Join us for Redefining Healing, a pair of seminars designed to explore the fractures in
our relationships with each other and with ourselves and how they can be healed.

The first seminar (May 15, 2019) will examine interpersonal relationships and caring
for others, particularly when mental health problems create differences. The second
seminar (June 10, 2019) will look at self-care and the barriers we face in offering care
and compassion to ourselves. If you envision the Church as a place of inclusion where
all are loved and cared for in community, or if you struggle to offer yourself the same
care you extend to others, then these seminars are for you.

Cost: $25 – $40
If the cost is prohibitive and you would like to attend, please email

Register at Tenth Church

May 15 Guest Speaker: John Swinton
Interpersonal Relationships and Mental Health

The Church is called to be a place of healing and hope, particularly for those who are struggling or suffering. Unfortunately,
the stigma and silence surrounding mental health problems often inhibit our attempts at cultivating redemptive and inclusive
faith communities. Many people experiencing mental health problems feel misunderstood and overlooked by the Church, and
this leads us to wonder: How can we challenge the perception of “otherness” within the Church? How can we overcome the
stigma that surrounds mental health problems in order to engage in authentic and loving interpersonal relationships? Can the
Church become a place of inclusion and healing for everyone?

John Swinton, an internationally-recognized expert on the intersection of faith and mental health care, will help us explore the
answers to these questions and more. This seminar will also include the stories of individuals who have experienced mental health
problems and become advocates in their faith communities, working to make the Church a safer and more caring place.