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The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is Your Christian Embassy in Jerusalem!


The ICEJ was established in 1980 in recognition of the biblical significance of all of Jerusalem and its unique connection to the Jewish people. Today it represents millions of Christians, churches and denominations to the nation and people. We recognize in the restoration of the State of Israel God’s faithfulness to keep His ancient covenant with the Jewish people. In Canada we connect the Church to Israel, in Israel we connect Israel with the Church. We do this in several ways:


One of ICEJ Canada’s objectives is to bring biblical truth concerning Israel to Christians from coast to coast to coast. We host seminars at local churches, webcasts, teaching articles and podcasts.


Our TV program, Inside Israel with ICEJ Canada is aired five times weekly on Vision Zoomer TV Sunday at 4:30PM ET. Go to to find the time in your area. Also on Daystar Canada Wed. 9:00AM, Fri. 4:00PM, Sat. 1:30PM & a NEW time on Sundays @ 4:00PM ET. Programs are archived on our website under ‘Media/ICEJ Canada TV’. The 30-minute show highlights many facets of our ministry: our Israel Aid projects with a focus on the people in the Land, round-table discussions on timely issues, scriptural teachings, advocacy and on-site interviews.


ICEJ Canada offers tours to Israel several times each year where you can discover the Bible, meet the people and walk where Jesus walked. The ARISE Hands-on Tour in July brings young adults to Israel, scholarships are available.


We invite you to learn more about us at We fund many aid projects in Israel and as a Canadian registered charity, 100% of what we receive goes to the project(s) of your choice.

Northern Canada Evangelical Mission

Our missionaries are active across Canada in evangelism, discipling, and ministering to the needs of the whole person. We do these within the framework of the bigger picture – we believe that establishing local fellowship groups and churches is central to the Great Commission and the building of God´s kingdom among Canada´s First Peoples.

There are still many Aboriginal communities without a healthy Bible-based church. Can you imagine anything more rewarding than seeing firsthand a church planted where there previously wasn´t one?

We have church-multiplying career opportunities, as well as short and long-term ministry openings in Bible camps, publishing, television, office, and facilities maintenance.

Visit our website ( or call 306-764-3388. See how God is working among Canada´s First Peoples when you tune in to our TV program Tribal Trails … or watch anytime online at … and come see us at Missions Fest Vancouver, January 18 – 20!

Fazl Socks

Looking to Fundraise? We Want to Help You!

Colours, spices and sand dunes. Sky-high Himalayas and streets jumbled with cars, oxcarts and peddle rickshaws. This is India. Yet weaving through the surge of life that beats vividly on the subcontinent is an undeniable jagged edge – devastating poverty. A poverty that is as pervasive as it is undeniable. There are 31 million orphans in India. That’s close to the entire population of Canada.

We, alongside our Indian partners, are seeking to respond to this crisis. Through Fazl Socks we are working to provide for children’s homes that care for orphaned and destitute children. We give 50% of our net profits to this cause and provide fair wages to the talented ladies who hand knit these socks.

Handmade. Himalayas. Happy Ladies. These are the three H’s of Fazl Socks. Each pair of socks takes an artisan one to two days to knit. All our designs are indigenous to the Himalayan people in our state and we pay our artisans double what they make in the local market. We try to provide as many work opportunities to those in need as possible, so we also employ people to sew on our logos and package the socks to prepare for shipping.

Are you looking to fundraise? We want to help you! For every pair of Fazl Socks you sell you keep $5 towards your own initiative. Not only will you be able to make a difference through your work, you are also blessing communities in India. Every time you sell a pair of Fazl Socks you are helping to provide orphaned and destitute children with food, shelter, education, and clothing. Join the movement and ‘Wear the Change You Want to See in the World’.

