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No Greater Love Worship Festival - WIN TICKETS

No Greater Love Worship Festival – WIN TICKETS

It’s our time Canada!
When we look at our Christian landscape and the kaleidoscope of communities all across this country, the one thing that binds us together is our love for Jesus, and the understanding that somewhere inside of us we know that part of our Christian journey is to build God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. No small feat in the days we are living in. With families moving at such a high speed and with technology, there is no doubt that within our communities we can sometimes become isolated and detached. That is really not God’s plan for us as we are made to love and serve one another. If we really get honest with ourselves, when was the last time we were able to immerse, or take part, in an event that we knew we should be attending, but the busyness of life got in the way? We have so much going on in our lives we sometimes forget that Jesus is all about our lives and how we live them or walk our talk.


No Greater Love Worship Festival

Come away and worship
God calls us to reach out to each other and to bind together, as it is good when God’s people live and fellowship together in unity. This means joining with other communities in worship to share God’s love. The blessing comes when we really do it.

In Canada, we have been blessed with many spirit-filled events over the years to worship together and foster new relationships, to celebrate the wonderful synergy of spirit that comes from joining in worship together. Those events that have provided wonderful landing places for both love, soul ignition and at times, healing. The tragedy is a lot of these worship events have fallen to the wayside due to lack of support and attendance by our community bodies. The consequence of this is eventually the worship events go away and and there is a void in our lives.

The blessing God gave us disappears due to our not being able to recognize that without a collaboration and joining of our faithful, some of these worship events cannot survive, making the vision of the gift God had for us now lost to us.



Worshipping together
Right now in Canada, God is creating an opportunity for us to come together in Canada’s largest summer worship event. A special space where the faithful can travel to take time out to walk in the fulfilment of a vision God has given for Canada. A vision to bring his people together in unity and in strength in a larger way then we have done before. A worship event that says we as Canadians are paying attention to the calling that in worship we are greater as one, giving us a place where thousands of Christians can come together from all over the country for one weekend a year to be ignited by the spirit, by the experience to give glory to our God in unity.

No Greater Love artist line-up


A worship pilgrimage
He is calling Christians in our country to catch on fire and to pilgrimage to the No Greater Love Worship Festival in Cochrane, Alberta, taking place this year on Aug 10 and 11.
For those who have attended before, they know how the spirit moves over the course of the weekend through music, testimonies, fellowship, praye

r and worship. They have seen firsthand the impact that the experience of No Greater Love can have on a person’s life.

No Greater Love is going into year four in 2019. In 2018, 7,800 people traveled from across Canada and from our close border US states to take in No Greater Love. God is moving; come and be part of the movement.

Make the trip to Cochrane this year; youth groups, families, singles. Camp, hang out with friends, make new friends. Live love. Live as you immerse in the weekend. Experience the Holy Spirit meeting you right where you are and see firsthand what God is expecting of us and in turn, blessing his children in the festival field.
Canadian Christians, it is our time to rise up together. It is our time to come from every corner to meet God in this very special place he has created. Join the movement Aug 10 and 11. Come share God’s love.

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