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Higher Education Spotlight – Spring 2019

Columbia Bible College
Kaleo, integrated leadership training
Rosebud School of the Arts





Columbia Bible College

Imagine living your calling.

Imagine finding that sweet spot where everything important overlaps: what you care about, what you’re great at, what God most wants for your life.

You don’t find your best possible life by accident. And you don’t find it on your own.

Helping you discover your calling is why Columbia Bible College exists. Everything you need to pursue a life full of joy and meaning, you’ll find here. You’ll experience a transformational approach to learning that will develop every part of who you are.  Our balanced approach puts equal weight on your mind, soul, character, and skills. Strong academics will teach how you how to think, communicate, and tackle big questions. You’ll dive into God’s Word and be coached in the 24/7 habits of following Jesus. Every class you take will challenge you to apply concepts in the real world. Hands-on training will round out your education, with built-in internships that give you the chance to gain valuable experience and skills.

Columbia’s Christ-centered community is down-to-earth, supportive, and really fun. Expect to eat lunch with caring faculty and meet people who will become your friends for life. Everyone will cheer you on as you explore your calling and grow as a follower of Jesus.

You can choose to invest one, two, or four years in exploring your calling at Columbia. Programs include QUEST, Applied Leadership, General Studies, Counselling, and Intercultural Studies.








Kaleo, integrated leadership training

Experience an integrated leadership training approach! A fusion of five different components, all seamlessly working together: Leadership Training, Learning and Doing, Community, Outdoor Adventures, and Academics.

The years right after high school are proven to be an extremely formative and pivotal time in a young person’s life. It is a time when young adults find themselves leaving home for the first time and learning in a whole new way about their faith and life.

Kaléo is Greek for ‘I Call’ and Hawaiian for ‘voice’. Our program provides a very unique opportunity to listen to God’s voice and discover His call on your life at a a very important time in one’s life.

Are you an aspiring leader looking for a year that will lay a strong foundation for the next part of your life, whether it’s more school, work, ministry, travel or unknown? Are you interested in doing your first year of post-secondary education in a unique setting before heading off to a typical college campus?

A solid foundation of faith, character and leadership abilities is very valuable to have as a stepping point to whatever is next in life. The Kaléo program has proven to provide that foundation of faith as students study, serve, are stretched in outdoor adventures and ministry opportunities and focus on godly leadership.

If you become one of our students, we are committed to helping you build a strong foundation for life – no matter what’s next!

There is no typical weekly schedule for the Kaléo program! The five components of the program seamlessly work together in a very intentional schedule. Some weeks you are in class, while others you are on an outdoor adventure, on a missions trip, doing ministry in a church or at camp, or working on course assignments. The program schedule is put together in a holistic approach with every component supporting one another.

Each year of the Kaléo program is a little different. An excellent place to look at what student life looks like at Qwanoes is by reading a past year’s program blog:







Rosebud School of the Arts

Rosebud School of the Arts in Rosebud, Alberta offers world-class post-secondary theatre training rooted in a Christian faith perspective. RSA grads are recognized in the industry as having solid training, a focused work ethic, and are great team players.  And now RSA’s renowned training is also available to students from Crandall University in New Brunswick.

Crandall students have the opportunity to spend a year immersed in foundational theatre training in the hamlet of Rosebud while they work towards their degree in Communication Arts with a major in Theatre.

Students take classes with Rosebud resident company members and guest artists in acting, scene study, movement, dance, speech, videography, visual art, and drama ministry while contributing backstage to the operations of Rosebud Theatre.

The year ends with a movement show on Rosebud’s Studio Stage and an optional program extension through the summer months performing with the Canadian Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller, Alberta.

This strategic transfer agreement with Crandall also enables RSA students to transfer one or two years of their Rosebud training toward a full degree in Communication Arts.

The RSA-CU partnership offers students the best of both worlds: conservatory training in a thriving theatre centre AND a Christian liberal arts education that culminates in a Bachelor’s degree.

For more information about a year-long immersion in theatre training, visit:,

Certificate in Theatre Foundation, and, Communication Arts Degree.







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