Langham Partnership

Langham Partnership, founded by John Stott, is “a leader in equipping the global church to grow in maturity,” in the words of pastor and author Tim Keller.  Langham’s vision is to see the Majority World Church equipped for mission and growing to Christian maturity through the ministry of leaders who believe, teach and live by God’s word. Three distinct ministries work together to this end. Preaching nurtures national movements in biblical, expository preaching, by means of five-day seminars, now training over 10,000 pastors a year in over 70 countries. Scholars grants scholarships to evangelical PhD candidates studying in excellent schools around the world, equipping them to return home to assume leadership in key seminaries and Bible colleges throughout the Majority World. Literature promotes the writing and distribution of culturally relevant commentaries and theological works written by Majority World writers. Langham works in genuine partnership with Majority World Church leaders.

Gideons – Ed’s Story

Seventy-six year-old Ed deVries has been a Gideon member for 40 years. His decision to join the ministry was the result of seeing the impact of God’s Word. “As I grew older,” Ed says, “I witnessed over and over again the power of the Bible in the lives of men and women around the world.”

When asked why he gives to the Gideon ministry, Ed shared a story about the ripple effect of a Bible. Four years ago, Ed went to Russia with The Gideons International In Canada | ShareWord Global to share the gospel. In a small village, an elderly woman—who received her own copy of God’s Word 40 years ago—asked Ed and the team for New Testaments for everyone. She had been praying for a transformation to take place in her community and her prayers were answered when Ed and the team partnered with a local church to share the gospel with the whole town. Ed later discovered the elderly woman felt called to start a church in her village, and it all started because of that one New Testament smuggled into her home long ago. Introducing one person to Jesus can be the beginning of an entire village’s transformation.

“Now is the time for harvest,” says Ed. “We don’t know when doors will close. I invest financially so Scriptures can be purchased and given to those without a Bible.”

Ed describes his investment in the ministry like the parable of the seeds. “Time after time, I saw where God had prepared the hearts of people even before we introduced ourselves. It’s an overwhelming experience to see the Holy Spirit at work making our job of sharing the gospel so much easier.”

Christian Friends of Israel

We are a grassroots ministry – not a political force, building relationships and to being healing balm to the Jewish people. We also help Arab people in need. Some projects have a deep impact that bears much fruit for our Lord.

We have a variety of projects that include assisting new immigrants; helping Jewish people, single parents, and families in desperate situations. Helping those in need from all walks of life.

We operate a bridal salon, providing bridal gowns and clothing; we comfort survivors of the Holocaust; assist the household of faith. We have a project that links Christians from a variety of nations within every town, village, kibbutz and moshav throughout Israel.

Project Under His Wings offers hope and comfort to victims of terror attacks. Project Hope for the Future supports needy Ethiopian Jews in the land; Project David’s Shield helps traumatized soldiers.

We operate the Mount Carmel Relief Fund and Communities under attack ministry. We offer media production and development with Front Page Jerusalem and Focal Point TV.

Creation Science

The book of Genesis lays the foundation for the rest of Scripture.  In it we find expressed the nature of God, His sovereignty and why we need a Saviour.  We also find statements that are consistent with our knowledge of science and history.  When we realize that this foundational book can be trusted in all matters, including science, it builds our faith in the rest of the Bible.

We see God’s omnipotence in that He spoke the universe into existence.  Ten times in Genesis, chapter 1, we read “and God said.”  It did not take billions of years of evolution.  Rather, “He spoke and it was done” (Psa. 33:9).  We see that we need a Saviour because Adam’s sin brought death to all. We see the promise of a Saviour in Genesis 3:15: the Seed of the woman would bruise Satan’s head.

In the area of science, Genesis 22:17 compares the number of the stars of heaven and the sand that is on the seashore.  Scientists also estimate those two numbers to be of the same order of magnitude.

