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Inspiring Faith

12 months…12 ministries EVANGELISM (#4)

BY PETER BIGGS   Let’s face it… in our culture evangelism is not cool ! The whole idea of conversion […]


Welcoming people of all abilities into our churches

by Angelika Dawson As I arrive at New Life Christian Reformed Church for the Circle of Friends worship service, my […]

Everyday Life

Time is on your side – The early bird gets the nest egg

by Arnold Machel, CFP® “Now the length of time the Israelite people lived in Egypt was 430 years.” Exodus 12:40 […]

Marriage & Family

Disrupted adoption

by Julia Cheung More than a decade ago, film star Angelina Jolie made gossip headlines as a new adoptive single […]


PURE FLIX a family alternative

by Adrian Prasad With the steady rise and domination of streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, parents today are […]