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Inspiring Faith

The Problem of God: answering skeptics’ challenges to Christianity by Mark Clark

by Dan Rutherford Our increasingly secular culture has moved faith to the margins of life. Mark Clark writes from the context of a very


Getting free from addiction starts with connection

by Keri Vermeulen background In Surrey’s downtown core, in the Whalley area is a community of people who exist along one block of road,

Everyday Life

To what do you run – to escape pain or avoid conflict?

by Ken Dyck When life becomes difficult, relational conflicts emerge and tensions rise or you simply become bored, what do you turn to?

Marriage & Family

Indelible imprint – Getting straight A’s on your parenting report card

by Dr. Dave Currie Indelible. Not as common a word today as when I was growing up. Back in the day of fountain pens, those writing instruments


Pacific Theatre season opener, The Christians, stories that resonate

by Keri Vermeulen After more than 30 years, Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre is still – pardon the cliché –a hidden gem among professional