It is wonderful to realize that the Creator who called all the stars into existence calls us to eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Canada Institute of Linguistics

Where you discover a WORLD of LANGUAGE and CULTURE

God is calling people to work and minister cross-culturally. Each year over 100 students come and receive timely, quality training by field-experienced staff and instructors. With this training, students go on to learn foreign languages more easily, understand the worldview of cultures different to their own, and are able to adapt more quickly and feel at home in their new context.

CanIL has experienced a marked growth in student enrollment in the past few years. A high percentage of our students go on to join mission-sending agencies and leave for their chosen ministry assignment after completing their studies. Approximately 500 CanIL alumni have gone on to serve in over 40 countries since 1985.  Integrating scholarship with linguistics in service to language communities worldwide, CanIL provides a wide range of training to prepare people for roles in Bible translation, scripture engagement, literacy and multi-lingual education, language survey, and language documentation.  CanIL offers numerous scholarships, bursaries, matching gifts, and paid work experience programs. We have recently developed a PreLaunch program which mentors mission-minded students in areas like public-speaking, and helps them begin developing financial and ministry partners who continue to journey with them as they launch out in their full-time ministry. As a result, many CanIL graduates are able to pursue their chosen career paths upon graduation free of debt.

CanIL is located in both Western Canada, on the picturesque campus of Trinity Western University campus in beautiful British Columbia, and in Eastern Canada, on the beautiful campus of Tyndale University College in Toronto, ON. Students at both campuses enjoy being part of a vibrant and active community of like-minded people.

Find out more at

Global Aid Network

As followers of Jesus, we are moved with compassion for those who suffer and are called to demonstrate the love of God in tangible and practical ways by loving our “neighbour as ourselves.” Every human person bears the image of God, and poverty, suffering, injustice, and exploitation makes people vulnerable and robs them of their God-given dignity and potential. We believe that without a vibrant relationship with God it isn’t possible to experience the fullness of life that we were created for. These convictions and compassion drives us to lovingly respond wholistically to the needs of vulnerable people. Together, we are bringing new hope and life to communities experiencing poverty, injustice, and crisis in some of the world’s most difficult places.

Compelled by love, rooted in faith, and driven by an unshakeable belief in human dignity and worth, Global Aid Network partners with vulnerable communities to bring about lasting whole-person transformation resulting in vibrant, flourishing, hope-filled communities for generations.

By taking a holistic approach to development (through intentional relationship and strategic partnerships), we address the physical, social, spiritual, and economic needs of people. As a result, our work has deep and sustained impact on our partner communities. Our goal is to leave them healthy, empowered, joyful, and thriving in every aspect of their lives.

To learn the different ways you can be involved in our mission, go to our website at, or come visit us at this year’s Missions Fest Vancouver (Booth K07, K08).

Stillwood Camp

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Cor 5:17.”

Summer camps are amazing places, full of fun, new experiences and relationships that last a lifetime. Most amazing is the opportunity to share the gospel with so many during their week at camp. Here at Stillwood we are so passionate about working within this amazing ministry because we not only have the opportunity to help young people grow physically and mentally, but spiritually as well.

At Stillwood we make a significant effort to ensure that your child’s week of summer camp is the very best week of their summer. Stillwood boasts an incredible location overlooking the picturesque Cultus Lake. We use our location to engage our campers with a variety of outdoor activities such as water sports, sky high ropes adventures, wide games, laser tag, and so much more.

Our theme in 2019 is “MADE NEW” because we want every person’s summer camp experience to be so profound that they forever come away from their experience a new person. We hope to see you here at Stillwood this summer. For registration and details go to

Reasons to Believe

About 2 out of 3 students leave the church after enrolling in college or university.  Some of the reasons regard science and faith issues. The heart cannot rejoice in what the mind rejects.

RTB’s mission is to spread the Christian gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research—including the latest discoveries—consistently support, rather than erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature. With the proper interpretation of Scripture and nature, RTB finds an amazing integrating fit.

