” Lucian says with a smile.

It’s a rich and full life and part of what makes this possible is the unique living arrangement that Ron shares with Lucian and his family. Ron lives with developmental disabilities and needs some support for daily living. Lucian provides that support as a Home Share provider, contracted by Communitas Supportive Care Society. Ron lives with Lucian and has become integrated into the family. He has his own room and bathroom, which offers him independence but he enjoys meals with the family and doing activities together.

“We’re having fun,” Ron says. “I really like it here.”

Lucian appreciates Ron’s sharp sense of humour and the way he brings laughter and fun to every day. Lucian also says that one of Ron’s best qualities is his deep sense of gratitude.

“We have a tendency to take things for granted but not Ron,” Lucian says. “Ron is always grateful. It’s such a good quality in a person.”

Being a contracted caregiver gives people an opportunity to enrich their lives by welcoming someone with a disability into their home and family. Throughout the relationship, Communitas is there to support both caregivers and the person receiving support, ensuring a good match of personalities and a safe living environment. Lucian and Ron have been together for nearly two years and they seem to have found a comfortable groove. Lucian encourages those who are considering Home Share to do it for the right reasons.

“Make sure you have a heart for people,” he says. “It takes some patience and every person is unique so you need to take time to learn to live with each other. I love the way Ron has become part of our family.”

As he listens, Ron smiles and nods his head. “Yes. We have it good here,” he says. 

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