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Pacific Academy

I was so cold I couldn’t feel my toes.  It was pitch black and only 7 pm and pouring rain on the streets of Vancouver, BC.   The downtown parking lot was full of shopping carts with the homeless huddled with short puffs of smoke from cigarettes. Fourteen-  to17 year-old students were just as cold as I was yet they dished out the soup, handed out sandwiches, poured hot chocolate and prayed with these needy homeless people huddled in the cold December night.  Why? Why would high school students choose to serve the needy instead of watch TV, text, go to a movie, hang out in the mall?  So I asked the students.  “It was cold, but it was fun!” said one.  “It’s so great to see the joy in the face of a person receiving something as simple as a sandwich,” said another.  “It was a great break from school and stuff to be with friends doing something meaningful.”  This has once again reinforced my belief that giving students an opportunity to put their faith into action is much more effective than “preaching” or “lecturing” about it in class or church.  These students displayed what Francis of Assisi is accredited to have said, “Preach the Gospel at all times, use words if necessary.

Students are thirsting for meaning in a world filled with bad news and misery.  Giving opportunities for them to do something positive and meaningful gives them a personal experience of having a “world-changing” experience.  Whether feeding the needy in our own community or participating in short-term missions’ trip on the other side of the world, students are excited and motivated to improve their world in practical ways.  On a recent missions’ trip to a needy, tropical country students had to sleep on the floor in sweltering heat and work hard shoveling gravel and mixing cement. Many got sick and struggled with the heat, insects and difficult work schedule.  Yet, the students all said it was one of the most significant event in their young lives.  They were making a difference.  One student said, “I learned so much from interacting and working with the locals, they were so generous and giving, even though they had so little.”  The impact of the trip continued as the team returned home and many of the students got involved in local ministries.  These experiences give students an essential piece in their life-long spiritual formation.  C. S. Lewis once stated:

“Giving to the poor is an essential part of Christian morality. I do not believe one can settle how much we ought to give. I’m afraid the only safe rule is to give more than we can spare. In other words, if our expenditure on comforts, luxuries, and amusement, is up to the standard common of those with the same income as our own, we are probably giving away too little.”

As Pacific Academy celebrates its 30 year anniversary, we continue to see that students who participate in serving the needy truly experience a renewed passion for their faith in what Jesus said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). As Christ said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40).


Langley Christian School

Our hope for kids at Langley Christian School is that they see themselves as citizens of the upside-down Kingdom of God who participate in the work that Jesus started to redeem the world in the name of our King.

For our students that redemptive work involves learning to apply the main themes in the Bible to every day situations. A few examples: to identify local and global injustices and find practical ways to change them; to identify the broken-hearted in our own community and beyond and provide real support; and to bring healing to our hurting environment by changing our own behaviour and helping others to do the same.

Of course our students will also how to solve a quadratic equation and what a well-written paragraph looks like.  What makes our program distinctive is the purpose of all learning. We want kids to understand that they learn things not to serve themselves, but to serve others because that is what citizens of the Kingdom of God are called to do.

In October of this year all three campuses worked together for a week to focus on environmental studies, whish we called EEK Week (Exploring Earth Keeping).  Imagine 1,000 students working in cross-graded buddy groups exploring Earth-keeping together!  In addition to raising awareness about reducing our carbon footprint, students made a commitment to reduce energy consumption, pick up garbage, walk or bike when possible, recycle, compost, and plant trees.

After EEK Week one mom wrote:

“I am more than grateful to be part of a school community that isn’t hiding their head in the sand about the importance of our roles on this earth. We can make a difference and even though I’m sure it adds extra work and commitment on the staff and you all, I really feel that LCS is being forward thinkers on how to be better stewards on this earth, as God has called us to be.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work and as a parent of 3 boys in the school, I truly am proud of LCS!”

Langley Christian School is committed to responsibly enroll as many children of Christian parents as we can, but we are currently seeking the Lord’s leading in terms of what to do about growing waitlists and buildings already over capacity.  Please join us in praying that the cause of Christian Education will continue to flourish in Langley and all communities in BC.

Henry Vanderveen,  Superintendent


Surrey Christian School

At Surrey Christian School (SCS), we believe that our mission statement, Educating for wholeness by engaging God’s world in the servant way of Jesus, is an invitation for our students and staff to partner with God in the restoring of His Kingdom, in the making of all things new. SCS believes that this work should begin during their school years, not only after graduation.

The implication is that the work our teachers do – designing a unit, preparing and teaching a lesson – is sacred work.  Furthermore, student work is also sacred because it offers them an opportunity to partner with God in the making of all things new.  And students do a lot of work – class work, home work, and what we are starting to call at Surrey Christian School – field work.  Field work integrates the classroom with the wider world; it is the type of work that our mission statement refers to as ‘engaging God’s world.’  At SCS, we design our learning experiences to include field work in which students “do real work that meets real needs for real people.”