We believe that the universe and earth are billions of years old.  However, RTB does not support macro evolution.  In Genesis 1:2, the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the deep to create very complex single-celled organisms in a biologic instant.  God intervened many times on earth to pack the earth with life and renew the face of the earth following mass extinction events.  God created Adam as a new creation.  For more information check our website at

We have seeker meetings and give Science & Christianity lectures to schools and churches around the Lower Mainland.  Please contact us at:

People International

People International  works in Central Asia. We focus on church planting and other ministries including teaching, counseling and job-creating initiatives. We first met Abdul when he was a new believer, stuck in an Islamic school in a very conservative village. He left home to complete a year of mandatory military service. While serving in the military he daily read about 30 chapters of the bible.  God had a plan for Abdul. Now, Abdul shines brighter than ever. He has even shared the gospel in his workplace!  Abdul’s brightness can’t be hidden under a bushel. We give praise to the Lord for allowing us to be available to people like Abdul. We are looking for people who want to minister in challenging places. We would love to have a conversation with you to help you discover where your skills, abilities and talents could be used in kingdom building in Central Asia.

New Manna Ministries

New Manna Ministries touches the lives of orphans, needy children, children at risk and widows through compassion, education and care. We train and equip young men and women to live a godly life, to be mature in God and fulfill their high calling in life in their family and their church in Russia, Ukraine and Tanzania Africa.

 Through good stewardship of the gifts entrusted to us, New Manna Ministries multiplies every dollar given by more than five times. For every one dollar given,  five dollars of relief, humanitarian supplies and three to four  volunteer services are provided.

Many volunteers contribute by working in churches, home and satellite offices; by serving on short-term mission teams; and by assisting in our work on the field. 

We prepare for and facilitate rapid response to people in crisis in the CIS. Our partners provide and established information and responses based in countries where we serve.

Capernwray Quebec

Expect a dynamic year that you won’t soon forget!

Young people are seeking what it means to walk with Jesus. Capernwray Quebec is designed to be the next step in the journey. Our One Year and Short Term Bible School Programmes offer valuable opportunities for Christ-centered biblical study and discipleship.

This intensive Bible training course is designed to provide a practical understanding of the centrality of Christ in the Christian life through:

-Christ-centered biblical teaching

-Discipleship and outreach opportunities

-Community living

It is our purpose to train men and women:

-in a working knowledge of Jesus Christ the Living Word;

-to know Him more deeply and personally as their risen and indwelling Lord, through personal disciplines of studying, meditating on and communicating the message of God’s written word;

-for equipment for full-time Christian service, regardless of their occupation!


Plant-the-Word Bible Campaign: Help send 10,000 Bibles to the Philippines ($2/copy)

SeedCare envisions building partnerships between you and the church planters in the Philippines as we invest in kingdom opportunities, primarily in Bible distribution and real-world support for daily necessary needs of local pastors. Our desire is that you – as seed planters – may partake in the joy of fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Bible is a basic tool for men and women of God. And yet, for many of the children, students, and elderly brethren in small villages in the Philippines, the Bible is rarely read. Many of them cannot afford a copy of their own. Most of the time, the Word of God is preached only once a week during a Sunday service by a pastor who only has one copy of the Bible.

Would you help hand the Bible to our brethren in the Philippines at $2/copy only?

Christian Service Brigade

For over 75 years, Christian Service Brigade and the churches of British Columbia have been building godly men of today and tomorrow. The need for boys to have a Christ-centred meeting place where they can learn to be men of God has never been greater. Churches in the Lower Mainland from Coquitlam to Chilliwack continue to offer great weekly club ministries that draw boys of the church and community to an active expression of their faith in God.

Ordinary men of the local church are certified by CSB to win and train today’s active boys and young men. They hone their leadership skills through games, projects and storytelling. CSB’s programs wrap godly action with biblical Truth. Tree Climbers invites the boy and his father to explore topics that excite him. Stockade takes it further, encouraging the boy to choose his own adventure with a growing variety of Outpost Adventures and Stockade Modules. Battalion is all about being a man of valour focused on honour, courage, chivalry, purity, loyalty, obedience and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ. Check out what’s new with CSB in the Lower Mainland at and get your boys and men involved in a CSB group near you.

