• Festival of hope

    Festival of Hope Prayer event – May 29

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    The Hands that made us

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    New Alpha Film Series

  • bomberger

    The value of human life

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    Packed lunches – Mom’s daily nightmare

Inspiring Faith

hands 860x400

The Hands that made us

Academia wrestles with science v. faith Stories by Jack Taylor The complex issues of creation in today’s culture seem greater than

Encouraging Community

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A tribute to Arne Bryan

Arne Bryan was born in 1918 and, at 97 years old, has an activity level that would wear out a good number of younger people. At three,

Everyday Life

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New Alpha Film Series

by Keri Vermeulen Tangible excitement has been building among churches in Greater Vancouver, and around the world, for the newly produced

Marriage & Family


Porn: 5 things to tell young millenials

by Dr. Dave Currie As I write this, I am on a flight to Fort St. John, where I will speak at an area-wide youth event on “What Porn


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Blackwood Brothers Quartet coming to Surrey in June

by Alan Phillips The Holy Bible is the one single defining source of truth, reality and hope that is the authority beyond individual