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18/01 January 2018

The new ‘Connect & Engage’ report digs deeper

by Jonathan Bird   Last week the Vancouver Foundation released a much-anticipated update to its landmark 2012 Connections and Engagement report on loneliness and community life in Metro Vancouver. This update, like the original report, provides hard evidence for trends most of us know intuitively, even as it yields a number of surprises – some […]

18/01 January 2018

The Tyranny of Time

by Johnny Markin   As we sat with friends counting down the last few seconds until the New Year, it struck me that the celebrations taking place throughout the world seemed a little hollow. Now, I’m not trying to throw water on peoples’ desire to gather and celebrate occasions together – quite the opposite. However, […]

17/09 September 2017

Are you lonely 1?

[READ LONELINESS 2] by Jenny Schwyeer There are more ways than ever before to stay connected to others:  smartphones (with text messaging) email, and Facebook is ubiquitous. For those who prefer live encounters over electronic ones, even the smallest of towns have civic, activity-based and social clubs and churches filled with presumably friendly people. Most […]

17/05 May 2017

Alleviating springtime allergies with diet

by Jenny Schweyer   There are those people who love to walk among the cherry blossoms in the spring – and then there are those who shudder at the very thought. As alluring as spring is for some, it can be pure misery for those who suffer from spring allergies. Spring allergy sufferers don’t always […]

14/04 April 2014

Bez Arts Hub

by Keri Vermeulen   An intimate new performing arts space in Langley has opened, and it should set hearts pounding for lovers of live theatre, dance, story telling, and music. Bez Arts Hub is a black box style theatre and dance studio that provides home for creative performance, but also foundational education for a new […]

14/04 April 2014

TWU House in Fort Langley

by Keri Vermeulen   The beautiful, heritage village of Fort Langley, bursting with BC history, scenic Fraser River views, funky eateries and artsy shops has quietly acquired yet another attribute – “college town”, thanks to the forward thinking of one of Trinity Western University’s key leaders, and a warm, friendly university student culture.. TWU’s Senior […]

17/02 February 2017

In Times of Transition

by Sharon Simpson Seniors face many transitions. For some, these transitions can come quite quickly and seemingly out of left field. One day, life is completely normal and the next, something unexpected happens and life goes sideways. This could be a fall, a stroke, a diagnosis or a death. Not all transitions that take place […]

17/01 January 2017

January is Hot Tea Month

by Christina Van Starkenburg January is National Hot Tea Month. So what better time of year to further indulge the benefits of drinking tea! While your fingers are warming up on your cup of tea and the steam is swirling around your face, take a few relaxing breaths and inhale the tea’s delicious aroma. As you […]

16/09 September 2016

Is strata living ‘your cup of tea’?

by Agnes Chung After years of savings, you finally bought your dream condo in a friendly complex. Beautifully landscaped, nicely appointed, close to work, and at an affordable price! But two months into enjoying your new home, the unit below you sold, and a chain-smoker moved in. Every night, you smell cigarette smoke wafting into […]

16/08 August 2016

Time management for the soul

by Dayna E. Mazzuca   The needs of the soul cannot be met on the run, in bite-sized chunks of time. Distraction is toxic to our inner lives, while quiet time is the antidote. In each season of life it’s important to have a built-in, non-negotiable, prioritized quiet time in our day. Good time management […]