Discipleship International

We met Sylvester and his team from Manee Kenya in 2010 when we were invited to come and train the local churches in Kenya. Since that first meeting over 1000 pastors, elders and church members have been discipled to become disciple-makers. It started with a focus on discipling the youth but the pastors were so impressed with the growth of the youth that they were encouraged to start being discipled themselves.

One of the greatest encouragements when we are in Kenya is seeing those who were trained to disciple in previous years now discipling others in their church. This is what discipleship is all about – multiplication. It is developing an attitude of responsibility to build into other Christians to not just accumulate knowledge, but to look and respond to opportunities to pass on what has helped us mature in our faith through equipping and establishing. Colossians 2:7 – rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

Come out and see Sylvester and our team at Mission Fest January 18-20 at Canada Place we are at booth S06 and will be presenting a seminar called “Developing a Culture of Discipling in your Church” on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 11am in room

M2W2 Association

M2/W2 NOLA Reintegration Project (No One Leaves Alone)

M2/W2 has been planning and preparing for the first NOLA circle for years, and it felt incredibly good to be part of this moment; the commencement! Volunteers and ex-inmates bound together on a journey towards greater accountability and restoration. Oh, the beauty, the raw necessity of connection! God understood this!

My heart ached, as I heard a gentleman sitting in our circle express the crime he committed, the pain and loss he caused his family, his community, and himself. He appeared to be a broken and humble; willing to do whatever to give back to his community, to make amends for what he had done – acknowledging there was no way to bring back the life he had taken; yet how he desperately wished he could.

As we sat in this circle of hope, we were making history and breaking the vicious cycle of the past! My heart was overwhelmed with hope, excitement, synergy, purpose, gratitude, connection, grace, mercy, and love. Could this be what the Father experienced as well when He chose to give His son so that we could live in communion with Him, to experience forgiveness, to feel genuine, undeserving, precious acceptance?

Mission One Eleven

“If you have known all this time, why haven’t you come to tell us?” In despair the Weyu Chief shook his head. “You’re late! You’re very late! We have broken all the commandments. We’re bad!” For days he repeated the same words over and over, as if he couldn’t move on. Months earlier his government hadn’t even known the tribe existed, and that they had lived in this hidden cove at the base of these hills for ages. But God knew! Day after day they gathered to hear God’s story, and day by day their faith grew. You could see it in their eyes and hear it in their questions.

Yet there remain another 3,000 people groups just like this one, who have still not had one single chance to hear the good news of Jesus.

What are we going to do? Somebody’s has to’ go! Would you??

Lighthouse Harbour Ministries

In Vancouver area, workers from Lighthouse have visited with sailors from over 100 countries.  These mariners follow many different religions but commonly believe that a person’s goodness gains one access to heaven.   Since good is a relative term, we often ask them, “good compared to what?”   If God, who is sinless, Holy and Righteous, is the standard used most admit that they are not that good.   One sailor agreed to his spiritual shortfall but did not believe he was deserving of hell.   Many feel that God will grade them according to others’ behaviour or, even worse, that they will judge themselves.  In contrast, Lighthouse workers point them to the Bible, the truth of God, as per, for example, Ephesians 2:8-9:  “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

Greater Europe Mission

What are you doing next summer?  Do you have skills in evangelism, construction, TEFL, or outreach?  Why not serve in Europe on a two-week trip to Valencia, Spain ministering to the homeless and immigrants?  Or in Bourg D’olsans, France (in the French Alps) to serve French believers during a two-week family camp?  Maybe consider Poland doing some construction, evangelism and working with homeless and developmentally challenged adults?  GEM offers other teams at  Greater Europe Mission also has opportunities to do one to 12 month terms in Frankfurt, Germany or Birmingham, UK.  Go to or call 1-866-241-3579 to contact Greater Europe Mission for other opportunities.    There are less than 2 percent evangelical Christians in Europe.  And He said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few.  Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest.”  Luke 10:2

Global Disciples

Share The Vision

Partnering with Global Disciples enables churches in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to passionately fulfill their vision of impacting the lives of unreached people.

