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Inspiring Faith

The impact of a penny

by Danielle Martell   To my dear friend Paula Trotter-Long: supplier of my World Vision piggy bank fish whom I […]

18/08 August 2018

Jesus has the final say. And that final say is glorious!

The meme, found in an atheist internet community, features actress Keira Knightley with this quote: “A happy atheist believes in […]

18/08 August 2018

Serving the King in your community

by Christina Van Starkenburg   Every year thousands of teens and adults travel across North America and the world to […]

18/08 August 2018

Everything you really need to know, you can learn from drinking an Iced Capp!

by Dr. Dave Currie   I am not a coffee guy, much to my wife’s lament. She longs for the day […]

18/08 August 2018

Open-air theatre, early music

by Marion Van Driel   There are plenty of options when it comes to summer events in Vancouver. Two that […]

18/08 August 2018

Barney Coombs – son of encouragement…

Born December 24, 1937 Barney Coombs had been a police officer in England, then a pastor, becoming one of the […]

18/08 August 2018

Money talks: alphabet soup – Specialty RRSP accounts

by Arnold Machel, CFP®   “Committed and persistent work pays off; get-rich-quick schemes are rip-offs.”  – Prov 28:20 (MSG) Last […]

18/08 August 2018

The post-truth world: clarity amidst the confusion about identity

by Abdu Murray   I have never been confused about my identity. But I have been mistaken. When I was a […]

18/08 August 2018

Being fit for the future of mission

by John Hall   In late June I attended a conference in Toronto called Future Fit with 61 organizations and […]

18/08 August 2018

State of Christian leadership in Canada

by Dr. Don Page   It is commonplace in most organizations, including Christian ones, to acknowledge that the success or […]