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Higher Education spotlight

Higher Education spotlight


Columbia Bible College

Imagine living your calling.

Imagine finding that sweet spot where everything important overlaps: what you care about, what you’re great at, what God most wants for your life.

You don’t find your best possible life by accident. And you don’t find it on your own.

Helping you discover your calling is why Columbia Bible College exists. Everything you need to pursue a life full of joy and meaning, you’ll find here. You’ll experience a transformational approach to learning that will develop every part of who you are.  Our balanced approach puts equal weight on your mind, soul, character, and skills. Strong academics will teach how you how to think, communicate, and tackle big questions. You’ll dive into God’s Word and be coached in the 24/7 habits of following Jesus. Every class you take will challenge you to apply concepts in the real world. Hands-on training will round out your education, with built-in internships that give you the chance to gain valuable experience and skills.

Columbia’s Christ-centered community is down-to-earth, supportive, and really fun. Expect to eat lunch with caring faculty and meet people who will become your friends for life. Everyone will cheer you on as you explore your calling and grow as a follower of Jesus.

You can choose to invest one, two, or four years in exploring your calling at Columbia. Programs include QUEST, Applied Leadership, General Studies, Counselling, and Intercultural Studies.




Capernwray Harbour: Bible School & Conference Setting

Nestled among the Gulf Islands of British Columbia’s west coast, Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre on Thetis Island offers students and guests a unique learning experience!

From September through to May, Capernwray Harbour runs a one-year Bible School programme where sound, practical Bible teaching focusing on both the Old and New Testament scriptures in which God reveals the indwelling, resurrected Christ as the Christian Life is given.  Students gain an experiential knowledge of Christ and how His presence practically applies to daily living.

Through classroom studies, tutorial, dialogue-based small group studies, and summary journals, students have opportunity to share from the written Word what God is teaching them & how He is working in their lives.  Many outreach opportunities located in surrounding communities and cities are available for students to participate in as well as international, short-term missions trips.

Capernwray Harbour welcomes people of all denominational backgrounds and nationalities. The student body of approximately 100 students joins the full-time staff to create a community intent on knowing Jesus Christ as LIFE.  The desire of every staff member at Capernwray Harbour is to prepare each student for “full time Christian service, regardless of occupation.”

The Taste & See offering is available on select weeks during the Bible School year.  Taste & See is designed for potential students to experience life as a student for one week.  Being fully immersed in Student Life, (including staying in student accommodation, sharing meals and participating in home groups, work day, daily duties, outreach, seminars and lectures) gives a broader picture to what to expect during a one – year Bible School programme at Capernwray Harbour.

During the summer months, Capernwray Harbour makes its facilities available for various groups as a full-service venue to hold their conference or retreat.  In addition, Capernwray Harbour hosts Ladies & Men’s Conference Weekends, Family Holiday Bible Weeks as well as youth weekends where men, women, youth & children can be encouraged in their walk with the Lord Jesus amidst an island, holiday setting.

Capernwray Harbour – proclaiming Jesus Christ as Life!

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Pursue a better world at The King’s University

At The King’s University, you aren’t simply pursuing an education—you’re pursuing a better world. Nestled near the heart of Edmonton’s rich river valley parks and trails, King’s provides students with a robust, whole-person education with a Christian worldview. You’ll graduate with a fuller sense of who you are and how you can use your God-given skills and gifts to affect your community and communities around the world. Do you see yourself researching nature? Enriching young lives in a classroom? Creating a new business? Whatever it is, King’s wants your dream to thrive.

Our interdisciplinary focus to education provides many degrees and opportunities:

  • Accredited bachelor degrees in the arts, humanities,
    social sciences, and natural sciences
  • Commerce degree from the Leder School of Business
  • Two-year Bachelor of Education After-Degree
  • A certificate program through the Micah Centre that
    involves students in addressing global poverty, peacemaking, and pursuing social justice around the world, from missions trips to special conferences.
  • 14 majors
  • 24 program disciplines
  • 561 courses
  • International internships
  • Over $600,000 in scholarships

King’s serves students from Canada and around the world by providing a dynamic learning experience. With our small class sizes, professors have the time to get to know their students, to mentor them, and to involve them in ongoing research in their field. Over 90 percent of our full-time faculty hold doctorate degrees, and students are often working alongside faculty to produce nationally and internationally recognized research. We want you to graduate with a fuller sense of who you are and how you can positively affect your community.

Students experience a vibrant campus life that includes competitive inter-varsity league soccer, volleyball and basketball, performances from world-renowned musicians, service opportunities, and much more. The dedicated team in Student Life works on behalf of students to encourage student development and success.

King’s is located in Alberta’s capital city, minutes from downtown and a series of amazing interconnected parks in the river valley with over 200 km of trails. The campus includes biology, chemistry, and computer labs, a coffee house, arts and music studios, a workout centre, and plenty of study and hangout spaces with natural light. Over 250 students live on campus in our residence buildings, creating one of the most welcoming, fun, and supportive communities for those away from home.

King’s exists to inspire and equip learners to help build a more humane, just, and sustainable world as followers of Jesus Christ, the Servant-King.  Where will this vision take you?

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Samuel’s Mantle – your destiny

September is a new page waiting to come to life — and on this page is our yearly vision and goals. But now, as this new page is just in front of us, it is the time to look at it a little differently. Consider this question: How would you like to experience the nature of God this year? As a Christian our goal or destiny is not what we do, it is how we get to know God and His ways through what we do. Doing as a Christian is a developing relational experience of the Father. (John 5:19) Sometimes to get to know the character of God it takes a step of doing to experience the goodness of God. Check in your heart, what desire has God hidden there in regards to knowing Him? (Psalms 37:4) Ponder putting that on your new page as well – how could you serve to experience God like that? (For Murray’s blog on this topic –




Rocky Mountain College

Prepare for ministry anywhere

Re-think Bible College with Pathways, Rocky’s distributed learning model.  Study online, in a group, or at a partner location.  Rocky’s content remains the same but how we deliver it has changed. Pathways removes barriers by bringing your education to you and helps you improve your life by developing your passions.  Our offices are in Calgary but our students live across Canada, in the USA, and overseas.

Live, study and minister anywhere in the world while completing your educational goals.

Sarah was involved in her local church and taking courses with us when God called her and her husband to go overseas.  Through Pathways, she didn’t have to choose between finishing her studies and obeying God’s call to go and serve. Now she is on track to complete a degree and fulfill her ministry passions.

We work with you to create an individual learning plan that assists you to reach your educational goals.  Our application process is quick and simple. All we need is your application, two references, and your transcripts.  We also offer scholarship money that lowers your tuition by almost one-third. Contact us at or Toll free at 1-877-968-6762

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