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The Persecuted Church

Muslim-Background Believers (MBB’s)

Edited by Al Coats


Muslim-background believers are among the most vibrant Christians in the world. They are also among the most persecuted. Hated by their countries, ostracized, beaten and murdered by their families and neighbours, they persevere – serving, evangelizing and preaching. Their love for Jesus floods into the darkest corners of the Arab world.

MBB’s spend the majority of their lives in danger. Conversion to Christianity in many of these Muslim countries is illegal. A horrific series of cataclysmic actions closely follows the discovery of an MBB; first, they are rejected by family; then, they are thrown out onto the street, imprisoned, raped, beaten, forced into marriage, torn from their children, tortured, interrogated or executed.

Secret MBBs endure a more isolating pain, cut off from fellowship with other believers for fear of what would happen if they do share their faith.

For MBB parents, their child’s education is fraught with danger. At best they face discrimination in school and society. At worst, the entire family is put in danger.
MBB’s journey to Christ is extremely costly. There are two reasons for this.

First, Islam is more than a religion. It is an all-encompassing way of life that governs all aspects of life: from morning to night, from cradle to grave. Leaving their life and loved ones behind is usually too high a cost for the Muslim seeker to pay.

Second, leaving Islam also means that they may be raped, tortured or murdered, usually by their friends or family. Muhammad and Allah dictate that those who leave Islam permanently should be murdered. Conversion to Christianity is a terrible shame on the family. So the family takes on the responsibility to restore the family honour by killing the apostate.

MBBs often pay a heavy price to find true life. But they hold up a lantern in the dark, leading those around them to find true life in Jesus. They know it may cost them their lives; but, unlike the rich young ruler, they are willing to sell everything. They know that Jesus, salvation and eternal life are worth all their treasure.
When you read and learn about MBBs, it will completely transform your perspective of living life for the Gospel.

Source: (ICC)


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