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K-12 Education Spotlight - Fall 2019

K-12 Education Spotlight – Fall 2019

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Surrey Christian School – What is our definition of human flourishing?
BC Christian Academy
Maple Ridge Christian School
Pacific Academy
Genuine Learning Academy
White Rock Christian Academy









Surrey Christian School – What is our definition of human flourishing?

We all have day-to-day habits and practices that often work at a subconscious level; the way we spend our money, verbal mannerisms, and routines. They formulate the way we walk in this world, and the way we walk in the world explicitly or implicitly states what we believe it means to flourish as a human being.

We know from psychology that practices form us. In athletics, specific skills are formed by correct repetition of a specific action. The same applies to the formation of the habits of being human. For example, the more opportunity we have to be compassionate, the more likely we are to respond to a situation out of compassion. On the flip side, the more we act out of selfishness, the more likely we are to respond to a situation out of a place of selfishness.

At Surrey Christian School, we believe our task is to engage in the formation of students, and eventual graduates, who practice the values of the Kingdom. We design our school practices with the vision of seeing our students, staff and families become “fully alive in God’s story.” Rather than simply fill students’ heads with knowledge and information, and then add Jesus like icing on a cake, we work from the ground up to educate for the wholeness that Jesus offers by engaging authentically in God’s world. We strive to create, facilitate and lead students into learning experiences that are formational. This is difficult work! We live within the western story of affluence, ease and acquisition. To be formed into God’s story requires more than deconstructing the western story, more than ‘teaching’ about God’s story in some intellectual way. It requires experiencing rich moments of God’s story here and now in day-to-day life. At Surrey Christian School, we call these formational experiences and we are excited to be working hard to design learning that enables students to find themselves fully alive in God’s story. If that resonates with you, come visit us, take a tour and meet our team!

Dr. David Loewen, Superintendent









BC Christian Academy

It has been my privilege to serve BC Christian Academy for the past 27 years. Twenty-eight years ago, God called a group of evangelical Christians together who had a passion for starting a Christian school in the Tri-Cities area. They deeply wanted their children to be educated from a biblical perspective.

Our enrolment has grown rapidly in recent years and as a result, our grades 8-12 students are now in our new high school campus in Coquitlam. This change in location has brought us closer to the homeless community and others struggling with the challenges of life. The move has caused us to be more intentional in looking for ways to help those around us.
Not long ago, when one of our high school boys was being driven home after he seriously injured his arm during a basketball game, he noticed a homeless man on the side of the road, not too far from our school. He told his mom to stop to find out what the man needed. The mother was quite hesitant as her boy was in pain from the injury but she felt that it was important to reach out to this man and listen to her boy’s request. She drove around the block and returned to the homeless man and asked what he needed. The man said he needed socks. The high school boy and his mother quickly made their way to a local store to purchase the socks and returned to the man to provide him with a basic need.

One of the best educations we can give our children is to develop a heart for others and become the hands and feet of Christ.

BCCA is on a path to build a new school in the next five years that will house up to 600 students, almost doubling our numbers, so more students like the boy above will receive an education beyond just the academics.

Come and discover the warm and nurturing community of BC Christian Academy! Join us for a “C” Our Story Tour! RSVP at

Ian Jarvie
Head Principal










Maple Ridge Christian School

What Makes a Great Kindergarten?
There is nothing quite like Kindergarten. The wonder of learning is bundled together with a fresh pack of crayons. As parents, choosing the best school for your child is a top priority. Here are five important things to look for:

1. Focus on the Whole Child
A great Kindergarten will focus on the whole child and nurture your child intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually. The best curriculum focuses on every part of this dynamic combination.

2. Play-based Learning
A great Kindergarten will provide lots of opportunity for your child to explore through hands-on activities. Not only is play-based learning fun, it is the groundwork for math and literacy skills.

3. Quality Teachers
A great Kindergarten has a teacher who partners with families. This teacher has strong communication skills and is in touch with parents regularly.

4. Community
A great Kindergarten facilitates the building of a strong community to surround its students. It welcomes parents into the classroom and includes cross-grade learning so your child can make friends with older students.

5. Christian Worldview
A great Kindergarten has a Christian worldview interwoven into every part of its program. The good news of Jesus Christ is the foundation. Students learn that God loves them and created them for His special plan.


At Maple Ridge Christian School, our vision is to provide innovative Christian education in a mission-minded community where every student thrives. For more information about our unique Kindergarten to Grade 12 environment, please visit












Pacific Academy

Pacific Academy is a Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12 school in which Christian love and concern are interwoven with the task of learning; where resources and gifts are regarded as given by God to be used in service and leadership. The close link established between students, parents and teachers are rooted in common spiritual and educational goals. Pacific Academy is committed to the concept that children are best prepare for leadership and life when they are nurtured by all three of the key influences in their lives: the home, the school and the church.











Genuine Learning Academy

Genuine Learning Academy (GLA) is a BC certified, tuition-free, non-profit Christian middle school located in Langley, BC. GLA opens September 2019. We believe our specialized school programs (Gr. 6 – 9) are most beneficial to middle schoolers and will contribute significantly to students setting life and professional goals.

GLA wants to invest in young Christian leaders and provide quality Christian education to students regardless of a student’s financial status. So, we encourage our parents, community, and partners to make contributions to the school to assist with financial obligations.

Genuine Learning Academy runs on a linear system so GLA can accept students from September to as late as January 2020. Even if students join GLA later, they will have all the requirements ready for moving up a grade in the following year. As such, GLA strives to provide the best education and support to meet every student’s needs and situations.












White Rock Christian Academy

At the heart of White Rock Christian Academy is our core purpose: We inspire and cultivate citizens of Godly character who transform their world for Christ. WRCA’s program development, curriculum choices, and key decisions all focus on our core purpose. In addition, WRCA holds to a set of core values: We are Christ-centered:

We glorify God through the pursuit of excellence; We honour passion, creativity, and initiative; We provide a holistic education from a biblical Christian worldview; and We form resilient and mature followers of Christ.

We believe the best Christian education possible encompasses a holistic approach and we accomplish this through a totally inclusive (Preschool – grade 12) International Baccalaureate continuum program.

We are privileged to have a solid foundation in all our program areas to build on as we move forward in offering a quality Christian education for our students today, who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Throughout the history of our school, we continue to honour and glorify God through the pursuit of excellence. We are excited for our school community: an education at White Rock Christian Academy is an active, enriching experience. It includes academic concepts, biblical truths, and intangible dynamics that combine to shape both the minds and character of our students. At WRCA, children discover who God is and who they are in Christ, and actively engage in His creation. This is where students think, create and become. Contact our Admissions Office for a tour: 604-531-9186.












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