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Kids take over at The Valley Stream

The DJs at the new Valley Stream online radio station shared the mic with 35 kids over 21 episodes, airing across the music channels from 5 – 7 pm on weekdays throughout the entire month of May.

The kids ranged in age from seven years old to 17 years old, from Langley, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, Mission and Chilliwack. The shows were hosted by Jaclyn, Leah, and Gaetanne; regular DJ’s at TheValleyStream, with a special guest appearance from Leah Bolton of JoyTV’s Fraser Focus.

The kids provided inspiration and entertainment as they shared stories about their family, school, favourite activities, favourite Bible stories and “what they would serve Jesus if He was a guest in their home for dinner.”

The favourite answer was given by 11-year-old Daniel from Abbotsford, who said:  “I’d get my mom to order pizza with anchovies.  Jesus lived in the Bible times and they ate a lot of fish back then.  And also bread crumbs… you know… Passover.”

The most popular answer:   Bread, fish and wine.

Eight-year-old Matias (pictured to the right), from Abbotsford, launched TheValleyStream’s First ever Kids Take Over show.  All the kids promos, with pics can be seen and heard at

This is an annual event with the Fraser Valley’s new Christian radio station which can be found online at In April 2016 kids will again be invited to send in demos as an audition to determine who will co-host throughout the month of May.

This annual event is a fun way to provide an opportunity for kids to have a voice in the Christian community and for adults to rally around and show their support.  By doing this, TheValleyStream hopes to inspire and strengthen kids to speak out about their faith, perhaps even pursue ministry when they get older.  As kids feel the support of their Christian community for participating in TheValleyStream’s Kids Take Over, TheValleyStream hopes they will be encouraged and empowered to be bold in their faith as they move throughout their lives, even in secular environments.

Jaclyn Whitt, creator of TheValleyStream Kids Take Over says,  “Many Christian kids in the Fraser Valley attend public school where the gospel is not allowed to be shared by anyone in authority. In reality, the kids are the only ones allowed to speak freely about their faith. It’s our responsibility, as adults, to strengthen them to be unashamed of the gospel.  This is nothing new, we all know this. But the question is ‘how do we do that?’ Anyone who’s ever worked with kids knows that if you want your attempt to teach them to be successful, you better make it fun! That’s what the Kids Take Over is all about; it’s a fun way to give kids a voice and for them to feel the support of their Christian community.”

Some of the kids who participated are: Matias from Abbotsford, Daniel from Abbotsford, Shifra from Abbotsford, Gabby, Simrit and Bradon from Abbotsford (MEI) – Grade 5, Iliah from Mission, Ali, Rachel and Jamie from Abbotsford (MEI) – Grade 5, Kailey from Abbotsford, Mercedes and Hailey from Abbotsford, Lauren from Abbotsford, Kylie from Abbotsford, Josiah from Abbotsford, Kiana from Mission, Leigha from Abbotsford, Joy, Fikiyome and Fox from Abbotsford (Cornerstone School), Kristen from Abbotsford, Tarek and Naima from Abbotsford, Abaiba, Karmina and Ashley from Aldergrove (FVAA School) – Grade 7, Cecilia from Chilliwack, Monique and Sophie from Langley, Evan and Andrew from Langley, and Taya, Jada, and Jaden from Aldergrove  (FVAA School) – Grade 7.

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