At SCS, field work takes on many different forms as we consider the developmental age, corresponding curriculum and the needs of our community.  In the primary years field work includes relationship building like our Grade 1 students visiting and forming buddy relationships with seniors at Elim Village, and our Grade 2 students hosting and visiting with their buddy class from the Sikh Academy, a neighbouring school in our community.   In the intermediate years, our Grade 7 students have partnered with the City of Surrey to plant trees, while at the secondary campus, our focus expands more to a global perspective. Our Grade 8 students partnered with the Inland Refugee Society by collecting needed supplies for recent refugees to Canada, and our gGpportunities that range from Moricetown, BC to Sierra Leone, Africa and Guatemala.

At SCS, we believe that our students’ field work is sacred work. It  invites, nutures, and empowers students to find their place in God’s unfolding story.  Field work both forms our students as disciples and connects our students and school to the needs of our local and global community as we educate for wholeness by engaging God’s world in the servant way of Jesus.

Darryl deBoer, Director of Learning, Surrey Christian School


Maple Ridge Christian School

It was an exciting day—and a milestone—for Sara George.  The Grade 12 student at Maple Ridge Christian School was invited to speak to parents at the Kindergarten Open House.

“I was nervous but it was fun,” said George.  “I attended Kindergarten here and now I’m graduating.  It was neat to share how my teachers have impacted me.”

At the top of her list, Sara explained how deep the mentoring between teachers and students is.  “My grade six teacher told a lot of stories about growing up in Africa.  Those stories made a big impact on me.  The best part is that I still see her at school and I’m reminded of them.  I don’t know any other place where that could happen.”

“Making a strong connection to our students is important to us,” says Principal Valarie Sawka.  “We place a lot of emphasis on community and on ‘loving your neighbour as yourself.’  We want our students to be mission-minded.”

This desire to be mission-minded has led to some unique initiatives.

In October, the school held an inter-church workshop called the “Poverty Revolution Boot Camp.”  Participants learned about poverty from a Biblical worldview and how to better address issues like homelessness and the current refugee crisis.

“Our senior students will study the same material,” Sawka said.  “So many of our students want to help and see change.  It’s exciting to mentor them in this from Kindergarten to Grade 12.”

Learn more about Maple Ridge Christian School at



BC Christian Academy

Bringing Hope and Building Dreams

The hopes and dreams of kids seem to change from day to day and from week to week, but it never seems to change that parents always have the hope that their children will grow up into the men and women that they have been called to be. At BC Christian Academy, we are very passionate about the hopes and dreams of not only our children but our families as well. Every student and family that walks into our school comes with a different story.  For some of us we have relatively calm and simple lives but for others, each day can be a challenge. At BC Christian Academy, we purpose to meet each family and child where they are at, and through our community showing compassion and sharing Christ, we help them to overcome the circumstances they are experiencing.

Our community at BC Christian Academy I have been told is like a “home away from home” for most. The children feel so comfortable and loved in the hallways that they blossom no matter where they are at. Parents feel this way as well, knowing that the school is a place where they can come and receive comfort and support. It is encouraging to know and feel the ‘Spirit of the Lord’ in this place.

Matthew 25:40 says, ”Whatever you have done for the least  of these brothers of mine you have done for Me,” so as a school we endeavour to meet the needs of our local community.  As a school we need to set the example to our students of what Christian love and acceptance is truly about. We need to daily be the ‘hands and feet of Christ’ in our community. It is often viewed that only the wealthy attend private Christian Schools but in our community it is not a right only for the rich but an opportunity for anyone who is willing to give up, sacrifice and to work hard.

Christ is first in everything we do, every day. From Math to Bible class, Volleyball practice to Drama productions, the students & families will experience the teachings and presence of Christ in all that we do. We have been so blessed over the years and are looking forward to sharing more of who Christ is with our community for many more years to come.  Drop by and experience what the Lord is doing in this place.

-DOUG DOWELL, Director of Marketing and Development, BC Christian Academy



Aldergrove Christian Academy

Are you looking for a Christian school that is a good fit for your public, private or home-schooled children?

Aldergrove Christian Academy is a Kindergarten to Grade 12, Group 3 (non-funded) independent school located in Aldergrove with classes Monday – Thursday, 9 am to 3 pm. Every Friday is a home learning day that provides more time for family, hobbies and community involvements. The core curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 8 is by Bob Jones University Press. Grades 9-12 students enroll in DL courses that fulfill the BC Dogwood Graduation requirements. Multi-grade classes encourage healthy peer relationships and prepare students for the real world. ACA promotes a Biblical worldview with in-class devotions, daily Bible classes as well as weekly Chapel for all students and voluntarily attendance for parents and other family members. ACA believes in low student to teacher ratios with a maximum of 15 students per class. ACA has very reasonable per student tuition rates with a maximum rate for three or more students from one family being $5880 per year. For more information visit and select Aldergrove Christian Academy. Please call to arrange to visit the school with the ACA-for-A-Day program for guests.


