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Inspiring Faith


Thanks that comes from giving

by Randy Barnetson   A discontented person thinks about what they don’t have and is miserable. A contented person thinks about

Encouraging Community

persecution 860x400

The cost of spreading the gospel

by Greg Musselman     Many brothers and sisters in Christ around the world suffer because they are Christians in countries like

Everyday Life


Footsteps of Ancient Greece

by Rebecca L. Rhoades   The morning fog has just lifted as our boat slowly makes its way around a bend in the coast. On the shore,

Marriage & Family

faithful real man

Practicing faithfulness in a fickle world

by Dr. Dave Currie   A few years back, I got inspired to go against the flow of culture and make a statement. I had a sweatshirt


lord of the flies narrow

Gallery 7 Theatre 2014/15 Season

by Keri Langley   Refined by fire. This short phrase is evocative – it whispers of creative beauty and intense purpose that comes