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17/11 November

The importance of grieving a loss

by Debbie Cazander It is an inevitable certainty that sooner or later everyone will experience a loss of some kind. As individuals we each have our own way of handling the associated feelings that accompany a loss, and over the long term some coping methods are more effective than others. This is the premise of […]

17/11 November

Where is God?

By Dr. Dave Currie In Las Vegas on October 1 a lone gunman, motives still unknown, opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers…58 people dead – 546 injured. The deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in US history. Where was God… in Las Vegas? How was it fair for the people who lost their […]

17/06 June 2017

Caring From our Heart

by Pastor Walter Wiens   The children had been sitting with their dying mother for several days. On our first visit Edith and I, along with the family, expected that God would call the mother home any hour.  On our second visit, some three days later, we again sat with the family, expecting God to […]

17/01 January 2017

Grief is a journey

by Eve Isaak   Grief may be compared to a journey – a road that we must travel between how things were and how they will be; an interior journey that moves inward to central issues of meaning; it is an image of wholeness. Despite the many twists and turns, even when the next part […]