CPC Preschool

CPC Preschool Celebrating 90 years! Fostering Children’s Moral and Spiritual Upbringing

The Chinese Presbyterian Church Preschool, (CPC Preschool), is celebrating its 90th Anniversary in June of 2016.  In the early 1900’s several missionaries from the Presbyterian Church in Canada, recognized a need to educate the growing number of children of Chinese immigrants in Vancouver.  They established a non-profit kindergarten in Chinatown. With government policy changes, the kindergarten became a preschool and relocated to its present sight in 1980.

The CPC Preschool is a well balanced bilingual, academic, Christian program in a traditional structured setting.  With  dedicated caring staff, the students have opportunities to socialize and grow in a cooperative environment.

The longevity and success of the preschool is only by the grace of God.  Through His guidance and direction the preschool has been able to spread the Good News to thousands of children.

Alumni , we want your preschool grad photo.  Please send to


Network of International Christian Schools

Imagine a school fully staffed by teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, and coaches who were passionate about living out Jesus every day in front of students from all faiths and cultures.

The Network of International Christian Schools has 18 K-12 international schools in 15 countries. NICS schools are impacting students from over 100 nations. For many students, attending a NICS school is their first exposure to Jesus.  That was the case for one second grade Japanese girl, who after three years approached her teacher and told her she wanted to accept Jesus. She is just one of the many lives that are being transformed in NICS classrooms around the world.

Each year about 150 additional professionals are needed to fully staff NICS schools with the teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, and coaches needed to impact the nations for Christ.

You don’t have to imagine it, you can experience it – serve with NICS.


West Coast Christian school

West Coast Christian school is a ministry of West Coast Christian Fellowship, both located in East Vancouver. Our School exists to provide families an affordable and distinctively Christian education for their children from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

As parents ourselves, we understand the enormous responsibility that is at hand; helping our children fulfill God’s plan for their lives. At West Coast Christian School, we believe that education is a very important part and we take this responsibility seriously. We desire to be a place where teachers and parents, supported by the wider church community, work together to nurture and train our children in their personal walk with Jesus Christ. We strive to guide them in their understanding of God’s word, and in their God given gifts and talents by bringing a Christian perspective to all aspect of their school experience.

The families that are part of our community come from all walks of life, and we welcome the family as a whole to be part of our school community. Our environment allows students to feel  elcomed, and not isolated in their age group. This interaction with everyone around them helps them grow in their confidence and leadership. Parents also have expressed how our approach has helped their children embrace their individuality and grow in their passions.

West Coast Christian School is growing. During the past year we have been working hard in order to serve families in our community better and to expand.

We have finalized a new campus for High School, and we are in the process of

opening a new ministry. East Village Kids; which will be an organization that serves families with pre-schooled children, as well as provide care for before and after school.

We invite you to be a part of our school family.


MEI Schools

Why MEI?

At MEI, from preschool to Grade 12, Christ-centred values form the foundation of everything we do in both curricular and extracurricular settings.

Tradition of Academic Excellence – Since 1944, MEI has been providing students with a high quality, faith-based education. We remain committed to offering a premiere educational program and to creating a rich supportive environment by keeping our facilities current, by staying on the cutting edge of technology and by continuously developing a vibrant curriculum.

Christian Foundation – Bible Classes, chapel services, and daily devotions help students gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and learn what it means to be in relationship with Christ.  Service excursions open students’ eyes to relevant social issues, elicit compassion and empathy which helps shape their vision to serve and influence others.  This year MEI has Missions teams travelling to Guatemala, Haiti, India, Mexico, Thailand North, and Thailand Cambodia.  The insights drawn from these enriching experiences are essential in building a foundation for an impactful life of ministry and service.

Safe Environment – We strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment where students feel safe and comfortable to explore questions about faith and society’s issues.  Each students is valued, and our goal is to ensure that the unique needs of each child are met as they are challenged to reach their God-given potential.  Part of the MEI experience involves belonging to an authentic and vibrant community where students from all races, cultures and backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to get involved.

Go to:



White Rock Christian Academy

White Rock Christian Academy is seeking to become an authorized IB World School and has submitted its application to the International Baccalaureate Orga­nization. We hope to offer the IB Diploma Programme beginning September 2016, with a goal of offering the Primary Years and Middle School Years Programmes in September 2017. Here is a link to WRCA’s IB DP brochure to learn more about it:

There will be several parent and student meetings throughout the year to help in the preparation of implementing the programme, and to keep everyone informed

How can I learn more about the IB and DP? Visit the IB website at or attend one of our upcoming Preview Days (open house): where you can speak with our school’s DP coordinator and/or speak with your child’s classroom teacher. We would love to see you here!

Please call Sam Rehman, Director of Advancement to book a tour: 604.5319186 or email:;



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