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Camp Spotlight – Spring 2019

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Camp Profiles:

Stillwood Camp & Conference Centre
Green Bay Bible Camp
Eagle Bay Camp
Camp Qwanoes
Summer Day Camps at Trinity Western University
Hope Bay Bible Camp
Ukrainian Children’s Christian Fund
Camp Squeah
Camp Luther









Stillwood Camp & Conference Centre

At Stillwood, we are passionate about helping people develop meaningful relationships with Jesus. Every summer we see lives that are changed because of significant experiences with Christ; 2019 will be no different. That is why our theme this summer is fashioned after Second Corinthians  5:17 – “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” Echoing that passage is our theme for the summer – Made New.

At Stillwood, not only do we strive to develop new spiritual relationships – we also value excellence in everything we do. That is why we are making some exciting new changes for our summer programs. For our Turbo Camps (Ages 10-13), we are ensuring that all campers get to participate in our most popular activities (sky high ropes, waterfront, laser tag and others). We are also introducing new packages that include many new activities, such as biking, marksmanship, painting, sculpture, drama, rockets and more!

Another one of our newer initiatives is our youth development program (YDP). YDP provides the atmosphere and resources for youth aged 14-17 to discover more about themselves and who God has created them to be. We believe that part of fulfilling God’s design for our lives is to be in service to others.  It is our hope that through this program and service to something greater than themselves, youth will develop the skills and abilities to grow into adulthood with confidence. The intensity and intentionality of these programs require complete commitment.

Stillwood offers its guests excellent facilities and service. Stillwood is proud to provide its campers with world class activities, meeting spaces, and accomodations. Our facilities include a Jr. Olympic-sized pool, full-size gymnasium, the region’s largest climbing wall, a high ropes course, and our always exciting zip line. Stillwood has programs for people of all ages. We hope that you will consider sending your sons and daughters to be a part of this incredible ministry.












Green Bay Bible Camp

Situated in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in West Kelowna, Green Bay Bible Camp has spent 65 years creating meaningful and memorable experiences for campers of all ages. Here, at Green Bay, we seek to serve and specialize in fun, we believe that summer camp has the ability to provide life-changing moments for parents and their children. With wonderful meals prepared for you, a picturesque waterfront as well as fun and innovative programming you won’t experience anywhere else, Green Bay stands out as an ideal place for you and your family to spend your summer. We provide space for families to experience rest, renewal and growth and have a team of leaders who model the sacrificial service and extravagant love of Christ. We are committed to being rooted in Scripture, immersed in prayer and devoted to cultivating community. We seek to serve others and are committed to developing the next generation of Kingdom leaders.  Whether it’s on the field, at the waterfront or around the campfire, we believe that families come alive here at Green Bay so we invite you to come join us as we embark on another unforgettable summer!










Eagle Bay Camp

Whether you are a child, teen or adult you will never forget your experience at Eagle Bay Camp. Our motto is “A Place Where Lives are Changed” and it perfectly describes this 23-acre piece of property on the shores of Shuswap Lake in the BC Interior. Once you come to Eagle Bay you will long to return. It is a special place of peace, solitude or crazy adventures. We have something for everyone, from our 26 ft, tower, and zip line, to our endless shore lines for kayaking, and swimming. Many people have found answers to some of life’s most pressing questions while enjoying the relaxation of a sunset or conversation on the beach.

Eagle Bay Camp has been around for 34 years but the gospel history of this place goes back over 100 years. We even have an old fur trader church on our property where people would meet for worship before the turn of the century. Today, we see close to 3,000 kids every spring summer and fall along with many retreats, school groups and rentals. Many find God’s loving grace and hope while creating memories and relationships.

Eagle Bay has a full-time Chef, onsite to create some of the best food you will ever eat. We believe food is as important as the scenery and activities so we cater to providing very healthy menus for all groups.

Join us for a rental group or register your child for a week.










Camp Qwanoes

An almost unparalleled opportunity

While offering kids the time of their lives and a chance to escape from the everyday, Christian camps are playing a crucial role in Christian ministry in Canada, especially to the younger generation.

Just over 4,000 campers and staff from around the world came to Camp Qwanoes last summer. As campers enjoyed incredible fun trying activities like zipping over the ocean or bouncing on a water trampoline or working with new friends to break out of the Escape Room, they also encountered the truth that they matter and are loved more than they can understand.

At camp, kids have an almost unparalleled opportunity to experience life change and to gain hope. A 2018 report called Renegotiating Faith: The Delay in Young Adult Identity Formation and What It Means for the Church in Canada, clearly shows the positive impact of being a camper or staff member on faith formation. Those who had been campers or staff at Christian camps were much more likely to attend church at least weekly and stay integrated with Christian communities as young adults than those who had not attended camp.

John ImBeau of Awana Canada and long-time Qwanoes speaker said, “God is changing the world through Qwanoes. Camps are one of the few places left where a child is given the opportunity for a complete transformation… It is the most vital ministry in church today.”

A camper shared that because of the staff at camp, “I’ve found my voice with God and Jesus and ever since I’ve found a really awesome church… I have so many friends… You’ve given me a lifetime of a Saviour and love by the King himself and his son Jesus.”

