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18/06 June 2018

The impact of secularization on faith in Canada

by Jack Taylor   Is anyone really surprised? Before 1971, an Angus Reid poll reports less than one percent of […]

18/03 March 2018

Being honest about racism

by Marion Van Driel   March is designated Anti-Racism Month in Canada. In a country as diverse as ours, and […]

18/02 February 2018

Changing summer grants – is this a test?

by Jack Taylor   The wild-fire of debate is raging once again in Canada. Strong convictions regarding right to life […]

18/02 February 2018

Parental rights in question

by Wendy Griffith   The fight is on over a radical sex education curriculum being pushed in public schools by […]

18/02 February 2018

ACLN invited Paul Dirks to speak on gender dysphoria

by Debbie Cazander   The first Abbotsford Christian Leaders Network (ACLN) lunch of 2018 was held January 24 at Transform […]

17/10 October

Celebrating diversity

by Sue Hitchman When the School Board of a small community in the Lower Mainland sent a letter to parents […]

17/09 September 2017

Freedom of Religion in Canada

Part 3 – using our freedom wisely by Marion Van Driel Recognizing that all Canadians have a constitutional right to […]

17/09 September 2017

Culture Guard

by Jack Taylor Kari Simpson, a well-known family rights advocate responsible for legislative changes to better protect families from unwarranted […]

17/08 August 2017

Freedom of religion in Canada

Part 2 – Understanding today’s climate   by Marion Van Driel Canada is characterized by her diversity, her polite citizens, […]

17/07 July 2017

Unlikely allies against Bill-C16

by Jack Taylor   Facebook, at recent count, recognized 71 specific gender identities – many with their own unique pronouns. […]