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Inspiring Faith

Spiritual Disciplines: Submission, letting go of our own way

by Marion Van Driel   One of the first words children learn is ‘no’. Early on we clearly convey what it is we want and don’t


Unlikely allies against Bill-C16

by Jack Taylor   Facebook, at recent count, recognized 71 specific gender identities – many with their own unique pronouns. The

Everyday Life

Great is God’s faithfulness to fathers

by Sharon Simpson   Every Father’s Day on our campus of care, we invite the men from the apartments to join in a special Father’s

Marriage & Family

Preparing your kids before they see naked pictures

by Dr. Dave Currie   I am concerned about our little ones getting online exposure to explicit sexual images they were never designed


The Vancouver Folk Music Festival

by Flyn Ritchie:   The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is celebrating its 40th anniversary this summer by bringing