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Maple Ridge Christian School

Open House and Showcase

January 24, 2019

6 – 8 pm

We invite you to a different kind of open house. 

Instead of a tour and prepared presentation, we want you to experience our students and families in action.  At Maple Ridge Christian School, our all-school open house is combined with the high school student showcase.  This means that our classrooms and hallways will be alive with people, as every high school student (yes, every last one) will be show casing their work to parents and peers.

The displays featuring the arts, sciences, social studies, technology, and mathematics will be set up in classrooms.  In true MRCS form, the event will be cross-grade.  Our students will be in small groups that have a mix of Grade 8-12 students.  Each classroom will be hosted by a group (or squad) and showcase their work from across grades and disciplines.

Parents and younger siblings are invited to come to the event together to support our older students.  Visitors will be able to see the classrooms, talk to teachers, and most importantly, get a feel for the school.  We believe that our families are our best advocates.  You will be able to listen, ask questions, and watch our community in action.

Our vision is to provide innovative Christian education in a mission-minded community where every student thrives. The open house and show case is another way that we see this vision come alive.

If you require more information or wish to RSVP, please visit our website at

White Rock Christian Academy

At the heart of White Rock Christian Academy is our core purpose: We inspire and cultivate citizens of Godly character who transform their world for Christ. WRCA’s program development, curriculum choices, and key decisions all focus on our core purpose. In addition, WRCA holds to a set of core values: We are Christ-centered; We glorify God through the pursuit of excellence; We honour passion, creativity, and initiative; We provide a holistic education from a biblical Christian worldview; and We form resilient and mature followers of Christ.

We believe the best Christian education possible encompasses a holistic approach and we accomplish this through a totally inclusive (Preschool – grade 12) International Baccalaureate continuum program. We are privileged to have a solid foundation in all our program areas to build on as we move forward in offering a quality Christian education for our students today who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Throughout the history of our school, we continue to honour and glorify God through the pursuit of excellence. We are excited for our school community: an education at White Rock Christian Academy is an active, enriching experience. It includes academic concepts, biblical truths, and intangible dynamics that combine to shape both the minds and character of our students. At WRCA, children discover who God is and who they are in Christ, and actively engage in His creation. This is where students think, create and become. Contact our Admissions Office for a tour: 604-531-9186

MEI Christian Schools

MEI Schools prepare young people to live a life of excellence through service to God’s kingdom and society as faithful disciples of Christ. Our mission informs our approach to development of the whole person – socially, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Our unique academic structure integrates the BC curriculum with a Christian perspective. This equips students with practical skills and knowledge, as well as essential character traits and values for a well-rounded foundation in preparation for post-high school life. 

MEI’s caring and qualified professionals are committed to creating a nurturing and supportive environment that is conductive to student learning and growth. Service learning is an integral component of the MEI experience and is fostered through a variety of outreach initiatives in which students are mentored to humbly and effectively serve others. Sports, drama, fine arts, and other extracurricular activities round out the MEI offering; students discover who they are while making lifelong friendships in a diverse community.

Join us for some new initiatives, which include an agricultural program and chapel ministry.

Students in the new agriculture program will be educated in sustainable agriculture practices, and will connect with alumni who are now leaders in the industry, while growing produce for the good of the community.

The restructured chapel ministry is an intentional approach to the growth of the next generation of worship leaders, and to cultivating a worship culture in the greater student body.

We invite you to explore all that the MEI experience has to offer students in preparation for a life of impact and influence.

BC Christian Academy

It has been my privilege to serve BC Christian Academy for the past 26 years.  Twenty-seven years ago, God called a group of evangelical Christians together who had a passion for starting a Christian school in the Tri-Cities area.  They deeply wanted their children to be educated from a biblical perspective.

In recent years, our enrolment has grown rapidly,  As a result, our grade 9-12 students moved to a new high school campus in downtown Coquitlam last September.  This change in location has brought us closer to the homeless community and others struggling with the challenges of life.  The move has caused us to be more intentional in looking for ways to help those around us. 

One of the most touching stories that just occurred a few weeks ago, was when a high school boy was being driven home after he seriously injured his arm during a basketball game.   On the way home, the boy noticed a homeless man on the side of the road, not too far from our school.   He told his mom to stop to find out what the man needed.   The mother was quite hesitant as her boy was in pain from the injury but she felt that it was important to reach out to this man and listen to her boy’s request.  She drove around the block and returned to the homeless man and asked what he needed.  The man said he needed socks.  The high school boy and his mother quickly made their way to a local store to purchase the socks and returned to the man to provide him with a basic need.

One of the best educations we can give our children is to develop a heart for others and become the hands and feet of Christ.

BCCA is on a path to build a new school in the next 5 years that will house up to 600 students, almost doubling our numbers, so more students like the boy above will receive an education beyond just the academics.

