• dave and donalyn 860x400

    Hanging out with Dr. Dave and Donalyn

  • diversity 860x400

    Socio-economic diversity in the Church

  • sacred space 860x400

    Finding a little sacred space

  • Evangelism 860x400

    Evangelism – where has it gone?

  • cultus 860x400

    Set your sights for double the fun this year at Cultus Lake

Inspiring Faith

coffee 860 x 400

Coffee in the kingdom

Growing a Sustainable future by Marion Van Driel   What does sipping a delicious, freshly brewed coffee have to do with building

Encouraging Community

air 860x400

The air up there

by Jack Taylor   Urban churches are beginning to realize the treasure they have, not just in their pews, but hovering high above

Everyday Life

Freedom Session 860x400

What if we stopped asking people to forgive us…

by Ken Dyck   What if we stopped asking people to forgive us and started making things right, as far as it depends on us? The term

Marriage & Family

new name 860x400

A new life, a new name

by Keri Vermeulen   To everyone who is victorious I will give some of the manna that has been hidden away in heaven. And I will


theatre camp 860x400

The stage is set for kids’ theatre camps

by Keri Vermeulen   The regular theatre season is over for many Lower Mainland theatre companies, but performance has not come to