If you’re looking for a way to be part of what God is doing in Canada to reach the younger generation, there’s a place for you at camp. The potential is amazing. Your own life will likely be changed forever. A staff member said, “(Camp) changes our lives… a lot of people leave… with a new meaning and love for God and life – which is the most amazing thing about camp.”

by Julie Bayley, Qwanoes’ Associate Program Director












Summer Day Camps at Trinity Western University

Are you looking for camp opportunities in a positive, fun Christian environment? Trinity Western Camps are back again for another year, with more fun and more options than ever before.
The fun includes the popular Spartan Complete Champion Camps for those interested in soccer, volleyball, basketball or track and field camps. We also offer our Multi-Sport camps and Adventure Camps along with several new camps. This year, aspiring thespians can go to Theatre Camp, artists can attend Art Camp and for those looking for an enriching musical experience, our new Music Camp will be music to your ears! For those looking to do a little bit of everything and have a ton of fun, FunZone is the camp for you! Want to test your mettle in the wilderness? Go on a canoe trip! We also have our unique University Camp which has been re-designed for a fuller, richer university experience, for those looking to experience a day in the life of a Trinity Western student. For help to decide which great options to choose and for registration information, please visit or email













Hope Bay Bible Camp

Our vision is that every person who walks onto our camp will know they have worth and value.

We seek to engage the grand vision of God’s fierce love shaping the GOOD and the BEAUTIFUL world he intended. Redemption flowing in every place, and in every heart.

We seek to enjoy the gift of creation in a context of people hearing their worth and value every day, through teaching God’s Word, experiencing the vibrant faith of those who serve them, and through the lightness and joy of the camp experience. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!

So, we continue to seek to be a caring place for fun and adventure for every kid that God brings along, while also remaining accessible to children and youth from lower-income families

Our Inner City family camps and our single moms’ camps are an absolute joy. Our camp becomes a place of laughter and exuberance. A place for families experiencing the intensity of daily life, who need a place to be rested and belong.

We also introduced an amazing internship program this year for young adults called the ‘Forma Project.’ We literally witness God reshaping the lives of these ‘gap-year’ students, pursuing a depth of relationship with Jesus that is forming them for engagement in the world.

So, whether you’re canoeing on a calm sea, walking a trail, or cliff-jumping off  the point, you’re taking a deep breath and finding abundant life on the journey towards Jesus. This is our fearless path.

Come join us!







Ukrainian Children’s Christian Fund

Our UCCF co-workers in Ukraine are praying and preparing for another busy summer, running Junior Camp on the Azov Sea, Teen Camp by a lovely river in the Poltava region, DVBS in the villages, and supporting Foster Family Camp. Our camp Director wrote recently: “It is so impressive what God is doing here. Every time I see a teenager’s life change, I know I am witnessing a miracle!” After ‘Ruslana’ came to faith in Christ, she wrote – “I am so glad my counsellor helped me invite our great God into my life – this God who will guide us through our lives. I am so thankful for the camp and the opportunity to be changed…”

We make it possible for many children who live in difficult home situations to come to camp; they have little love in their lives and no one to pray for them. Please join with us in prayer for children of Ukraine!









Camp Squeah

As I sit at my desk and write, I see snow falling outside my window. The beautiful and dramatic change that a drop of water goes through is fascinating! So much of our world changes so fast! Not all of it is as beautiful as a snowflake (and even snowflakes can cause us anxiety!).

Relationships are built or damaged and built again. Trees grow, die and are paved over to make room for industrial land zones. What many once thought to be the values of society are changing rapidly. How do we bear the transitions we face daily, weekly, annually in life? How does one respond to change – especially change that causes stress!

In the Christian community, we believe that handling the difficulties of life’s relentless change is most effectively born in the arms of a loving Christ-centered family. Perhaps the greatest fallacy of our current age is the idea that we can conquer all of life’s troubles on our own. And I think we’re paying for it in anxiety, confusion, lack of purpose and a dearth of understanding our personal and communal identity. At camp we find identity together in the beauty of a community that has been reconciled to Jesus – and in such a community, anxiety is reduced, confusion is abated, purpose is found and identity is confirmed in Christ! What an answer in a world of change!







Camp Luther

The power of the high five
We know the feeling. The butterflies driving down the road to camp, the fingers pressed up against the window looking out to see the lake, or the sweaty palms clenched tightly as they leave their parents for their first time at Summer Camp.

Whether this is the first or fourth time going to camp, we want every camper to experience real relationships and real love that will follow them home into real life. Every detail is thought out, articulated and dreamt up to create a place that is safe, fun and full of God’s love – down to every single High Five.

Personally, I didn’t learn how to high-five until a few years ago. You see, A High-Five is so much more than a simple gesture. It is a rapid way of communicating to a person that they are important, loved and welcomed. Something happens when you high-five another person. Endorphins are released, trust is formed and memories are made. We here at Camp Luther believe in the power of the high-five and our desire is that each camper feels like Camp Luther is their personal home away from home.

Our staff are some of the best and take every opportunity to make an impact in a camper’s life. Through chapels, time at the waterfront, team-bonding games, hilarious songs, adventurous archery, campfires and so much more – your camper will experience life in a truly unforgettable way.

The Power of the High-Five knows no barriers. We are dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus through every single high-five we make this summer.





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