• refugee crisis

    The global refugee crisis: How do we help?

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    X marks the spot on Oct. 19 – The Federal Election

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    Southern Gospel Music in Chilliwack

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    Canadian artists recognized at 37th Annual Covenant Awards

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    Helping kids handle peer pressure: A Q & A with Dr. Dave and Donalyn

Inspiring Faith


An attitude of Gratitude: Thanksgiving

by Reverend Dr. Ed Hird Life is messy. Family is messy. Marriage is messy. Church is messy.  How do we navigate through the complexities

Encouraging Community

refugee family

From confusion to comfort: A refugee family’s story

by Marion Van Driel It’s been almost two years since Abbas Sarjalounajad, his wife Violet and their son Hooman  arrived at Vancouver

Everyday Life


Let’s talk about: death and dying

by Sharon Simpson   I have the very special opportunity to join a group of hosts on a new weekly public radio show that is solely

Marriage & Family

relational priorities 860x400

Relational Priorities

by Dr. Dave Currie I stood in the entrance of my son’s home with him and two of his guy friends. It was moments before their departure



The Diary of Anne Frank At SAMC Theatre

by Brianna Deutsch In 1947 an astounding diary and memoir was published about the accounts of an adolescent Jewish girl living with her