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Inspiring Faith

Feeding hungry hearts

by Keri Vermeulen   Most of us have smelled the siren scent of the food truck – the thick aromas of comfort food (think grilled


Changing summer grants – is this a test?

by Jack Taylor   The wild-fire of debate is raging once again in Canada. Strong convictions regarding right to life values are being

Everyday Life

The senior journey moving into a campus of care

by Lilianne Fuller   Regardless of age, many seniors want to live independently. Unfortunately, it’s not something that every

Marriage & Family

Parental estrangement – a ‘silent epidemic’

by Amy Dueckman   Liz* always dreaded that question during the holiday season. “So, it’s Christmas… are you having all your


Joy TV, customized Christian programming

In November, 2017 Joytv launched a new slate of programming that caters to the Canadian Christian Community. For General Manager of Christian