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17/10 October

Ripe for the picking

by Dr. Dave Currie Ripe for the picking are words that describe fruit on a tree that is perfectly ready to be taken and devoured immediately – fresh, enticing, and delicious. The same concept can be applied to understand marital vulnerability in the social orchard. When is a person ripe for the picking? What makes […]

17/03 March 2017

Betrayed: The challenge of rebuilding trust

by Dr. Dave Currie Betrayal rolls through my office like semi-trucks into a weigh station. On the freeway of life, people experience incredible emotional wreckage when they find out that someone they trusted has lied to them. This type of unfaithfulness is sadly too common. Here are some complicated situations that create broken trust: A […]

17/01 January 2017

Committing to a New Year of good sex

by Dr. Dave Currie Relax. Though we are passed January 1st, you haven’t missed out. And while it might be really fun, the title is not referring to welcoming in the New Year while having sex. But don’t go anywhere! There’s more. Research shows the best sex is marital sex; it’s the most frequent and […]