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Stillwood Camp

Why spend your summer serving at a summer camp?

We all know that the expense of attending post-secondary institutions and summer camp ministry is difficult. As colleges finish up their school year, students start to worry about how they will fund their education for another year.

Let’s take a moment to think about some of the value that can be obtained by spending your summer volunteering at a summer camp. James Penner’s study ‘Hemorrhaging Faith’ outlines camp ministry as one of the core ministries that keep persons engaged with church ministry.

Serving at summer camp gives you not only the opportunity to impact the lives of many children – the experience is life-changing for you, the summer volunteer.
At Stillwood we are committed to developing our staff and putting as much energy into our kids’ programs as we do into our staff development programs.

In 2019 we are also increasing funding for our bursary programs to try to help staff offset the cost of post-secondary education. We know that we can not replace a traditional summer job – but we also know that a normal summer job is rarely a life changing experience. We hope that you will consider volunteering at camp this summer.





One for Israel

ONE FOR ISRAEL is a ministry of native-born Israelis on the forefront of high-tech media evangelism and discipleship.

With an emphasis on winning souls, building disciples and sending leaders, ONE FOR ISRAEL provides a powerful platform for the gospel to go forth. Every day, the ministry boldly proclaims Jesus as the Messiah.

Using innovative technology, ONE FOR ISRAEL propels God’s Word through websites and social media across Israel and around the world. These evangelistic videos have been viewed 85,000,000 times! ONE FOR ISRAEL is an organization on mission to make the gospel easily accessible and readily available in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.

Headquartered in central Israel, ONE FOR ISRAEL reaches Jews and Arabs with the message of the gospel. Through the classroom experience and one-on-one setting, ONE FOR ISRAEL disciples the current and next generation of spiritual leaders in Israel through an accredited Bible College. With over 1,000 lifetime graduates, the college is a certified educational institution offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs that bring Jews and Arabs together to experience peace and unity in the name of Jesus.
Romans 10:1 says, “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved.” ONE FOR ISRAEL exists in part as an answer to that prayer – that in our day and time, Israel may discover Jesus as their Messiah.

Join a ONE FOR ISRAEL ministry trip this year. Explore the land of the Bible with your own eyes. Experience the profound joy of serving in the land of Israel and personally ministering to the people.

There are many ways to bless Israel. ONE FOR ISRAEL believes the best way to bless Israel is with the message of salvation, hope, and peace found in Jesus. We invite you to learn more about ONE FOR ISRAEL at







Creation Science

Everybody likes a good story. Whether drama, adventure, history, or whatever our taste is, a well written text captures our attention. But even the best story leaves out details that we might be interested in. Using our imagination, we fill in the gaps. In this process, the written details of the story should guide our internal ideas. While this sounds obvious, it is not always applied when it comes to the creation narrative as recorded in Genesis.

Some critics claim that too many events happened on the sixth day of creation for it to be an ordinary day. Because Genesis 2 doesn’t record how long each event took, they imagine that all events together, such as God planting the Garden of Eden, Adam naming animals, took much longer than a day.

However, let’s remember that Genesis does give the length of the sixth day, a day bounded by evening and morning. This specific information should be used to constrain the implicit duration of the events. Furthermore, it can be shown that all events fit into one day. For example, Adam only had to name birds, cattle, and the “beasts of the field”, in total around 3,000 animals. This he likely accomplished within a few hours.

Above all, our omnipotent God is not limited by the passage of time.





World Impact Ministries

Canadian ministry touches the world.

Canadian pastor Peter Youngren, is the founder of World Impact Ministries, which has grown from a traveling evangelistic outreach to multifaceted international ministry. His international events are called Friendship Festivals, usually held in outdoor stadiums or large sports fields. The special focus is large population centers in cultures where the message of Christ is not well known. In a typical Festival, anywhere from 30,000 up to 250,00, receive teaching booklets for new believers. The US monthly publication, Ministries Today, has listed Youngren as one of the most influential international evangelists of the 20thcentury.

Youngren’s philosophy of ministry emphasizes the grace of God towards all regardless of religion or culture. The gospel is presented uncompromisingly, but in an attitude of friendship, and in a way that can be understood cross-culturally. There’s a special emphasis to minister to civic and religious leaders, many of whom are Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. This has also opened the door to share the gospel with political leaders, starting in 1980 with the late Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Festivals are accompanied by a three-day seminar, where to date more than 374,000 pastors and leaders have been trained. Campuses of World Impact Bible Institute, a two-year program, have been established in Canada, Indonesia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Viewers across Canada can watch Youngren’s weekly telecast, You Are Loved. Some programs are filmed at the Toronto Celebration Church, where Youngren is the founding pastor, and others are filmed at festivals in different parts of the world.

The schedule in 2019 includes nine gospel campaigns in countries like Myanmar, Indonesia and Tanzania, as well as rallies in various cities in Western Canada this spring. World Impact Ministries is supported by the gifts and prayers of people across Canada, making it possible for this ministry to continue to grow and to pursue its vision to give the gospel to everyone.








Discipleship International

What is a disciple? Literally, a disciple is someone who becomes a follower of Christ and who teaches others to do likewise through example. Paul, in 1 Corinthians 10:31, says follow me as I follow Christ. Christ is the focus; but if others cannot find Christ through our lives then what does that say about our walk with God?

So to be a disciple of Christ is to imitate Him, carry on His ministry and become like Him in the process.