“One of the things I like best about Global Disciples is that we share the same vision. We’re both focused on reaching the least-reached, those who have never even heard of Christ.” –Ebsa, church planter, Ethiopia

As Global Disciples Canada, we equip people like Ebsa with a working, reproducible and sustainable model for training ordinary believers to make disciples and plant churches. And they carry the vision to share the good news of Jesus and multiply the body of Christ among least-reached people.

We invite you to share the same vision and discover your part in reaching the least-reached, ‘til the whole world knows!  Visit us at Missions Fest, booth C8 or


Crisis responder training

Sharing a couple of hours each week to listen and care for those who call the Telecare Crisis & Caring Line can be a practical way to demonstrate your love for Christ and for your neighbours.

Training on a wide variety of topics will begin on Thursday evening, January 24 at New Life Church on Delair Road in Abbotsford.  You will gain insight on how to become a better listener and communicator, learn about mental illness, the types of calls received and much more. 

Training fee is $75. Call 604-852-4058,,

International Christian Mission Services

International Christian Mission Services began in 2005.  Our vision is to initiate, develop and facilitate national and global Christian ministries.

Many have a specific call on their life and are willing to go. ICMS believes this is a righteous calling, but fulfilling this call can be an arduous task.

While our missionaries are the feet on the ground doing the work, we at ICMS give direction, administration and organizational assistance.  This relationship creates a level of accountability for its agents.

ICMS provides its agencies with CRA and IRS-defined direction and control.  This enables the ministry to focus on their vision and calling.

Our desire is to come alongside the Church to assist in the areas that the Church cannot provide the needed support in specific situations.

ICMS has a common goal to see the Kingdom of God continue to grow until every person hears the gospel.

Come and see us at our booth S01, or contact us at 604-850-1817 or, with any questions you might have regarding missions and your part in it!

Great Commission Media Ministries

Incredible journey in missions

In 2003 we were embarking on a new incredible journey. Step by step, God was directing us to challenging but high-impact ministry. In many countries, it was obvious that the Church was not faring well in reaching their cities. The “gates of hell” had drawn ever closer. But Jesus said: “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. “

The idea of using all the media simultaneously to proclaim the gospel in a major city nonstop for one month was an idea conceived of the Holy Spirit. These month-long Mega City campaigns would utilize local TV, radio, outdoor ads, a specially produced 150-page evangelism book and numerous other campaigns. A call center would operate 24/7 to receive calls from people searching God.

Our first mega city media campaign took place in the Russian city of Volgograd. In seven years the campaigns had touched 70 million people in 40 major cities across Russia.

Christian leaders from Beirut invited our ministry to conduct an evangelistic campaign in controlled Lebanon. There was fear in some of the Lebanese leaders. God honored our faith. At the close of the campaign Lebanon State TV televised our 3-day evangelistic event “live”, prime-time, no censorship, into every Hezbollah, Sunni Muslim, Shia Muslim and Druze household in Lebanon. What happened in front of TV sets in homes across the nation is something we can know only in eternity.

The thought of conducting an evangelistic media campaign in Israel sounded like a fairy tale. Local pastors warned us not to waste our time or resources: “Nobody will respond or call your call-center!” In Jerusalem, government officials cautioned that it is illegal to convert people to Christianity. Almost 100,000 phone calls have been received in Israel.

We are humbled to serve on the Lord’s harvest fields for the past 42 years.

For more information, go to our website:

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