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Historymaker 2015

Making a real difference

by Brianna Deutsch

Being authentic can be challenging. In a world that clings like Velcro to labels and name brands, how do we teach youth to lay down their masks? That it’s ok to be themselves in a world that is often telling them to be something they’re not? This year’s Historymaker Conference, themed “Real”, is ready to tackle this challenge.

May 15th through 17th, youth from Grades 7 through 12 will attend the Historymaker Conference in Chilliwack at First Avenue Christian Assembly Church. Historymaker, which now celebrates 50 years, is anything but an average youth conference. This year’s speaker and worship lineup is composed of Andy Gabruch, Clark and Kim Moran, alongside Omega Levine and The City Harmonic. Andy Gabruch, the Next Generation Ministries Director of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, says, “Historymaker is more than a conference, (students) encounter the living God,” Gabruch says. “(We train and equip) them to reach their friends for Christ throughout the year, through resources and strategies.”  Historymaker also focuses on family and on building relationships, which is a key focal point for youth today.

With the auditorium seating close to 2,000 people the conference will make an impact on youth in the Lower Mainland, many of whom are craving authenticity. In a society that often presents unreachable expectations, standards and facades, youth are looking for a tangible connection with God and others. This year’s conference theme is based on authenticity, and on the premise of having a relationship with a real and loving God, and on having a real relationship with others.

“We want to be vulnerable and honest before our God. This is a value for our next (generation),” Gabruch shares. “When we are honest and real with God, God tends to be more personal and real with us.”

Historymaker provides a safe environment where youth who may have never experienced what it’s like to be themselves, be vulnerable, and let their barriers come down before God. “It’s an invitation, not an expectation. It’s the love of Christ that changes lives. We just create an environment for teens to be there and God shows up,” Gabruch continues.

With many lives transformed and high school students exalting the name of Jesus, Historymaker is making an impact on this generation today. Additionally, the conference will help plan for the youth of tomorrow by using $5 from each $65 ticket, to the funding of a new non-profit youth ministry in the British Columbia/Yukon area.

Tickets are selling fast, so it’s suggested to register for the conference as soon as possible. Let’s give today’s youth the opportunity to explore a personal, authentic relationship with Jesus Christ alongside others in the local community.

For more information on tickets and possible opportunities to get involved check out or e-mail Andy Gabruch if you have any questions:

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