You cannot be a Christian without being like Christ. A follower who doesn’t follow makes no sense. It is not possible identifying with Christ and having no change in your life. As a Christian, discipleship is not an option. In a paraphrase of Luke 9:20-25 Jesus says “if anyone would come after me, he must follow me. If you want to come after me if you want to have any experience of me, any relationship with me, you have to be a disciple.”

Jesus uses three clear images to describe the road of a disciple. Deny yourself, take up Your cross and lose your life for my sake.

To learn more about being a disciple of Christ contact us at






M2W2 Association

M2/W2 NOLA Reintegration Project (No One Leaves Alone) M2/W2 has been planning and preparing for the first NOLA circle for years, and it felt incredibly good to be part of this moment – the commencement! Volunteers and ex-inmates bound together on a journey towards greater accountability and restoration. Oh, the beauty, the raw necessity of connection; God understood this!

My heart ached, as I heard a gentleman sitting in our circle express the crime he committed, the pain and loss he caused his family, his community, and himself. He appeared to be broken and humble, willing to do whatever to give back to his community, to make amends for what he had done – acknowledging there was no way to bring back the life he had taken; yet how he desperately wished he could.

As we sat in this circle of hope, we were making history and breaking the vicious cycle of the past My heart was overwhelmed with hope, excitement, synergy, purpose, gratitude, connection, grace, mercy, and love. Could this be what the Father experienced as well when He chose to give His son so that we could live in communion with Him, to experience forgiveness, to feel genuine, undeserving, precious acceptance?










Iron Sharpens Iron – CSB Men’s Network

Men’s ministry – the ministry of Jesus Christ through men and to men – is a vital part of every church no matter its size. It is all about fellowship and trust, and when it’s working well, it can take a man with overwhelming burdens to being engaged in kingdom-growing action. Faith is strengthened and men move in serving their families, churches and communities. Churches grow. This is why we invest in Iron Sharpens Iron: it builds the church which builds the man.

Iron Sharpens Iron is a one-day international men’s conference which draws together men and a network of local, regional and international partners to showcase their ministries which are specific to men. This year, leadership expert and hockey great Ryan Walter and missional expert Dr Bill Hogg of the C2C Network anchor twelve seminars at Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship in Coquitlam on Saturday, April 6.

This conference supports the pastors and leaders of local churches as they build and strengthen the men of their congregations. Seminars build men as church and community leaders, as husbands and fathers, as disciplers and evangelists, and as workers of the Church. Register at Presented by the CSB Men’s Network: “Building Godly Men of Today.”









Plant-the-Word Bible Campaign: Help send 10,000 Bibles to the Philippines ($2/copy)

SeedCare envisions building partnerships between you and the church planters in the Philippines as we invest in kingdom opportunities, primarily in Bible distribution and real-world support for daily necessary needs of local pastors. Our desire is that you – as seed planters – may partake in the joy of fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Bible is a basic tool for men and women of God. And yet, for many of the children, students, and elderly brethren in small villages in the Philippines, the Bible is rarely read. Many of them cannot afford a copy of their own. Most of the time, the Word of God is preached only once a week during a Sunday service by a pastor who only has one copy of the Bible.

Would you help hand the Bible to our brethren in the Philippines at $2/copy only?









Mission One Eleven

Helicopter pilots needed

Unreached people groups often live in remote and hard to reach places of the earth. This is one of the reasons the gospel hasn’t gotten to them yet. More pilots are needed in order to finish the task Jesus gave us. If you are willing to train and fly, please contact us for more information.

Jon Slage
1(661) 342-2269







People International

People International works in Central Asia. We focus on church planting and other ministries including teaching, counseling and job-creating initiatives. We first met Abdul when he was a new believer, stuck in an Islamic school in a very conservative village. He left home to complete a year of mandatory military service. While serving in the military he daily read about 30 chapters of the Bible. God had a plan for Abdul. Now, Abdul shines brighter than ever. He has even shared the gospel in his workplace! Abdul’s brightness can’t be hidden under a bushel. We give praise to the Lord for allowing us to be available to people like Abdul. We are looking for people who want to minister in challenging places.

We would love to have a conversation with you to help you discover where your skills, abilities and talents could be used in kingdom building in Central Asia.






New Manna Ministries

New Manna Ministries touches the lives of orphans, needy children, children at risk and widows through compassion, education and care. We train and equip young men and women to live a godly life, to be mature in God and fulfill their high calling in life in their family and their church in Russia, Ukraine and Tanzania Africa.

Through good stewardship of the gifts entrusted to us, New Manna Ministries multiplies every dollar given by more than five times. For every one dollar given, five dollars of relief, humanitarian supplies and three to four volunteer services are provided.

Many volunteers contribute by working in churches, home and satellite offices, by serving on short-term mission teams, and by assisting in our work on the field.
We prepare for and facilitate rapid response to people in crisis in the CIS. Our partners provide and established information and responses based in countries where we serve.






Lighthouse Harbour Ministries

In Vancouver area, workers from Lighthouse have connected with sailors from over 100 countries. The mariners follow many different religions but commonly believe that a person’s goodness gains one access to heaven. Since good is a relative term, we often ask them, “good compared to what?” If God, who is sinless, holy and righteous, is the standard used, most admit that they are not that good. One sailor agreed to his spiritual shortfall but did not believe he was deserving of hell. Many feel that God will grade them according to others’ behaviour or, even worse, that they will judge themselves. In contrast, Lighthouse workers point them to the Bible, the truth of God, as per, for example, Ephesians 2:8-9: “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.”







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