Ian Jarvie, Head Principal

Canada Star Secondary School

Canada Star Secondary School is located at Fraserview Church in Richmond, BC. Canada Star students are determined high-performers who set their own goals and then exceed their own expectations.  They have the confidence to succeed and the courage to explore and push the boundaries to become “Tomorrow’s Global Leaders.”  At Canada Star Secondary School, the students are prepared to gain acceptance into the some of the world’s top universities. The students are provided the tools for their academic journey including English mastery, university application guidance, academic training, leadership skills and more. Canada Star Secondary School offers a supportive and personalized classroom experience, where each student receives the help needed to succeed.  Small class sizes provide students with the opportunity to shine. This fine institution also offers a full range of after-school classes, review sessions as well as tutorials as our way of offering the most to every student. It truly is a place to become inspired!

Surrey Christian School – Is it Safe?

by Dave Loewen, Superintendent

As parents, I believe that we are pressured at times to enforce a false sense of safety in our children that could limit their growth and development.

In my role as superintendent at Surrey Christian School I feel one of my responsibilities is to help foster a culture of courage and exploration, where students are challenged to grow and understand what it means to take the risk of following in the footsteps of Christ. This means that we place safety in that context. It means we work hard to create formative experiences that shape our students into a peculiar kind of people; a kind of people who think deeply, love generously, and engage everyone around them authentically and meaningfully. We work hard to do this in the very ebb and flow of our work – learning.

Shaping formative learning experiences is not an add-on at SCS, it is at the core of how our curriculum works. It is the story we strive to have our students understand, and then choose to live in to.

We send students overseas to developing countries, to help at local food banks, to serve at Surrey parks, to share with seniors, and to help the SPCA, for example, but those aren’t ‘extras’ to the work of learning. Those experiences are natural extensions of the learning expeditions our students journey along.

Their learning is taking them into God’s world to engage meaningfully for the common good of that world. It is certainly safer to keep kids confined to a classroom and a textbook (or is it?), but I don’t believe it forms a Jesus-follower who is willing to risk for the sake of the kingdom.

If your deep hope for your child is that their day-to-day learning intentionally shapes the formation of their faith so that their heart is turned towards the kingdom, I encourage you to visit SCS.

It might just be the ‘safest’ decision you ever make.

Valley Christian School

Valley Christian School (VCS) is pleased to announce its 5th year in the new building in Mission, BC.  VCS first opened its doors in 1983 and is presently in its 35th year of offering Christ-centered education.

VCS’s beautiful location at 8955 Cedar Street in Mission, allows for expansion and growth while anticipating growth in the surrounding community.  VCS is excited about the many opportunities ahead!

Currently, VCS offers a K to Grade 8 program for full-time students. Additionally, a unique and popular DL program is available that allows home school students to join the full time students in class for two days each week while following the teachers’ plans during the rest of the week. Please call the office to hear more about Valley Christian School!

Regent Christian Academy

Children are a precious gift.  They remind us of our past, while also giving us a glimpse into the future.  Parents today are faced with the awesome responsibility of raising their children to become the leaders and influencers who will shape our world tomorrow.  It is said that it takes a whole village to raise a child. This means that the responsibility of developing and training the next generation is a communal effort. 

 40 years ago, God led us to start a school that would partner with Christian families to raise and instruct tomorrow’s leaders.  Standing on the promise, “seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added”, Regent Christian Academy was founded with the primary goal of bringing glory to God by teaching the next generation how to be mighty in Spirit.   RCA serves a vital role in the three-way partnership between home, school, and church.  

God has been faithful!  From the humble beginnings in a church basement to the development of a 39-acre campus, an online school and satellite locations in Surrey, Kenya, and Mexico, God has caused Regent Christian Academy to thrive!  We are excited to see what God will do next.

Langley Christian School

Here at LCS, we strive to instill in our students a way of seeing and living that is consistent with Abraham Kuyper’s declaration that “there is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”

With this in mind, every classroom unit and experiential exercise creates a powerful and compelling image of God’s story, helps each student to discover their place in God’s story, and provide opportunities to practice living in the story.

The goal is to develop a “transformational worldview with a focus on seeing and living God’s story!”

In his book, Educating for Life: Reflections on Christian Teaching and Learning, Wolterstorff states that “the comprehensive goal of Christian education was not just a certain way of thinking but a certain way of being in the world, that its goal was not just to induct the student into a Christian understanding of the world but to lead the student in a Christian way of being in the world.”

This is our vision and task—to educate towards and equip our students with a transformational worldview for a life of responsive discipleship shaped by God’s Word.

West Coast Christian School

Looking for a fantastic school?

 West Coast is a small community-oriented school in Vancouver’s East Village. We offer K-12 programming with a genuine focus on strong academics, solid Christian values, community service and character development.

 K – 5 and 6 – 9: Our elementary and middle school programs offers wonderful learning opportunities in small classes with high levels of individual attention, strong standards and passionate teachers. We are committed to helping our students succeed in all of their scholastic, social, emotional, and intellectual pursuits. We strive to ensure our students achieve their full God-given potential and develop a solid biblical foundation with a focus on Christian character and academic excellence.

New High School Programming Available: We are pleased to offer a new robust post-secondary preparation program. This three-year program (grades 10-12) offers students unique learning opportunities, the chance to develop strong Christian character in a meaningful way, and the chance to serve authentic needs in a variety of communities in genuine ways.  Our high school students are given the opportunity to grow in valuable leadership and mentorship skills, learn strong academic research and writing skills for post-secondary, challenge themselves to greater physical health and develop their artistic abilities.

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